‘Fantastic offer’ piles pressure on Irons


DowningMiddlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson is ready to break the bank in the club’s recent  history to land Stewart Downing in time for the new season.

ClaretandHugh has been told this afternoon that an “entirely fantastic offer” is being made to West Ham for a player that Gibson admires as a man and a player above all others.

And one source close to the club said: “On the face of it this seems like madness – nobody knows how they make such an offer –  but the thinking is that Gibson wants Stewart at the club in order to tie up his long term future as a coach and future manager.

“Downing is a hero figure to the Riverside fans and after the club failed to make the Premier League via the play-offs, landing him would also help dispel the bitter taste left in the fans’ mouths. But there has to be a long term plan in place based on these figures”

Whilst West Ham have consistently said the player will not be allowed to leave, the latest offer is seeing them rethink their position and with the terms set to be offered to the player the pressure could well come on them from the £6m signing himself.

Were Downing to remain at Upton Park his starting position in the team would be under serious scrutiny with the likes of Chiek Kouyate, Pedro Obiang and Dimitri Payet  certain to fill three of the midfield slots with Alex Song employed as the defensive midfielder should terms be agreed with Barcelona.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • bubs says:

    No figures on this fantastic offer £8,£9 or more millions,
    If it’s 8 we have to take it,every player has his prie and at 30 how much time has he left,
    I like Downing but just think it’s madness to offer that amount of money
    Bye bye Downing,

  • boys of '66 says:

    Yep,totally agree bubs,if boro or any other team want to offer 8m for him its too good to turn down for someone heading towards 31.It would be daylight robbery on our behalf.Take it 100%.

  • Lt. Quickdrawovic 1st Slavalry C&H Regt says:

    If the price is right,come on down Mr Gobson! If you’ve got a couple of crates of Balti pies we’ll chuck in an experienced attacking midfielder with a hatful of goals to his name lol

  • SoupPlate says:

    “..after the club failed to make the Premier League via the play-offs, landing him would also help dispel the bitter taste left in the fans’ mouths”

    – You could say they’ve been feeling “Downing the dumps”……?

    …I’ll get me coat.

  • boys of '66 says:

    Dont forget your hat as well Soup,lol 😀

  • Simply The Best says:

    What is it with that Dan Coker on pants & his obsession with Downing being invaluable to us.If Downing is invaluable to us it doesnt say much for the rest of the team.Does Downing let him use his box at UP 😀

  • Si Hammer says:

    Hmmm,yep,that dude is very irritating to say the least.Always trying to prove he knows more than someone else.He loves to try to put one over Sean.Think he is a frustrated manager at heart.Pretty sure we would win the league if he was in charge.

    • Spoonie Spoonlic says:

      Oh pls dont talk to me about that idiot.Telling everyone how bilic plays,which formations,where the players will play,blah ****ing blah.Im sorry but being a ****ing SAB member,going to matches,being a bloody west ham historian(trainspotter) doesnt make you the all singing all dancing master of football.He aint Ninja Coker,the managerial genius,he is just a sodding teacher who think he knows everything,bs!!!!

      • Radai Lama says:

        Hahaha,no one was safe from you lastnight Spoonie spoons,haha,you said more in one evening than you have in one year,love it 😀

  • essexclarets says:

    If Downing was so invaluable to the team why has the club gone out & paid £m’s for other younger midfielders?? If anyone is mad enough to shell out £8m for a 30+ yr old, i would rip his hand or his whole arm off & run for the hills, laughing like an idiot hahahahahahaha

  • bubs says:

    Wet pants personnel will try and protect anyone or anything connected to Hippo,
    I think they are still hoping that by Xmas if things go bad the 2 Daves will turn to BFS to save us,
    They are unbelievable,Downing suffered the same as Noble and Nolan by BFS TACTICS
    everyone has there price and Downing has reached his now we want Newcastle to offer £12 million for AC and we will give Nolan to Bolton for nothing,
    And maybe there is a boot fair near you where we can trade Magia

  • GW says:

    8 million let him go we bought him for 5 million he had 6 good months, he can no longer play on the wing he doesn’t want to play on the wing, squad depth is important granted but he’s 30 is he world class no the money could be invested wisely

  • Tony gore says:

    I can’t understand that the offers for this bloke seem to not match up with his performances
    He,s been crap,are the clubs that want him blind?? Or do they think he will play better up north””(can’t be worse)””.

  • mattefumi happy hippie says:

    ahah.. a top secret source of mine told me Barca proposed and exchange: Messi for Downing… West Ham categorically refused it… lool 😀

  • bubbles says:

    Without appearing too keen ……. Get him a helicopter and make sure he signs before lunch!

    Too good to be true . Give them Noble as well then I will pay for the chopper .

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