Fans pile in after Keown slams Reid

TV pundit and former Arsenal defender Martin Keown created a storm when claiming that Winston Reid’s behaviour after a challenge from Bastian Schweinsteiger was “almost a disgrace” at Old Trafford on Saturday.
The United midfielder could be facing retrospective disciplinary action as a result but Keown was quick out of the traps to slam our central defender declaring: “The way Winston Reid goes down is almost a disgrace. I’d be embarrassed if I went down like that.
Remember the wrestling that used to be on on Saturdays? It was like that.”
Hammers fans had a somewhat different view. Here’s how they reacted at the ClaretandHugh facebook group.
Aaron Bayfield
Carol Combes
Carol Combes Put your hands up & admit you were wrong, Keown

Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams Keown is a t..t.

Darren Dilliway
Darren Dilliway He should allow Reid to do the same to him, see how he reacts.

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Nathan Elliott
Nathan Elliott The pot calling the kettle black. Keown despite some admirable displays in his Arsenal heyday still showed some shocking behaviour of his own…..

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Roy Wales
Roy Wales If someone tried to elbow me in the throat , instinctively I would back off and maybe fall over . It’s called self preservation. Keown you are a t..t .

Evan Smith
Evan Smith Ladies and gentlemen I would suggest that when It come to Mr Lawrence, Mr Keown and their highly rate compatriots you should always think of the following first. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

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Matthew Webb
Matthew Webb If Reid had entered into the whole Chico Flores routine then I might understand, but this wasn’t like that. Easier target than focusing on poor sportsmanship from Man Utd players though.

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4 comments on “Fans pile in after Keown slams Reid

  1. Its a shame he doesn’t live near west Ham cos I think plug would hit the ground even quicker !!!!
    WAN££r , MUG !!!!!

  2. I saw Keown in his hey day and he was no angel, in fact I thought his reactions in the big games were almost cheating, what a hypocrite.
    he should look back on his career and be thoughly ashamed of himself.
    I would like the TV Companies to make a film of his disgraceful antics through out his career and make him watch it and explain his behaviour, but of course he is a coward and wouldn’t do it.
    Hey Martin dare you to .


  3. Go tell the 3 man referee panel. What a pr!ck!

  4. Sad thing is this tool was quite good, the slightly sader thing was that an alcoholic was better than him….no im not having a go at a man with a medical condition.
    Without giving this tool any more media time, lets see if Reid dived or fell over too easily when the panel meets to discuss the incident, i have a feel mediocre martin may be wrong.
    West Ham are a team so called pundits love to put down always will, because they are a threat to some of the so called bigger clubs. Funny when average players turn up at West Ham, they play well and become good/great players the clubs these tossers played for want to pay 6 to 10 times what the pundits were worth at the height of their careers. Still you have to remember. ..it is only their opinion……which is worth NOTHING! Dont give them mention or media time, when nobody cares who they are the media outlet will get rid of them.

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