Fans rally round Gold after Twitter insult

West Ham fans have expressed their disgust at the troll who insulted David Gold on Twitter accusing him of being illiterate.

The co chairman had given ClaretandHugh an exclusive interview in which he claimed he had been badly hurt but would not be driven off the social network and would not block the abusers.

He said: “There are so many good fans from whom I learn so much. Those who insult me will not be blocked because that means they’ve won.

Here’s how fans responded with one specifically requesting that sympathies are sent on behalf of all decent fans.

Scott Alsweiler
Scott Alsweiler He has every right to be hurt.
The Davids took our beloved club from the brink of oblivion to where we are today.
We’re moving to a world class stadium, we’re signing high quality players, a manager who loves us and respects us, and the style of football we love love (injuries excepted).
They injected huge sums of their own money into solidifying our club.
Besides all this, dyslexia sufferers have a hard enough time as it is. They’re not in any way intellectually disabled, they merely have a disconnect with written words.

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Brian Neil Gay
Brian Neil Gay We are lucky to have owners like DG and DS who genuinely care about the club

Graham Herbert
Graham Herbert I wonder if you can express mine (and hopefully, others) sympathy to David Gold, in some way. I admire the man and what he has done under the circumstances. He has more dignity and grace than those cowardly mischief-makers (at best), haters (at worst) 

hiding behind their keyboards and out of sight and reach of the people that they happily harm. Ignore them – if you can. I believe the Davids are doing their utmost for their (and our) club.

Suzanne Purtow
Suzanne Purtow Agree with the comments above, I have a son who suffers from mild dyslexia and it does NOT mean anyone suffering from it is stupid. Our Chairman should be admired for being on Twitter, it means we have access to him and I am often ashamed of the abuse some fans give him. Please pass on my support for him.

Luther Loide Blissett
Luther Loide Blissett I have nothing else to add besides echoing what the others above have said. Clearly the original tweet betrays the sheer ignorance of what dyslexics suffer on a daily basis.

Hugh Southon
Hugh Southon I’ve already done so Graham but I will turn this thread into a story and say it again

Nigel 父 Kahn
Nigel 父 KahnI admit I give him dogs at times
But never insult
I saw that and can’t believe it was a west ham fan

All I can say David is that through all of you’re troubles you have excelled and beat all of the problems to pulp !!!!
And I for one commend you on all you’re achievements !!!
Top man !!!!!!!

  • agreed. we owe the man a great debt which a dozen lottery wins wouldn’t meet. I’ve no comprehension of what drives the haters. we’d have gone bankrupt and be playing in the sunday league if it wasn’t for the daves – instead we’ve got payet & co. COYI


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5 comments on “Fans rally round Gold after Twitter insult

  1. Without the Love for West Ham United that the ; Dave’s have shown we would be a forgotten club .. Thank’s to thier dedication and investment ( thier own hard earnt money )
    West Ham are playing thier football amongst the elite . A heavy dose of Gratitude should be shown and a large portion of respect given .
    West Ham Forever ., and the Dave’s , naturally .

  2. For one who has trouble with Spelling and Grammar it’s just shows how far we have come in this sad world,
    On this site daily some individuals come to mock the likes of myself and pick up on
    Hugh for any little mistake,
    It’s sad how some get there rocks off,but what even sadder is the claim to be fans from our club,there like old school ground bullies,who can only pick on mistakes o faults that others have,but like those bullies they are normally cowards who run or cry at the drop of a hat and that is not normally a westham trait,
    Head up 2 Daves ou are better people then these hum nuts

  3. The man is a millionaire and Co owner of a Premiere league football club that he adores. Oh to be that illiterate. Don’t agree with everything you say or do David but nobody can doubt your love for your/our great club. You and your chum will do for me all day long.

  4. I have no doubts of the loyalty and love of Our Club, but for a while I have said it should be The Media Department that delivers News First to all supporters and not just those who follow Mr Gold on Twitter and I do myself, social media sadly is open to trolls, the answer to many of them is not to get involved with them as that is what they want, just block them and move on.

  5. can we track this moron down that could be fun.thank you Daves for loving our club. forever grateful.

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