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Fans return idea is fantasy and plain wrong!

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere.

The global pandemic is still here, still impacting our every waking moment, still having a huge effect on our daily lives.

There is a clear north-south divide, with local lockdowns still being implemented the closer to Scotland one gets.

Northern cases have doubled, Metro report, and the R rate in the country remains above 1.

So one has to ask the question: Why are Premier League teams even contemplating the idea of fans returning to stadiums?

Right now, it simply isn’t safe, and it won’t be for quite some time.

Sure, the argument can be thrown out that clubs live and die on revenue and that is, to an extent, true, but we cannot be endangering the lives of supporters.

The pros list here is small: We get the normal atmosphere back, and fans return to buying tickets. That’s two.

The cons list contains a number of questions. How will fans get to games? One has to assume public transport will play a huge role. How will fans ensure that they do not mix in concourses and stadium toilets? It’s nigh-on impossible to police without a recruitment drive for new stewards. How can social distancing be properly maintained upon entering and exiting the stadiums? How can fans maintain social distancing whenever a goal is scored? How can we ensure fans do not mix in pubs -n should they be open – both before and after games?

These are questions for more learned people than us, of course, but they need asking, and the answers here just aren’t clear.

There is also a very real possibility of more widespread geographical lockdowns. We cannot rule out the prospect of another nationwide lockdown. If that happens, will football even be played at all?

The idea of fans being back in stadiums cannot be contemplated when there is the prospect of there being no football for them to watch at all.

There are no easy answers here but the Premier League must tread carefully or risk playing with people’s lives.

In the meantime of course the Premier League and broadcasters have found a way to try fleecing the fans who – just like the clubs – are seeing their finances crash as a result of the impact Covid has had on jobs.

They have decided to charge nearly fifteen quid to watch games on TV which aren’t included in those planned to be shown.

This comes after their relief at finding government allowing them to stave of huge debts from TV firms last season when contracts were fulfilled by allowing all games to be shown for free.

Only one club – Leicester  City – voted against it. Top club that and thanks to all who did the right thing.

As for West Ham and the rest of ’em. Ghastly behaviour all living under the motto “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME!”


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About Dave Langton

A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

8 comments on “Fans return idea is fantasy and plain wrong!

  1. Maybe this is one comment of mine that wont get deleted because this is one post that I wholeheartedly agree with.

    Every day we are being told that infections, hospital admissions & deaths are rising – and yet football (and other sports) push for fans to return.

    With track & trace in chaos and a shortage of testing kits – not to mention delays in processing results – would football fancy taking a share of the blame for spreading the virus if fans were re-admitted, and matters took a big turn for the worse?

    No. They’d take the revenue & run as fast as their legs would go.

  2. So you can sit inside a restaurant or get on a packed tube because it suits the government that restaurants stay alive and we all work hard to pay our tax.
    Can go to work on a packed tube but not up watch football or any other sport.
    You can get 3000 people in the 02 inside venue 3 miles up the road but not 5000 outside in a venue bigger than the Grand Canyon (our ground).
    My local ground at a weekend had 4 U12 games plus parents, loads of mini football and 50 parents watching, plus a few adult games plus mates watching.
    Circ 300 people playing and watching football.
    Totally uncontrolled , a pretend track and trace, amazingly no one has the virus or reported anyway. Life goes on out of the media gaze.
    Non league behind closed doors with up to 500 people there is no different than my local park.
    Going to football on the tube is less busy that a Monday morning going to work.
    No one is forced to go football, if you are vulnerable don’t go.
    Continued government shambles and snowflake society.

    • Well said mate. We are such a nanny state now it’s embarrassing , yes it’s real and it has killed people but so has the flu and pneumonia it’s something we have to live with til a vaccine has been found and unfortunately if you’re vulnerable then you have to take precautions and not go that’s life I’m afraid but to stop everything and destroy the economy is ridiculous as youve said you can pack in a pub and watch football but can’t watch it outdoors with better social distancing, it’s a joke

    • All so true let us back in

  3. At last a football site talking sense. It would be suicidal to return the fans because even those knowing it is idiocy will be tempted to go back. Add a few pints, a few goals and the rivalry with opposing fans and any attempt at social distancing would be straight out of the window.

  4. This might be controversial, but I don’t agree at all. The virus is not going away any time soon. We have to learn to live with it. If the economy is destroyed, which current restrictions will ultimately achieve, many more lives will be lost through poverty and disease than through Covid 19.

  5. Totally agree with Marizon, the economy is being destroyed over a virus that is not going anywhere fast soon. The infection rate has gone up again but it is primarily younger people who are being infected and the death rate is very low in this age group. Protect the vulnerable and if they feel threatened by younger people than don’t see them during this pandemic.

    In addition, the damage this is doing to the mental health of all ages without the people who are dying because they cannot get cancer treatment for example is tragic. We have to learn to live with this virus, if you don’t want to go out that’s fine stay in and self isolate, but others want to get on with their lives without ministers meddling and destroying business and all the associated lives with that, Which is destroying millions of lives, a great deal more than virus deaths. Football is just a small part of this and the Prem clubs will survive, not sure about the rest of sport in general. Our way of line is being destroyed, people need to wake up and see the bigger picture and stop reading useless media garbage on this subject.

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