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Fans worrying at Irons form and tinkering

West Ham’s early season form is leaving Irons fans entirely unimpressed and there has been a reaction to move Michail Antonio from right back to left wing as was the case in the Europa Cup clash.

Here’s how Claretandhugh facebook members @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ have responded to some lack lustre displays

Michail Antonio
O I cant figure it, Tore did nothing on the right and Antonio on the left having to cut in all the time. Not sure what is going on.

O Bilic is trying to accommodate his little mate Tore down the right

O Anything better than rb lol

O Tore just not up to it! Gotta improve a lot to convince me.
O Tore and Feghouli …err hat for?

O Tore is returning from injury. What would you have the team do – push hard and pick up a couple more injuries to add to the list?

O Tore plays on that side – they can’t both play there …I’m not reading too much into it …maybe Slav doesn’t want to play Tore on the wrong side when he is still getting up to speed

O Havent seen any of the signings this summer as anything more than squad deepeners, no new class or upgrades
O I’m putting this out there….they just don’t look fit at the moment! Never did during pre season. Didn’t against Chelsea. Don’t last night!! They look like they are still half way through pre-season


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

32 comments on “Fans worrying at Irons form and tinkering

  1. Bloody hell Hugh mate can you stop posting all this negative sh1t.We dont all think the same as this lot.We ain’t all crapping ourselves & we ain’t all half way to topping ourselves.Your articles are the business but stuff like this is too much.Sorry it just is.

  2. And here you have a great example of the inane comments I talked of earlier…”trying to accommodate Bilics little mate”.Stuff like this really isn’t worth a second glance but I assume an article with fans quotes that are reasonable or not panicking doesnt make a story SIGH

  3. I can’t be bothered with this bolloxs.So I will move on.I said to my mate that Ibra would easily score 20 goals for Manure this season,he is still a class act.With him taking penalities as well he will walk it.All this turd about him only scoring because he was playing in the French league was balls,he is just a class act whether you like him or not.

    • Phew. Thank God we’ve sorted THAT one out; Whether Ibra was going to score 20 or not was a burning issue. Meanwhile those pr@ts at Westlands, who don’t know what they are talking about, say he’ll score 50? None?? Only guessing….

      • Wind your neck in FishnChips,i don’t need your permission to mention something else on here.As for them I couldn’t care what they think of him.

        • Come on Rads and Rick don’t you know that this is the Fishy forum nowadays? 🙂

          • I know it was my mistake GW,perhaps he can give us his email address so we can forward our comments to him so he can approve them before he allows them on to his site 🙂

          • Rads you will be accused of being bitter and twisted and told not to read his comments by the new site owner! Be warned 🙂

          • Yeah like I give a sh*t what that the tw*t thinks.I have been on here almost since the site started some f*ckwit like him don’t bother me.He can dress it up how he wants but we all know he is a user from the other site trying to stir it up 😉

          • Rads we royally took the **** out of our dear friends over at the site of choice but this **** surpasses them all in the opinionated ****er stakes:)

          • He knows what he is up to fellas.Since the first day he appeared he has tried to be confrontational with certain guys on here.Mainly the ones who dont particularly appear to like the other site.Im not one I haven’t been here that long but I have watched who he tries to pick fights with.Its all of you old guard on here.He must think people are blind if they dont see his agenda.Look at the comment to Radai about Ibrahimovich.No need for it other than looking for a fight.Sad man,kid,whatever you want to class him as.

      • FnC you really do come across as a complete & utter t0sser sometimes.For someone with SO MUCH to say about everything you have some front pulling up someone else for talking about another subject.You might think you come across as amusing or the big shot but you don’t,you just come across as man with a massive mouth.

        • Pot, kettle, black….I admit my deficiences, you don’t…and yes, I am one of the biggest w@nkers that walked this planet, but hey, I’m dwarfed by you. How do you do it, champ?

          • Dont push it you little f#cker.Youre just a typical keyboard warrior,all guts & bravado on the internet but nothing to offer face to face!!!

          • Correct. Violence is for pr@ts…

          • Where as being a big gob is acceptable I suppose.You really are a true bore.I have seen hundreds like you over the years all mouth & trousers.

