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Former West Ham manager in hot water

samFormer West Ham manager Sam Allardyce looks to be in hot water with the FA despite just one in charge after agreeing in principle, to a £400,000-a-year deal to represent a company he had never heard of which could be considered a conflict of interest. An under cover investigation by the Daily Telegraph also has him allegedly advising how to get around third party rules on player ownership.

Allardyce  spoke about third-party ownership while at West Ham saying: It’s not a problem… we got [Enner] Valencia in. He was third party owned when we bought him from Mexico.”

Allardyce’s financial adviser, Shaun Moloney, made it clear that the ownership arrangement ended with the transfer to West Ham.

You can read the full article at the Telegraph at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/26/exclusive-how-sam-allardyce-tried-to-make-as-much-money-as-possi/

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18 comments on “Former West Ham manager in hot water

  1. Now here is something to brighten the C&H lads mood.Has the hippo finally been banged to rights after years of getting away with things by the skin of his teeth.Alledgedly of course i must add looool

  2. “I have more pictures taken over there than I have here”… lol… maybe the hippo is a sacred animal in Hong Kong… 😀

    • Fortunately ” The year of the Slug” only comes once every 30 years on the Chinese calendar Matte we had to contend with 4 years in a row with the fat sack of ****e 🙂

  3. He will wriggle his way out of it.Just like he has done before haha :D.

  4. Now this would be funny . Sam Allardyce somehow lands his dream job and talks himself out of it before he even gets to manage match number 2.

    Hope he does not find away to get himself out of this very very big hole he has dug himself.

  5. Im sure his fan club have already started a Go fund me page to raise the money for a solicitor haha 😀

    • Obviously through a 3rd Party though P45 🙂

      • Great to see Hugh is thinking of talking to Sean about closing the site down thanks to that idiot from WHTID calling him a spud.Bloody marvellous aint it GW.

        • If that’s true it’s a joke Eddie, Hugh if your reading have a word with the golden boy Iain over at the site of choice and tell him to get his own house in order because from what I’ve read it’s those pointless little ****s that are more than happy to spout there rubbish on here to get a reaction not us visiting there nauseating love in to post there.

          • Yeah he said it on the other article but i think he has mellowed since then lol.I think he was just p*ssed about a few of the comments about this place being in the clubs pocket & the one calling him a spud from teddybears picnic.

          • Since using the app the one thing i find strange is the amount of people who appear on here stirring up but you see very few on there trying to wind them up.I guess you lads cant be bothered to go there where as some of them like to get you lot going by posting on here hehe

          • They are children …if u lot ignore them they will go away 🙂

        • Not the site Eddie – I was talking about this but I was cheesed off yesterday mate. I’m fine now. I’m weeding out the troublemakers and if there’s any of u who would like to moderate in order to spot the bad guys e mail claretandhugh@gmail.com

  6. He has sailed close to the wind enough times already.One day even if not now things will catch up with him & Curtis im sure.
    Though some fans to this day still think he is pure as the driven.

  7. Allardyce seems caught to rights. Could not wait to get his nose in the trough even as he got his dream job.

  8. The FA deserve all the embarrassment they get. How they made this appointment in the first place is beyond belief.
    The risks are obvious and all stem from a dangerous combination of greed and arrogance- had they not done their homework or were they that desperate?!. whilst the Morrison agent story can’t be proven you can imagine the risk of this approach around England’s best and brightest….

  9. BFS shoots himself in the foot – reloads and shoots the other foot – it couldn’t happen to a nicer fellah!

  10. It doesn’t surprise me, but even I am amazed at how stupid he has been, if someone comes to you from an unknown source and you haven’t even bothered to check out their history, shows he must have lard for brains. The FA should have made it compulsory in his contract that he have no outside interests but then they all love the gravy train so probably don’t care.

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