Feghouli Hammer exit is only a matter of time


west_hams_sofiane_feghouli_celebrates_scoring_their_third_goal_317515Reports in Turkey this morning say his agent has flown into Istanbul today to meet with Galatasaray president to complete a deal for his transfer. They say Galatasaray have agreed to pay West Ham a €5m (£4m) transfer fee and pay him €2.5m per year in wages which works out around £43,000 per week.

Feghouli is thought to earn around £45,000 per week at West Ham but the annual signing on fee instalments add a further £25,000 per week mean his total wage package is around £70,000 per week.

The Turkish report says the transfer is only ‘a matter of time’ but claims Feghouli’s agent is holding out for €3m remainder of his signing on fee from West Ham.

They say he was promised a signing on fee of €4.5m when joining West Ham on a free transfer from Valencia last year in instalments of €1.5m per year over 3 years. He has been paid just €1.5m of that sign on fee so far but his agent suggests his client in entitled to be paid up before he leaves the Hammers.

Despite media reports that he is no longer training with Hammers Feghouli joined the pre-season tour in Austria and remains part of the squad for now.

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  • Hammerfish69 says:

    Shame! I was a fan of the tricky Algerian. May be the lack of his defensive qualities that might have swayed Slavs decision to keep him. Just hope we get another quick quality winger to replace him.

    • markro says:

      I agree and was just about to start a post with “Shame,” but you beat me to it. He started to look pretty decent at the end of the season and scored our third best goal (after Carroll’s and the faithless frog’s dribble from the wing).
      Much, much better than Snoddy.

  • WakeTheWolf says:

    That’s funny… on the website on one of the pictures of the Austrian tour, he’s in a picture.

  • Gareth Hammer says:

    I wont miss him one bit.I thought he was a real let down.

  • blimeylimey says:

    Perhaps Gala’ should cough up the cost of the signing bonus to get the player on board?
    Fingers crossed there are some decent signings coming in to replace him.

  • John says:

    Boring boring transfer rumour and nonsense. Wish we had a good article on the clubs finances to discuss 😩

    • John I know a West Ham site you could read one on 😉

      • Gareth Hammer says:

        You picked your target audience well there Mr.Whetstone.The Why does it always rain on me gang.

        • John says:

          It’s a very good article Sean, I enjoyed reading it and it really sets out how it is. To be fair it attracted good debate over there with some very good points made but it’s clear that there are the usual few who can’t or won’t accept the facts because it doesn’t suit their agenda.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I hope this one falls through and we do a swap deal with Stoke for Snodgrass and some cash for Arnautovich.

  • John says:

    IMO they have every right to charge interest as most or all shareholders I know do to their business. It’s more relevant when you have more than one shareholder because if one (Sullivan) loans more that another (Gold) then he must be rewarded for that. Equally when they sell those loans get paid first before the balance is split per shareholding. Finally it’s not what they charge, tho 6/7% is very fair unsecured, it’s about what they could earn on their money. I’m getting average 14/18% on my investments over past 3 years with St James Place investment people. Check it out and belief me the Dave’s are much smarter than me.

    They are fans first bankers second. So tired of hearing they’re not fans. All of Sullivan’s family go to every match. His wife was sat with him freezing her tits off on Boxing Day in South Wales for heavens sake. They didn’t buy the club just because of the London stadium people conviently forget they owned part of the club years ago but couldn’t buy the majority. They’re fans get over it. They’ve been to matches more than many that say they’re bigger fans.

    Transfer spend has gone up every season, our record transfer in has been broken 4 times, the squad is the strongest ever, we are not a selling club, the academy is back on the radar and all our best players are tied down for 3/5 years. We have a new stadium and a new training ground. Champions league football boast? Well under Sam we were 3rd at the turn of new year and under Slav the following season we narrowly missed out on top 4. We have also qualified back door for europa twice. So of course champions league needs to be our aim.

    I’ll qualify all that by saying no they’re not perfect and yes they’ve made mistakes but I they don’t deserve the abuse they get.

    • Radai Lama says:

      You got too much time on your hands John,grab a trowel & help me lay some bricks.I would hate to think of you becoming one of the old farts who sit on blogs all day 😂😂

      • John says:

        I don’t have the arse crack to do your job Rads lmao.

        Never more than 10 posts a day mate. Mind that was a long one weren’t it. Ok I’m retreating from my keyboard…..

  • flicker.of.the.bean says:

    Funny enough we have one of the best right wingers in the league. His name is Antonio.

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