Fans outraged and in despair: “He has to go”

The Hammers hit the lowest of lows against Brighton last night giving their worst performance in many years. Here’s how fans responded on the ClaretandHugh Facebook forum
bilic crouching
O I have no more words now. Just gutted at this gutless performance.

O Sullivan won’t act. Bilic won’t walk as he is as deluded as Sullivan. He wont sack him. He’ll be here till the end of the season.
OAt least there’s one thing that’s positive from tonight. When we moan how awful things are and we get told we’re only a couple of wins off the top half, people might have watched this crud and see why we’re sick of it.
O I feel let down. Total crap.

O Think he will to be honest, he looks lost and bereft of ideas. Spends too much match time directing players positionally. But the club needs a complete overhaul and some at the helm with a plan and not a business one.

O Problem is (Or at least another problem) – If he stays are we facing a January exodus?
O I have had it with Bilic now. He has to go, I don’t care if there is no one out there, just get rid
 O Bilic does not have a clue and this performance is unforgivable

O He is a defeated man, just hearing his post match, he is resigned to his future and needs to be put out of misery and the Owners need to terminate contract.

Position has become untenable. Bilic has shown that a change is inevitable but the players are a disgrace. I hate to say it but this is not my club anymore.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Dan46 says:

    For Billic to go now it would mean the whole coaching team as well,our owners won’t pay them all off so we will go through to end of season and be promised a world class manager and players but get the usual dross

  • Max Willow says:

    On occasions you are face with decisions which might affect the outcome or future of an individual and/or group of people.
    Some say, don’t worry max, it’s only a game..
    Well I have no hesitation in responding that following West Ham is an integral part of my life.
    So, there is no time to debate or discuss what is wrong with our club..
    The time has run out for all those who are weak and feeble!
    It is time for good men/women to speak up, otherwise evil will persist.
    As much as I once admired the man, I feel that it is time to thank him (and Payet) for the good times, and move on, although, I feel that our board is so conservative and gutless to act!
    terry Westley would make a decent care-taker manager while we search for a more viable option-my choice (if he was interested) would be Ancelotti, or Mancini!

    However, despite the pain and suffering, I implore all Hammers’ fans to ‘hang in there’-our club is a very special gift in a lifetime, and hopefully, things will pick up!!

    • Dan46 says:

      Do ou realise those managers you mention if you could persuade them have a yearly wage of more then our yearly net transfer spend

  • Hammerkip says:

    U have got to be joking who cares about that …I’m astonished he hasn’t been sacked already.. I’m waiting for the breaking news ..they will loose more money keeping him \them when they get us relegated… SACK HIM NOW..ffs

    • Dan46 says:

      our owners care about that,do you not see it is a business to them and they will suck as much cash out of the club as possible,I am amazed they have gotten away with remortgaging everything training ground,future revenues even our lease while spending nothing,they will do everything as cheaply as possible and won’t pay off Billic and staff

  • jimbo says:

    Let’s not start getting twisted on who our next manager might be just yet. First things first, get rid of the current one and his coaching staff. Create the vacancy Dildos so we can move on to the “whose next” debate, PLEASE!

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    The club as a whole has lost its identity over a period of years now !! The Money and the foreigners has destroyed the game ! No pride in the shirt at all , its all about money !! This team in my opinion needs some old school players from the lyall era and possibly a couple from bonzo and redknapps era ie home grown !! Its a shambles and this board hasn’t a clue !!! Mark my words another yes man will probably come in and the brand bandwagon will roll on ! Forget a top manager coming in as they will not work with these clowns and if they did they wouldnt get the players this club needs to go to the next level , cheap , loan , and poor choices are the norm with sugo, he’s a big problem lol!!! Unfortunately there’s not a British promoting policy anymore and that’s why we struggle internationally ? Its all about dosh , end of , not pride or commitment just dosh! The English game is dead while the likes of Germany ,Spain , Portugal etc don’t have big bucks policy they have kept temptation of the money lure at arms length and kept their identity and pride ! We as a nation have been sold down the river . this is not a bigot or racist comment but IMO is fact !!! Its not gonna change anytime soon either ? It needs to come from our roots and build this club up again but its never going to happen ! Bums off seats if you want these clowns out to at least start some change !! Brooking needs to come in and I’m sure he would do us a turn as it needs some stability and bring in help from our past team players , British ?? West hammers !!
    This squad on paper is good to the eye but unbalanced and bereft of leadership ! Moore , bonds , dicks , past leaders but unfortunately we don’t have any of that quality in the present team ! Noble ? Naa not on the same planet lol! Lap of the gods time !! Sad or what!!!!😢

    • NorthBank 58 says:

      Noble maybe towards the end of career but he still gets mentioned in the same breath as some great names. How many of this bunch will be remembered for anything good in the future

  • Wembley1980 says:

    42 years for me what you like but I’m finished can’t waste my time and money on this anymore! Had some great times so thanks for those but this current club isn’t the club in my heart.

    • NorthBank 58 says:

      This is the tragedy the club will always be in your heart, it’s THIS club that is trying to destroy everything that a lot of us still cherish. Bloody heartbreaking

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