Final Boleyn appearance becomes “national event”

12110_ori_boleyn_ground_upton_park_West Ham’s last Boleyn appearance is set to become a national event!

It seems 100 per cent certain the the club’s history at Upton Park will close in front of the TV cameras as the Premier League look to mark what will be 111 years in the stadium across the country.

And the reason the club has not been given a home match for the last game of the season is because League bosses want no distractions such as Championship or relegation issues issues to distract from such a special West Ham day.

It takes on great significance for the nation as whole of course because of the Irons- inspired World Cup victory of 1966.

We have learned from sources close to the Premier League that ” this appears to be the plan” although they added: “Nothing is finalised at this stage but it all makes perfect sense.”

I think everybody across he country would want it on TV as a national event and on the last day other issues may get in the way of that.”

The Hammers Upton Park history goes back to Thursday September 1, 1904 when 10,000 spectators watched us beat Millwall 3-0.


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15 comments on “Final Boleyn appearance becomes “national event”

  1. Not sure whether that is the Prem League being thoughtful or an absolute load of old sh*t,lol

  2. Even if I cant get a ticket ill be there to soak up the atmos and climb a wall to see some action. I hope there is 100,000 people blocking Green Street on the day.. we can show everyone what wonderful support we have and it’d be great for Helicopter shots but murder for a pint in the Boleyn

  3. I aint sure whether this is the Premier Leagues get out for not giving us a home match last game of the season or they actually mean to make it a big deal as an event.I never trust authority.They are always up to something cunning 😉

  4. It will be a day to bring a few tins because you won’t get near a bar,
    I will make the trip back even if I have to stand in the street,

  5. They should put up a big screen up somewhere for all the people who cant get in to watch the game.Maybe they will 😉

  6. Lets hope so, maybe we should all meet up for a pint

  7. Your stadiums are filled at fights, they are wonderful. I perfectly understand people who feel sad to leave the Boleyn, that’s your home. But unfortunately football is businness too… Even Milan are planning to build a new Stadium, part of me is excited, but part of me feels bad: San Siro is San Siro. I didn’t understand if the OS has a running track around the field or not. If yes, you lose the direct contact with the playing field… but it’s a question of habit. 😉

  8. Should be a top day even if damn emotional.Not sure if rabid dogs are allowed out together in public on the beer.I expect the police will ban it,lol 😉

  9. Haha,so now this articles point is sinking in & wetpants custodians of west ham are writing this fact about the game being an event as it isnt on the last day of the season.They have all been struck by a bolt of lightning & have copyright on this plan 😀

  10. After his last game at the Boleyn Ground … lol


  11. Lol,thats how i felt every week after watching hippo football 😉

  12. I think “national event” is going a bit far from this source,

    we can live in hope I guess

  13. How about putting big f##k off screens up at OS..? Blending the old with the new…??
    please if there is a god, give us a good season so there is nothing but a party going on……..

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