          • All you lot (GW, Ed, Rick, Radai) are like a bunch of women at the hairdressers soothing each other’s dented egos…and the last to recognise what complete hypocrits you are. Of course you can’t see it. Otherwise you wouldn’t do it…So I don’t expect any different from you. I mean the reaction to being called an “Illiterate chump” by some Canadian pr@t on another site took the biscuit. Anyone would thing WW3 had broken out. The answer to everything, eh? Violence? Breathtakingly pathetic….Meanwhile I bet there are loads who aren’t commenting who are laughing their heads off at all of us! Fair play to them! Nice to think some people have a sense of humour….Now then, what’s it going to be, blue rinse or pink?

          • You are the only pathetic one for coming here to cause fights & think fellas are so stupid that they don’t realise you know all the guys on here previously.It doesn’t wash with all your I don’t use other sites rubbish.Your main aim for being here is causing problems & that is the most pathetic blue rinse part of it all.But I won’t let you spoil my enjoyment of this site.It is peculiar to me that all the chaps you mention seem to be the ones that appear to be the ones who have been on here the longest.Just coincidence I suppose!!!!!! The day you leave this site will be an absolute joy for me.

          • Belt up FishnChips.I want to read this site I want to read the comments.I don’t want to read the fishnchips roadshow.You are really starting to annoy me now & that really takes some doing.

          • Not a coincidence; you swagger about like they own the site, just because you might have been here the longest. So when others come along who don’t react like you do, and have the affrontery to criticise you for banging on about another site – which incidentally I have only ever even looked at maybe twice ever – just goes to show that ALL my reactions have come from the cr@p that you guys have prodiuced here….But like all uncomfortable facts, you choose to disbelieve it. Not untypical!

          • Don’t play me with this bullcrap FnC.Anyone else wouldnt have dug themselves deep into the issue.You dived in with both feet from the get go getting involved with comments about the other site.You must think we were all born yesterday.I have no interest at all in other sites but don’t play me for a fool by insisting you know nothing about the inter site problems.You know exactly what you are doing so dont give me any of that rubbish.I have nothing more to say to you you make my skin creep.

  4. Indeed.I think any fan with a shred of knowledge about football knew he still had much to offer, the hope was that he wouldn’t for Man.Utd though.Sadly he looks like he is going to make a big difference for them this season.He might be 34 but he looks as fit as a butchers dog.

  5. Give it a rest for God’s sake! This time last season, bar the win at the Emirates, we played appalingly in the Europa Cup, lost to Werder Bremen, then lost at home to Leicester and Bournemouth. And we had Miaiga up front. Give the constant negativity a rest please.

  6. Imagine what it is going to get like if we don’t beat Bournemuff.It don’t bare thinking about 🙂

  7. I’m not overly worried at the moment. We’ve deepened the squad this summer with some players that are actually worth a crack. Signed some youth which is a plus. And we’ve kept all of our 1st team…that’s a big step for us in my opinion.

    I’m putting a lot of our bad form down to exhaustion, not necessarily a lack of fitness. The blokes have toured USA and Austria, then back home, then NK Domzale abroad again, then home for a couple of games, back abroad for Astra…..id be dead. I’m in Florida at the moment, been here for 2 weeks, still not completely with it, flying back to London on Sunday, land on Monday morning, back to work in he afternoon, installing a boiler on Tuesday and everyday thereafter…I know fora fact I won’t be back to my pace for a good couple of weeks!

    I know they get paid a lot and they’re clearly a lot fitter than I am, but come on that amount of travelling can’t be easy to keep up with!

  8. Yeah but they all fly Four Poster Bed Class,not like us paupers.Unless of course you fly FPBC as well as them 🙂

  9. Say nothing about Ibrahimovich gents or you will have gods gift to football over here giving us English fans a lesson about the beautiful game lmao

  10. This is early season, as mentioned previosuly, new players take a while to ed in, just because the last few seasons we have been lucky doesn’t give us some divine right for all new signings to settle in their first matches. Tore and Feghouli are both quality as is Nordveidt, we can all see Tore isn’t match fit due to his injury once the players get up to speed it would be fairer to make a judgement, our players look a lot less fit than our opponents so far but this is certainly no different to last season, I hope that like last season we build into it in the next couple of weeks and pick up some points.

