Former Hammer’s move NOT treason


Would Declan Rice have stayed at West Ham had a different manager been in charge?  Here, Claret and Hugh follower David 66 gives an opinion!

By David 66

I’m delusional I support WHU and have done for the past 47 years.

Arsenal on Rice back foot

There’s been suggestions that had Davis Moyes not been in charge Declan Rice may have remained at the club but we can’t predict one way or the other because you don’t who would have been, where we would have finished in the league and , what type of football we’d be playing.

What we do know is Moyes is still there, still dithering and no doubt preparing to continue with his style of football. I can only form my opinion based on what I know, what I read.

I do not know Rice or any of his friends and family so cannot claim to know what he wanted. Of course it is sad he moved but I don’t see it as treason.

Some of the comments I have seen had me wondering for a moment if I had read a response to an article about Paul Ince. Why is Rice a traitor or Judas? He has chosen to go to another club because he believes he has a better chance of improving and winning things.

Personally, I thought Rice conducted himself very professionally. Time moves on, we are where we are and can’t do anything about it.

New season dawns and fingers crossed it will be better than last season.

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  • Buster says:

    West Ham supporters laid into Paul Ince for years after he left. It was all about him being photographed in a Manchester United shirt BEFORE he’d actually signed for the club.
    There will be no criticism of Declan Rice for leaving by anyone, unless they are completely mindless – and let’s face it, we have more than a few amongst our fanbase.

    No, I don’t believe Rice would’ve stayed if another person was West Ham head coach. A change of personality is not going to hit the ground running, no matter how soon he changes the team’s style of play. It even took Jurgen Klopp a few years at Liverpool for them to vastly improve, and it’s still a work in progress.

    We won’t see much difference at West Ham before David Sullivan sells up.

  • Austrick says:

    Better than last season-only if we get replacements.
    Does not buying anyone improve our chances with FFP?
    Surely taking a fine much better than risking a points deduction.
    Or, as were not top 6, we aren’t as entitled?

  • eromittal says:

    Why don’t we accept the £2.5m? He’s been a great servant and given what we paid for him, and his age, that is a very reasonable offer. He clearly wants away so just let him go.

  • hammerpete6 says:

    No not treason like Payet or the Austrian and his brother. He planned the move, agreed it with the club well in advance to allow for succession planning (not his fault Moyes has no clue) and gave 100% right to the last. He’s raised us 105m in the deal, more than any five sales put together. Good luck Dec, but not against us, I say.

  • SydneyC says:

    Other than the fact that he had at least one conversation with Arteta and made his decision to leave way prior to Arsenal making an offer, and the fact that he believes West Ham are not going to the ‘next level’ anytime soon, he’s done nothing wrong. He’s insincere in his statements about his ‘love’ for West Ham, but that’s normal today. He still conducted himself professionally, and gave his all. So he’s no Judas. But since he thinks my Club is not good enough for him, he can do one, as the kids say. 🙂

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