Fans discontent grows over Slav


West Ham’s defeat by Leicester City making it a hat-trick of defeats in the last three games is seeing the fans’ mood change towards manager Slaven Bilic.

Here’s how followers of the ClaretandHugh Facebook forum @ to today’s defeat and whereas previously the boss has been an untouchable, the complaints about his management style are growing louder and more vociferous.

bilic crouchingO You would think an ex defender would be able to sort the defence out. Reid had fitness test and clearly should not have started
O If there was one area Slav knows about it should be defending. Our defence has been poor all season. And what does Dicks do?
O No wonder half the seat are empty
Its a hard watch
O I fear for West Ham if Bilic stays in charge
O Three defeats on the trot is not good enough Slaven
O That’s sackable form ! Also should mention this would be with two defeats to teams that are below us !
O Disgraceful performance yet again. We only start playing when we’re 2-0 down
O Don’t think they will put up with this for much longer
O Defeats to Bournemouth and Leicester who are technically relegation rivals !
O Not sure how long we can put up with this. Shocking in defence and no protection. Nothing on the bench to change the game either. Players don’t really look interested
O Play like this the next 9 games and we will be lucky to stay up. And no I’m actually not joking
O Yes looking bad for the team now
O I cant see us getting those 2-3 wins in the nearest future. If Andy Carroll making crosses in the box you should ask your manager
O Six points above relegation zone with teams like Leicester and Swansea finding form and picking up points.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • ReggieHammer says:

    You have to wonder what Slav and his coaching team, inc Dicks, say to the players before each half.. every game we conced within minutes of the starting a half. It’s ridiculous. Where’s the kick up the arse and a motivational team talk before they step onto the pitch?!

    Loved Slav as a player but he is majorly struggling…by the looks of it every team he’s coached has a flying start and the following seasons peeter away into disappointment … and seemingly we aren’t any different

  • mywhufc says:

    The same manager gave us our best ever Prem points tally, our only + goal difference in the Prem as well. Surely he should still be deserving of respect after that.

  • robbiem says:

    Didn’t give ourselves much chance going 2 down in 7 mins.
    Looking to offer Reid a new contract. I smckmmented last week – he’s an ok stopper but too many injuries. Went off with cramp against Chelsea and crippled today running for the ball. £20m Ayew missing the target from 8 yards. Carroll for England – div 1 at best. He makes the wrong runs, slow and worryingly not winning much in the air which is the one thing he’s built a career on (£90k pw). Can’t wait to see which has-been we look to sign at right back – 34 Sagna or 32 year old Zabaleta.
    Very benevolent again – first away win for Leicester this season, first win last week for Bournemouth in 2017.

    • happyhammer101 says:

      I like Slav but it’s quite clear that he cannot motivate the players to play for more than half the match. There was no urgency to win challenges or close down opponents in the first half yesterday. I’ve lost count of the number of goals we have conceded in the first and last few minutes of each half in the last few weeks. His team selection is often baffling. Very little has been said about his loyalty to Randolph. The goalie makes the odd good save but is nowhere as good a stopper as Adrian IMO and is hopeless on crosses, especially at corners. Our defenders clearly have little confidence in him and this adds to their own frailties.
      When you add in the disastrous Summer signings like Tore and the apparent lack of fitness of the players, I would say it’s time for a change at the end of the season wherever we finish.

      • happyhammer101 says:

        I forgot to mention how poor Randolph is at distributing the ball. Is he acting under Slav’s instructions or is it simply a lack of ability?
        Either way, bring back Adrian for the rest of the season and make a goalie a priority for a Summer signing along with a striker.

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Bilic doesn’t get a lot of help from the players, is he ? What he supposed to do?
    Empty a bucket of icewater over every player five minutes before kickoff to make sure they are awake and up for it ?
    The players are getting a very easy ride here and so do the owners. We can bring in a new manager every season, it not gonna improve things unless the club get more professional from top to bottom, beginning with the board and their willingness to NOT only spend wisely, but also spend big.
    I don’t envy Bilic, it can’t be easy for any manager working under our current board.
    And while I hate losing as much as the next bloke at least it was a thrilling game played in the right spirit.
    The board will probably take the easy option and hide behind Bilic, blame and sack him only to bring in the next poor sold expected to get us into the top 6 with a 40 million transfer kitty. All three promoted sides are likely to spend more than us I reckon…

    • PopRobson says:

      He gets paid a lot of money to prepare a pretty decent squad of players for each game that’s what management is. They can play they proved it in the 2nd half but not from the start it seems. HIs job, IS to motivate, structure, organise and yes if that’s what it takes throw cold water on them or whatever he as manager feels he needs to do to get them up for it otherwise just what is his role.

  • ReggieHammer says:

    Hamburghammer… empty a bucket of ice over there heads…. it’ll be a start… what’s he doing at the moment? Kissing them on the cheek, blowing a kiss and waving them off from the changing room? This season has been embarrassing… right from July afte being beaten by Astra…. Slavs nous in the transfers have been nothing short of abysmal over the last year. We have no pace, no attacking threat, a back line with as much organisation as the school playground, an average keeper and a 72 yr old fitness coach. I’ve supported Billic since he started but week after week we are being shown up. For me, the board need to dig deep for new players (keeper, RB and striker) and a new manager in the summer

  • Stan The Man says:

    Come on then fellas whos your tip for the new manager?
    How long before you find fault with him?
    By the way i am not stixking up for Bilic just putting it out there that you will carp on about him just as much.Allardyce,Pardew,Curbishley,Zola now Bilic
    Happy hunting.

  • ReggieHammer says:

    Think Eddie Howe would do a great job at WHU. He’s young and ambitious, likes to play it on the floor, has a youthful and energetic team… and I reckon he’d be open to moving on from Bournemouth end of season.

  • Bil155 says:

    new manager ??? Are some people backwards have a look at what all this **** has done to one of our most loyal players ever Mark Noble people should hang their heads in shame

  • John says:

    The sooner you lot understand that the Dave’s don’t pay 12 months severance compensation the better. Slaven might not get a new 12 month rolling contract but he won’t get the sack either. Support the club, support the team and support the manager. If you must then come back to this subject in January 2018 because nothing you type will be remotely relevant before then. Listen to your Uncle John.

    • CondorHammer says:

      Agreed John, they do like to stick by their manager.
      However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Slav walks at the end of the season.
      There’s something not quite right at the club at the moment, imo.

    • The Long Dog says:

      So right John they have always been a pretty loyal bunch.It can be seen both ways that it is loyalty to a manager or they dont want to pay compo.
      That is one for the different factions amongst our fans to deciede on.I know it will give some gunpowder to the silly porn twins comment makers to fire their pop guns at the owners.

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