  11. As long as Antonio isn’t playing RB and gets some respect off Slav, then most other stuff can be accommodated as far as I’m concerned; I’m just not that worried…
    I reckon it will take a bit of time to bed the team in, get ’em properly fit. Whatever….
    I reckon we’ve got some great players, even with the injuries. Byram is superb; just don’t know why Slav wanted Antonio instead of him…Weird IMO….
    Whatever, looks like I’m going to be V happy as Byram will get RB slot now. I’m v OK with Burke as reserve too…although might be a prob against Aguero…but might not!
    Obiang – Mr Forgotten! – He’s ALWAYS done a job. Not the best, but v reliable. I like him.
    The team will get fitter, and players will return from injury…Even if it gets a bit bumpy, I’m pretty OK with things now. Over the longer term we’ll do well…with our legend in the making, Antonio….look at that bullet header that their defender flukishly/instinctively saved – Come ON! Good or WHAT, eh lads?….Plenty more of THAT in the locker, and I’m looking forward to it!
    Incidentally, all this Tore on the right wing + Antonio on the left; ‘effing weird, but so what? Sure, mainly Tore played on the left at Besiktas, but he can score / cross with left and right, so either wing is prob OK for him…although I’m not massively impressed so far…
    Maybe Slav is trying to find players to prevent Antonio from playing on the R wing??? God knows! He certainly won’t say, so all we can EVER do is 2nd guess. And anyway, apparently, Antonio played on the left for Forest, and he banged in plenty there.
    As long as Antonio is on the wing, or even in attack, I’ll be happy; good things will come as far as I am concerned.
    I just hope Slav isn’t tempted to make him defensive MF, or CH…. or goalie!…After the RB nonsense, ANYTHING is possible….but hopefully not, and we’ll see Antonio at his terrorising best in attack…
    IMO he’s young enough to become a TRUE WHU legend….But, as you all know, I am biased as sh1t!

    • Thank goodness you have identified the most important issue- Michail Antonio.
      Well done for doing that, matey!
      Like you, I think the ‘world’ in relation to Michail; so pleased that he finally got moved from the ‘impossible’ RB position.

      I wouldn’t get too worried about any ‘hidden’ agendas that Slav may have in stall for Antonio; his reputation partly rests on sensible handling of Antonio (in addition to other players).

      Like you, I’m optimistic that Antonio will be a vital part of our attack this season; confident he will score plenty of goals, in addition to creating chances for the other guys.

      At this stage of proceedings, I think we all have to sit ‘tight’ and hope that there will be no more serious injury problems.

      • Hi Max, I checked out Antonio’s YouTube vids at Forest and Sheff W; Jesus, he’s been a beast all this time. Check it out, esp for Forest v the team in black; he goes through practically half the team and scores…After having been SO brilliant, he must have felt SO disappointed when he had to wait ages for his chance last year, but, being the gent he is, he gently bided his time, then BOOM! We LOVE him….and he’s had to be even more patient with all this RB cr@p. I desperately hope that is behind us. He can play left or right; if Feghouli can only do right, let him be left.
        He’s the ‘New Rooney’. Should have been playing for England ages ago.
        He may not be a ‘pretty’ footballer, but is there anything else NOT to like about this man mountain? Just SO pleased you appreciate Antonio like I do….

  12. If we start our home games with a win this week people will start talking about top 4 again,
    This team is better then last years we just need to get everyone settled which if people that want us to fail just so they can say Slav had a lucky season and bring back BFS,
    Please don’t mention Magia just got him out of my system and his twin Valencia covers well for him,
    I hope we start with
    AC up top with Calleri sitting in the pocket behind
    Payet on the left Antonio on the right
    Noble and Kouyate or Novedt sitting in front of the defence
    Byram Burke or Oxford Oggy Arthur
    Bench Tore,Feggolui,Obiang Reid Collins Oxford or Burke
    Randolf if any not fit Fletcher Poyet Samulsun
    That’s a great looking team and with Sak,Ayew,Cressie,Lanzini to come back all we need to do is sell Valencia and Buy Bony
    That’s my Xmas wish not beer this year ( got a surply)

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