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Fans lambast Bilic’s ‘out of position’ decisions

Slaven Bilic’s has seen his team take four points from the last two games but there remains great  restlessness among the Hammers fans.

The decision to put ace goalscorer Chicharito on the left wing is causing much concern and frustration whilst  yesterday’s performance was greeted with near despair by some fans.

Here’s how supporters on ClaretandHugh’s Facebook page responded to the situation.

Hernandez is different level

Hernandez is different level

O Antonio at rwb, Hernandez out LW and then Zaba LCB A good team being wasted by playing key players out of position.
Glad I didn’t watch it! Bilic doesn’t change does he!
O It was woefully poor from both teams. At least West Brom are set up that way. We just seem to be thrown together  with no consideration being given to positions or play.
Sorry to say but I feel it’s time for him to go
None of the players are going to look their best with the formation Bilic is deciding on.
O Had enough he’s BFS in disguise
O A manager lives and dies by his team formulation, AC can play with Sakho, Sakho can play with Chicarito, Chicarito cannot play with AC. When SB signed Chicarito did he say I’m going to play you as a left winger, I think not. He says we’ve been chasing him for some time, what for if he doesn’t utilise his natural position?
We can’t play 4 4 2 as has been proven so 3 5 2 then so when Lanzini is fit then Antonio gets benched
OAre we in for another season goals hard to come by, it could be a long long season, when will Carroll add to the 30 league goals since he joined us? Noble not there to be the one to attack so Cresswell was the one getting it in the neck from this around me.
O  We have a knack of making brilliant, proven players, play pony. Bilic needs to play players in their natural position!
O We have  a (miraculously) fit Andy Carroll who wins almost everything in the air, who’s dropping balls for a poacher like Hernandez. And then we have Bilic, who plays that Hernandez, who has scored all his PL  goals from the box, on the wing.

O Nothing will change before we get a manager who has even basic understanding of player roles, and simplest tactics.It would be nice if we could have someone ask him why and him to explain his reasons to us.

O He doesn’t seem to know how to play Hernandez to his strengths. Even when he has a 20 goal a season player, we won’t get 20 goals this season from him. He’s a 20 goal a season “capable” player. He has it in him proven to be that.I am really beginning to doubt Bilic.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

16 comments on “Fans lambast Bilic’s ‘out of position’ decisions

  1. Good to see some of those who ‘didn’t see it’ having a strong opinion on the game….?
    True to say the game was woeful, devoid of magic and wonder, but lets face it, Tony Pulis knows how to stop other teams winning against this boys. They’ve only conceded 4 goals this season with 3 clean sheets, so expecting West Ham to to go the Hawthorns and bag a hatful is ……. wishful?
    In the end, West Ham outplayed WBA, hit the bar and created more (There only Shot on target came in the 80something minute!)

    So stop whineing

  2. love the comment Billic takes brilliant proven players and makes them rubbish,yeah our team is full of brilliant players,actually completely right to have Carroll down the middle

  3. Oh come on now, we lost our first three matches remember! It’s about getting a bit of stability and building a defensive platform to move forward. If that means being sterile and unattractive at West Brom to ensure we came back with a result then so be it for now!
    Lanzini’s contribution is key to the little peas success and I expect to see him back central against the Spuds. We’ve had a troubled start not helped by having to play away for the first three games which I believe any side would find difficult but that’s behind us now, we have a number of quite winnable games coming up now including Spurs and I fully expect us to climb the table with what is still a very capable premiership squad.. COYI

    • The spuds are playing all of their games away and all can see the impact it’s having on them. Let’s wait until we’ve everyone back and we are 10 games in. Two clean sheets on the bounce and four points from six isn’t too bad a return. COYI

  4. Well we didn’t lose did we ! . Wasn’t a great game from either team . It was always going to be a dull affair with both teams cancelling each other out . Can’t understand Hernandez playing on the left though . Then taking him off and replacing him with Ayew . When did Chicerito last score from a wingers position?? . First it was the LB position getting the wrong player and now it’s the LW position getting the wrong player . What is wrong with Bilic ?.
    This was a winnable game and I expected more from us after all the hype the players gave it after the Huddersfield game . Seems every time a handful of players start talking us up we play a poor game . The talking should be done on the pitch , not off it ! .
    Bilic needs to change his ideas or he won’t survive untill Christmas .

