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Fan faces life ban after throwing punch

West Ham United fans stand up in behind the goal during the UEFA Europa League - Play Off match at the London Stadium, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday August 25, 2016. See PA story SOCCER West Ham. Photo credit should read: Nick Potts/PA Wire

West Ham United fans stand up in behind the goal during the UEFA Europa League – Play Off match at the London Stadium, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday August 25, 2016. See PA story SOCCER West Ham. Photo credit should read: Nick Potts/PA Wire

WEST HAM will ban a fan who was filmed punching another supporter in the face during Thursday’s Europa League defeat.

The Sun reports police have identified and arrested the culprit and his details have been passed onto the club.

A video on social media showed a man throw a punch at what is believed to be a fellow Hammers supporter.

The relationship between fans and stewards over the standing issue has seen some ejected after abusing those around them when they complained their views were compromised.

Ahead of the culprit being identified a Hammers website statement declared: “This behaviour has no place in football and we will work with the police and other stakeholders to identify the individuals involved.

Once identified, they will be banned from attending any West Ham United fixture for life and we will request the courts serve a banning order to prevent these individuals attending any football.”

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10 comments on “Fan faces life ban after throwing punch

  1. They’re saying on KUMB that there were Romanian fans mixed in with the Home support – but I’ve seen someone else say that they saw the punched bloke outside afterwards and that he was a local – so a bit of confusion there!

    Whatever, it was a cowardly attack and they should throw the book at the attacker!

  2. Oh, and what’s a ‘stakeholder’ when it’s at home – why can’t these idiots speak English?

  3. Its hardly a new phenomenon is it.West Ham fan punches West Ham fan,i have seen it loads of times over the years when a row started over something,usually something to do with players being barracked.The difference now is people have phones & get straight on the job filming it lol.I ain’t saying I agree with it,not for one minute but it is hardly headline news 🙂

  4. It’s hard what do you do,
    I would want to stand to watch but when I last was at a match there was such a mix of age groups around me that not all could stand and lots would not want to,
    So those who sit then get there view impeded,
    Weather I want to sit or stand I would sit because everyone has the right to see the game,
    We need to bring back standing area,s as soon as poss,
    Sorry speaking out of class as I do not have a season ticket,but I am always moaning at Jenks he always walks in front of the TV in the bar just as a shot comes in,
    But the he is an animal just like some fans

  5. Bubs there are problems there I have seen a few crossed words but in a crowd of 57k it isn’t f*cking Beruit like some are making out.If im honest I could have put good money on some fans giving it the big one about it,they love drama after all 🙂

  6. I intend to unanimously agree with you Radar Lama.I too can clarify it is not Beirut,but maybe it feels like Beirut to some fans who come in from their scenic village with duckpond in the beautiful home counties & beyond.

  7. Rad you are bang on pal.I have seen more of our own fans take a bosh off another Hammer than than I care to remember.Like you said often triggered by players getting barracked or such like or some stupid drunk row.All this stand sit malarkey is far from ideal,i except that but we do have some proper sugar-coated fans these days who are turning this in to Armageddon.

  8. I still don’t understand what the aggro was all about – the little guy in the light coloured shirt seemed to be being escorted out by Stewards, he appears to be remonstrating about something, then a taller bloke comes in from the stands and gives him three good right-handers while the Stewards stand about looking gormless. The little guy is then hussled out down the stairway.

    So what was it all about?

    I asked a similar question on KUMB and the response seemed to be that some Romanians had got mixed in with the Home support and some of the locals took exception to them celebrating Astra’s goal – but I’ve read someone saying they saw the little guy outside later on and he was a local.

    So, what was it all about – more arguments about Standing? A drunk getting unnecessary and getting his just desserts or what?

    An explanation from someone in 233 would help it sort out!

  9. There were Romanian fans in with home support – we sat right in front of some and they seemed perfectly decent people – so for me that’s no excuse for pathetic behaviour.

    Really am disappointed by some fans. The sheer bloody-mindedness is mind boggling. “No one will tell me what to do blah blah blah, I’m such a big man I’ll even fight my fellow supporters just to prove the point”. It’s not so much that it’s handbags, it’s that it’s embarrassing as a club. This is supposed to be our big year, the start of bigger and better things but some people are just too short sighted and want to live in the past. We were getting knocked out of Europe and these so called fans were so busy goading stewards and fellow fans that I don’t think they even noticed. And it was exactly the same at Bournemouth. People say that it’s these fans that create the atmosphere and maybe there’s a lot of truth in that but right now they are just creating a negative atmosphere. People say “I have a right to stand”, no you don’t. If you went to the cinema and the bloke in front of you decided to stand for the whole film because “it’s his right”, you’d think he was a w@nker. And you’d be completely right. For me this is no different.

    Where we are in the stadium we have fans who like to stand up and sing and fans who don’t/can’t. Nobody fights about it, nobody bickers like children, everyone just manages to compromise. We stand and sing when play is interrupted, when we have a chance etc and we sit and sing the rest of the time so youngsters/old timers can see too. No arguments or fights, we just found a way that means everyone can enjoy themselves.

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