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Fans rubbish new restart season plan

A new plan to get the season restarted is likely to go before club chairmen on Friday which will involve matches being played behind closed doors, televised, and players remaining in quarantine staying in hotels along with TV cameramen, commentators, and the like. But is it realistic? Here’s how Claret and Hugh followers responded.
O This might introduce some financial sense into the game given the obscene amounts paid to agents and players. The vast majority of working people/ football supporters will get a maximum of £2500 a month during this national disaster. Compare that with footballer pay in top leagues plus agent leaches rewards. They should be thoroughly ashamed if they do not forgo most of it to save football as we know it!!
O I’m in the ‘void it now’ camp. However, like it or not, professional football is a business and the owners are simply trying to find ways to mitigate losses – as any business would. They also have to maintain positive relationships with Sky and BT and thus need to be seen to be searching for practical solutions. But, ultimately, they will not be the final decision-takers on this. Instead, it will be the government, based on the best available medical data and advice. In the meantime, I see no harm in attempting to make plans, although, after a few more weeks of the current situation, I think the football authorities will have to bite the bullet, scrap the season and start planning for a new season – whenever that might be.
O If football is played behind closed doors it means the virus is still around -. completely unacceptable.Football at this time is way way down the priority list.

O I reckon from the point of view of those that have to pay for their football, a financial smack in the mouth might be a blessing. I’d follow West Ham if they played in the Ryman league. There is an opportunity her for the club’s to totally restructure the game to focus on those that keep it going ultimately. Us. I don’t think finishing the season behind closed doors will benefit anybody, other than a few sponsors. They will need to accept the situation the same as everybody else. I hope very much that this is the Premier League showing willing and knowing that it will never happen

O With respect on others views on this I totally disagree and thè football season should be null and void. People should realise this is the worst health worldwide problem since Ebola hit parts of the African continent but we had cures for it. Now  there is nothing except  the learning curve of scientists tfinding out how to cure this. Football like businesses generally will pick up the pieces after this virus is conquered. Football  must be put in it’s place as a sport that doesn’t return until a complete all clear by the medics and scientists say we have conquered it unlike  Trump who thinks it’s business as usual from Easter for personal gain. COYI stay safe everyone
O Completely nutty idea, on a number of levels. But knowing the idiots who run football it probably has traction. From the team that brought you “VAR”, we now proudly present “Premier League Behind Closed Doors”.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

9 comments on “Fans rubbish new restart season plan

  1. Instead of trying to restart this season, why not cancel next season and finish this season in 6 months time when we should be free of the Coronavirus. There’s about 8 games left plus FA Cup games. Play the rest of this seasons games two weeks apart. It will give clubs a chance to sort their finances and players out. No one knows exactly when the Coronavirus problem will come to an end, but 6 months is a good bench mark to go by and clubs can plan ahead to get organised.

  2. Never heard of spellchecker Hugh?

    • Never made a mistake or ten? Ever heard of pressure…ever heard of trying to help people who simply wanna criticise. Just shut up and worry about the things that matter

      • Nice just the sort of response I’d expect from you. Lots of people are under pressure, much more than you are at the moment but if you are going to run a blog /website then you should make sure it’s done properly

        • Thanks for the advice. You have no idea of the pressure on me physically or anything about me. Grow up. Yours is just another voice in the wilderness. Means nothing. Quarter of a million followers speaks for itself so bye.

  3. So stupid imo,,it cannot be finished deal with it ,, find a way to void it in the fairest possible way..this virus could ho on for months,,stop going over the same ground day after day..it has to be voided,, football or money means nothing compared to people’s lives ,,,the ideas are outrageous and stupid

  4. I doubt if next season will start on time in early August – just over 4 months from now. It will not be possible to finish this season. I would suggest: declare Liverpool Champions if Man City agree. If they don’t that must be respected. Either way the current standings should apply for entry to Europe. In the Championship WBA and Leeds get automatic promotion and we play for one year with an expanded Premiership when next season starts in the Autumn. Meantime there are far more important issues to address. Good article!

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