  5. I think as said previously it was a good point, we shouldn’t have to play 352 and Hernandez is wasted in the position Bilic is playing him but after 3 defeats we had to change it around, I don’t expect Bilic to be with us post January unless he can find a system that allows us to defend as well as attack, WBA set up to respect the point and they got that at least we tried to win the game, I thought Obiang was our best player and all our players gave 100% even if that only resulted in a lot of posession and no clear chances.

  6. Dear oh dear.He we go again,no win and the moaning kicks in.Facebook and social media managers of the month in full swing..

  7. With a full squad at his disposal we should be doing better than this , wba were there for the taking but we didn’t have a clue how to do it !! Wrong team selection and formation , no body is whingeing just stating the obvious ! We are desperate for creative play !! Hoof ball is back ? Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks , maybe the doll will crack and then see the pea in his proper position in a 2 up top , anyone who believes our troubles are over defensively are kidding themselves, let’s see how we get on against the spuds before thinking everything is honky dory. Nobles back Tuesday ? Just saying !!😉

  8. There is a lot to build on. 2 clean sheets. 1 win and a draw. The team playing as a team, with the sort of effort and determination not seen in the first 3 games. Ogbonna and Masuaku not in the starting line-up. What more can we ask for. I hope Ginge will not be out too long.
    With a more stable look to the team, we can go forward with hopes of developing things going forward.
    I would suggest moving Antonio and Hernandes into more inside-froward roles rather than wing roles. Let the wing backs do the wide work supported by Carrol and the 2 inside-forwards. That way the 2 inside-forwards would be closer to Carrol and be able to interact more with him.

  9. First of all.. It was a horrid spectacle, a shocking game! No creativity and plenty of needless misplaced passes! But I think for all the square pegs in round holes in the formation, it had to be done, hopefully just for the short term. We’ve steadied down back, with two clean sheets. Okay up top we’ve created next to nothing, with Chica on a wing. I think maybe we have to suck it up and deal with it for at least another week, get the players believing again by not conceding. It’s still early days, 5 games in. Maybe after 7/8 if stability has still been okay, then get a little adventurous, play our best players in their ‘suited’ positions. 442 is probably most suited to our squad that Bilic has assembled, we just can’t afford the ridiculous defensive howlers we tend to make whenever we move away from three at the back. Then get Lanzini in the middle, Arnautovic and Antonio on our wings, and Carrol and Hernandez up top. Overall Bilic does seem to get lost and as much as I was fuming after that performance, I believe there’s room for optimism!! COYI

    • Well said Dutchy I am not sure what people were expecting against WBA but this was a pure Pullis performance get the point anything else is a bonus we should know we saw 4 years of it under Allardyce, they were organised and played a defensive game, if we had gone gung ho they would have taken advantage on the break for us it is imo a good point 👍

  10. We have taken 4 points out of 6 and 2 clean sheets after looking like conceding 3 every game so there is genuine progress.West Brom is a horrible place to go for every premier league team so just be happy.Once Lanzini returns i am sure we will see the best of Hernandez.Be grateful we are not Palace fans, on top of all their woes their next 3 fixtures are against arguably the best 3 in the premiership.Get behind our team and recognise things are coming together.

  11. All I can see is 4 points from 2 very poor sides who didn’t test us like our first 3 opponents ?
    Black and white for me lads ? 2 clean sheets with next to none attempts at our goal is a false
    Assessment of how good we have played but it is only an opinion ! The same as bilic,s tactics and selection, more than welcome a point yesterday but disappointed in not getting 3
    as they were there for the taking, that’s down to bilic and the man who he listens to far to much imo and that’s his sidekick ? 😉

  12. looking forward to our 1-0 or 2-1 wins against burnley, swansea, brighton, crystal palace and stoke…. dull, defensive, must not lose hoofball with no ambition. hooray.

  13. Sorry but too many fans here expecting too much.The fact is its not that long ago that we were floundering in mid table of the championship.And yes Allardyce got us up with his direct style,and now we want pretty football and top 6 but its not that straightforward.Look how much Everton have spent with backing from new Billionaire owners and they are below us now.Whenever i feel like a good whinge i think of Blackpool who took us all the way in the playoff final and in reality its not that long ago.Look where they are now.Just be grateful because its all part of following West Ham and it could be so much worse.Just get behind the team.

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