Fans the big factor in Sam’s departure

West Ham fansSam Allardyce’s West Ham departure was driven by the fans who brought his reign to an “inevitable conclusion.”

Since the 60 year old’s final appearance at the club, the atmosphere around Upton Park has lifted to the point where a sell-out crowd was ready to turn out  in the middle of the season to watch a match against a team of part timers last night.

And the fact that by and large the Irons team was always going to be made up  largely of Development Squad players makes that even more impressive.

However, the decision to allow Allardyce to walk away was clearly a big reason as fans hero, Slaven Bilic made his first appearance in front of the Claret and Blue Army.

One wonders how many would have been inside the ground had the former manager still been in charge.

In a  TalkSport interview earlier this week co chairman David Gold had claimed that the board and former manager had felt that four years was long enough for both sides but explained nothing further.

However, insiders have made it clear to ClaretandHughthat the two central reasons were:

O the increasingly impossible relationship with the majority of the fans

O and the knowledge that nothing much was ever going to change in the style of play

We were told: “Certainly everybody finally agreed that four years was long enough as the tensions between Sam and the fan base increased.

“He was finding life more and more difficult and the reaction from the terraces following the previous season drove things to an inevitable conclusion.

“However both the style of play and tensions in the transfer market were also hindering relationships and in the end both sides agreed that a parting of the ways was the only answer.”

“There will always be plenty of goodwill and gratitude towards him for establishing this club back where it belonged but there is relief that period is now part of our history.”



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21 comments on “Fans the big factor in Sam’s departure

  1. Nice piece,agree with most of it just can’t agree with the goodwill part anymore it was ego that removed that for me.
    But we are now in brighter times we have rid our great club of a true nemesis of football and the only way is onwards and upwards back to watching the game we love played in the way we love,with passion,skill and wholehearted effort. Will we win every game? No,but we will now back the manager,team and owners in the belief that we’re all in it together going in the right direction.

  2. ‘Relief’,yep,sums it up perfectly for me.Enough said,too busy with my chainsaw to elaborate,lol 😀

    • Showing the Lusitans manager the true meaning of disrespect hard going then Radai? Lol

  3. I don’t know. I think it was more the fact that we are playing in Europe being the reason we sold out. Bilic wasn’t even on touch line, so can’t really say turned out for new manager.

  4. Sorry Chelmo,I can’t be bothered to look up attendances at our last starts to euro campaigns but I’d bet they weren’t sell outs. The numbers were due to the new start and to welcome Slav,by the sounds of the demand they could’ve filled the OS so just us being in Europe doesn’t wash

  5. When people got their tickets rhey didnt know Slav wouldnt be in the dugout,but it really doesnt matter either way,what was great was looking to the dugout & seeing no hippo there 😉

  6. It’s a new beginning after 4 years of repair,for the sloppy management that was here before BFS,
    I did not want him at our club but he was setting the footings for us to build,and like all labourers you need a tradesman to add the finishing touches and BFS could not change,
    He could have but as QuickD said it was his ego,
    Great to see us go forward at every chance and watch players taking people on

  7. I was glad no hippo in dugout or near our great club anymore the football was great to watch for a change I know the opposition aint the greatest but you can only play whats in front of you plus there must of been loads of snipers in the crowd as they were going down like they had been shot disgrace to football onwards & upwards for King Slav

  8. 35k for cheap tickets,slav,europe & a hippo free zone.The belief in our club is back again,for know,lol;)

  9. Dont care how it happened,who did it or for what reason, but it happened, thats all that matters.No more hippo sh*t mountains piling up on the touchline 😉

  10. HIPPO,HIPPO, HOORAY*GONE AND FORGOTTEN (perhaps not cause he,s still a fat stubborn ****).

  11. Good to see you are happy Tony,lol.Alas i fear we will be seeing him alot on tv shows if he isnt managing.The expert summariser,though i see little that he can offer to viewers when it comes to talking about the modern game 😉

  12. I always give credit where it’s due Chelmo,but the man was taking any love I had for the game,he destroyed his best friend and our captain and ruined the fan base in the world and the sad thing is some people still don’t get it,
    But that’s the past and now we can enjoy the future and it will have its bad days as all Hammers know but at least we will take them knowing we did the WESTHAM WAY

  13. It took 4 years to understand that Allardyce is an idiot… better late than never.. lol

  14. BFS was an ignorant, arrogant egotist who had no understanding or empathy with the ordinary West Ham punters.

    His tactics, team selection and game management were baffling – any setbacks were followed by lame excuses, he always knew best and it was his way or the highway – good riddance to bad rubbish!

  15. Spot on Michael,sometimes his lame excuses preceded poor performances too

  16. I try not to think about that hippo anymore,but when i rarely do i realize what a pathetic,fearful manager he was.Everything was done to avoid his massive ego being bruised,never trying to win games if he thought we didnt have a chance in them,in his mind.So you go to Chelski & City & play like park the bus chickens like last season.His ‘pick the matches’ that were probable defeats or winable.No wonder the players had such a negative mindset going into some matches.What a total plank.

  17. Hippo is erased from my West Ham memory bank.Toss*r!!

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