Forget Irons doom and gloom…memories are made of this

By Simon Leyland

Despite all the doom and gloom at West Ham at the moment let us take a moment to talk about something uplifting. For today 56 years ago, Frank Richard George Lampard wore the claret and blue for the first time.

At club level, he won two FA Cups in 1975 and 1980 and the old second division title in 1981. By the time he left the club , Lampard had played 660 games, scored 22 goals and become one of the most celebrated players to pull on a West Ham shirt. He wore the number 3.

He is probably best remembered for his goal against Everton  in the semi final of the FA Cup in 1980. After a draw at Villa Park the replay took place mid week at Elland Road.

Alan Devonshire opened the scoring and at the time it looked as if we were going to hang on in there to scrape a one-goal victory but then Bob Latchford popped up to score an equaliser for Everton.

What happened next has gone down in West Ham folklore. Brooking picked up a half-hearted Everton clearance out on the right. He caressed the ball as only Brooking could, into the eighteen yard box right on the head of David ‘Psycho’ Cross who in turn, nodded the ball towards the penalty spot into the path of Frank Lampard who uncharacteristically was in the opposition’s area.

Lampard dived to head the ball, which beat the keeper and it trickled in off the post for the winner.

What happened next is the stuff of legends; Lampard ran out to the corner and did his famous jig round the corner post.

Thank you Frank…..Amazing memories !.


3 comments on “Forget Irons doom and gloom…memories are made of this

  1. Now you are talking WHU…….
    My first game was 25/09/1974 a 3-0 win over Birmingham,
    I was 8 years old & at that time actually supported Liverpool.
    I was a very lucky little boy as the person that used to take me, went to school with the late great John Lyall , we travelled from Grimsby for every home game & many away games for 11 years without missing a home game in all that time, admittedly alot of the tickets were complimentary tickets from Mr Lyall, I used to love watching my heroes thru the 70’s & 80’s but alas as football has changed & Sky dictate football now my interest is not what it once was. I appreciate the game has to move with the times but I doubt that any youngsters could do now what I did with my heroes, one of my best memories was leaving Grimsby at 05:00 in the morning to travel to the training ground to watch my heroes train & to then actually get to go on the training pitch with the likes of Dev, Trev, Brush’y ,Bonzo & Frank & to actually get to take a penalty against Phill Parkes , I have many many happy memories that I will forever cherish, but football has changed & is now a business & I doubt any youngsters could do what I did without their parents having to pay through the nose for it…….
    I really hope we survive this season with our premiership status still in tact…. but it is looking grim with Mr Moyes at the helm…….

  2. Thanks for jogging my memory Simon.
    Just went back and watched the first game and the the replay on YouTube.
    Both sides giving it their all and no wasting time and diving.
    From the runs of Devonshire to the silky skills of Brooking and my favourite hammer Billy Bonds it was great match.

  3. I became a WHU fan in the cup winning year of 64. I was also fortunate to attend the ECWC Final the following year at Wembley (birthday present). Frank Lampard senior, Harry Redknapp and John Bond used to train our school football team- great community work from the then famous irons! Joe Brown also went to my school. I was also at that semi-final in Leeds-never forget that either. Good old Lacey’s coach.

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