Fans Buzzing at Javier Hernandez News

It’s the latest edition of the fans opinion show ‘Your Shout’ and everyone seems to be eagerly anticipating the arrival of Mexico record goalscorer Javier Hernandez into the West Ham squad. There does not appear to be any negativity surrounding the transfer and Tom in particular believes that it will be the pivotal signing that takes the mighty Irons to the next level.

Regular contributor Mr B gives us his analytical breakdown of the pre-season friendlies and has been particularly impressed with Declan Rice, Nathan Holland and Josh Cullen. Forum member Olas 1 has sent in some footage from his trip to the athletics at the London Stadium and is surprised at how much of the West Ham branding has vanished from sight. The David Copperfield routine even seems to have extended to the club shop which has all but disappeared from sight altogether.

We also have regular contributors talking on a whole range of hammers subjects as well as the usual tomfoolery from Avithammer.

Please join in and send your clips to info@hammerschat.com and we’ll process and edit the footage for you. All you need to do is point your camera phone at yourself and tell us whatever is on your mind in the world of our beloved West Ham United.


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7 comments on “Fans Buzzing at Javier Hernandez News

  1. Should be Buzzing been over a decade since we had a striker score 10 goals 15 plus years for 15 goals. So finally have a striker who can put up those numbers especially with right support and Antonio and Lanzini will help.
    I’m excited but am waiting to wet myself until I see him holding our kit

  2. Interviewer – ‘Mark Noble how do you feel about the New Kit?’

    Mark Noble – ‘I’m buzzing about it!’

    Interviewer – ‘…and the New Players coming in?’

    Mark Noble – ‘Oh yer, the Lads and me we’re really buzzing about that!’

    Interviewer – ‘…and after you swallowed that wasp?’

    Mark Noble – ‘…I’m buzzing, I really mean it I’m actually buzzing!’

  3. Those still moaning and groaning, who’ve spent the last 4 months slagging off the owners, should read the article on The West Ham Way, Ex’s site, sums it up nicely for me. Nice one Anthony!

    The Transfer Window on Twitter by Anthony Hufton @AnthonyHufton

  4. I’ll celebrate after he signs on the dotted line. This is West ham after all

    • There are several dotted lines to be signed , Stratford E20 . Definitely looks they will be though . Maybe even another dotted line will appear .
      There’s gonna be a hell of a lot tee shirts sold this year .
      Looking forward to doing the double over Spurs , Man Utd , Chelsea and Liverpool . Just imagine that happening . It would be History . Never been done by anyone .
      I am allowed to dream , chaps .

      • Of course you are allowed to dream chaps Kevin, it’s a free world and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise. I still dream Pammy Anderson in that red swimsuit but that’s just me.

  5. I can’t keep up. Animated the day before yesterday, crazy yesterday and buzzing today. West Ham. Class A drug 😂

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