Fans respond to Slav’s OS ‘big club’ warning

Slaven Bilic has made it clear: A huge stadium in itself is no key to success and it certainly doesn’t mean West Ham Unite will have arrived.

He reckons that will only happen when the club enters Europe adding: ” ‘I don’t even know which division Billericay are in but I remember when I was playing here Harry Redknapp always used to use them as an example of a small club or something that was not good.

Billericay could rent Wembley and play their home games there next season but would it suddenly make them a big club? No it wouldn’t.”

Here’s how the fans reacted to Slav’s words at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/



eaststandseats726O If only others had said it first, this misconception though started with the owners and the baroness.
O Glad Bilic has got his head screwed on – his words make perfect sense
O It was the owners that have been shouting ‘champions league’ and ‘ the top four need to look behind them’. I think most Hammers fans would be happy with a couple of top 8 finishes for 2017 and 2018

O Maybe an improvement on this season’s finish and a FA cup semi-final?

O He’s spot on – the OS big club idea is just a myth
O The man talks a lot of sense. I do like him a lot
O We need to continue investing in all aspects of the club, Slav is right and depending on if we are in Europe or not that might require more major investment in the team despitewhat the Dave’s say. I have a feeling Slav is worried that once we are in the Stadium the investment may be greatly reduced…
O Brentwood Gazette have already accused him of “slamming” Billericay lol.
My view is being a big club is down to :
the supporters
the owners
the players
the manager
the stadium
……. in that order.

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7 comments on “Fans respond to Slav’s OS ‘big club’ warning

  1. There’s only 2 big clubs in the Premiership ManU and Liverpool, Chelsea and ManC are no where near it but catching them, behind them come Spurs and Arsenal who are not that far in front of us, we have like the others a long way to go, finishing in the top 4 won’t help, winning it at least twice would

  2. And I mean the Champions league not the title

  3. After that you have to stay in and around it, unlike Villa Forest and Leeds

  4. I have no idea why Slav said that because I can’t imagine anyone with a normal brain would ever entertain such a ridiculous idea.

    • If he’s braindead canchez where does it leave you’re mate hippo in the que ???
      What an idiotic statement !!! Brain dead !!!! Wet pants at its best !! Move on FFS,

  5. You know I really don’t want West ham any bigger than a top 10 Prem side the Top 4 (5) have all the pressure and all the Crazy press and stupid priced Transfers +++ ! ( Look at Man U for Instance “oh what a terrible season” !!!! )
    If all our seasons are as good as this one I would be a very happy Hammer for the rest of my life !!

  6. All Slav has done is put all the delusional ones into place !! If we want to be a top side you need top money and time , there’s no quick lasting fix , at the end of the day city and the like spend hundreds of millions and still get beat by teams like us ? At the end of the day its 11 v 11 , a good manager like ours gets the best ( most times ) out of what he has available to him , respect and self belief coupled with some luck can and does bring about success , yes money buys quality players but managers like Bilic give players confidence to go out and perform , exactly what we have been seeing , compare the money spent on our team to Liverpool , city ,man u , Chelsea ,says it all really , all these teams managers try and buy success , false managers IMO , Bilic is sheer class compared to these primodonnas , a mans man who loves us for what we are and we love him , long may it continue ! I’ve got my west ham back and mid table with the odd cup now and then being entertained , win or lose will do me !! What I would hate is to turn into is a supporter like the teams mentioned above and be a delusional ******** expecting success ! Where’s the excitement in that !! Just try you’re best and give you’re all , no more , no less , end of .
    COYI !!!!!!S and in Bilic I trust , class above IMO and a man,s man, crack on mate , crack on !

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