Fabulous Hammers Chat launches new forum

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Our friends over at hammerschat have opened their spanking new fans forum which will be breaking new ground over the forthcoming weeks.

It has been entirely revamped, upgraded and improved – go visit it now at  http://hammerschat.com

Remember though that if you were a member on the old format you will need to register again as your old password will not work.

You can also access the forum directly but clicking the ‘forum’ link in our navigation menu at the top of the page.

The forum has been underway  for 18 months and in line with Claret & Hugh’s exciting approach HC will bring you a combined service with all our friends including MTJApodcast, West Ham Till I Die, Blowing Bubbles magazine and of course the ever innovative and brilliant West Ham Social.

hammerschat.com forum prides itself on the relaxed attitude  of its moderators and honest opinions are VERY welcome whether to vent a bit of steam after a defeat or to celebrate a thumping win.

On top of all this there will be a further announcement over the next couple of  weeks regarding a revolutionary way of accessing all of your favourite West Ham sites….so watch this space.

We are in the business of pioneering totally new formats to serve our brilliantly loyal readers. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED – WE PROMISE YOU.

But for now pop over and join in the debate at hammerschat.com.



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14 comments on “Fabulous Hammers Chat launches new forum

  1. You might want an “l” in ‘fabulous’.

  2. I don’t know,Fabuous is a pretty good word lol.
    The revamp looks smart I must say.

  3. Nice one,i like Hammers Chat,there are some good geezers on there who ain’t up their own ar*es 😉

  4. I see on the BBC website that Oggy has been included in Italys squad for the euros.Im pleased for him.

  5. Thats great.Im glad he is going,i think he is quality.

  6. Yeah well pleased for him.I like Ogbonna he is a class act,best CB we had this season imho.Though I’m sure some experts will disagree.Matte will be hoping he plays for the Azzuri I expect 🙂

  7. Matt made me chuckle the other day.What did he say,England have a good team with a crap manager & Italy have a crap team with a good manager lol

  8. I remember at the start of last season there was an Everton fan called Paco came on here when we beat them to his signing.He was giving it the big one saying that Everton would finish well above us & that Oggy would never get in their team because Jagielka & Stones were so brilliant haha.Yeah their defence was rock solid this season wasnt it 🙂

  9. Very good site is Hammerschat but is it on a par with Wetworld which is on such a superior level to other sites because in the words of the owner…”Compared to other football blogs this site has become an oasis of sensible debate without the aggression and swearing found elsewhere.”
    Compared to other football blogs this site has become an oasis of sensible debate,that line creases me up.Dont rate yourself too highly then Mr.Dale.

  10. I have never noticed that on there before.I found it after some searching.Does rather seem a case of blowing your own trumpet a little too much.Especially when one considers that the lake at the oasis is full of bull**** not water.
    I hang my head in shame,i have never been to Hammers Chat.I suppose I should right that wrong today.

  11. I love that oasis of sensible debate line Stan,especially when I think of Dale rolling round on the ground with some old geezer on a seafront live on TV haha Yeah very sensible 🙂

  12. I noticed that sensible experts made a list of the possible transfers and related prices: they simplified Slav’s work, it’s sufficient that he follows their instructions. Since Payet has been listed, I finally found a worthy substitute… lol 😉


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