Former West Ham manager slams Taxman

waving sam_allardyce_1528056cFormer West Ham manager slammed HMRC as the most corrupt business in our country during undercover footage which eventually lost him the England manager job last year.

Allardyce, who has previously been investigated for his tax affairs and his involvement in a £450m tax scam and a £275m tax fraud, told reporters, “The most corrupt business in our country would be what? You’ll be shocked when I tell you this – HMRC.”

“They fly out tax demands without any real knowledge whether they should or shouldn’t. They just put ‘em out willy-nilly and if you pay them, people shit themselves and pay them.”

Clearly not a fan of the Tax man, Allardyce continued, “Most of the punters don’t owe it. In fact most of the punters, actually the taxman owes them money. But because the country’s so skint, they come to government and say we’re skint, government says we’re skint how we gonna get the money. Let’s change the laws and let’s just fly out these demands. If you invested in this tax scheme, where they pay the tax back, for investing in new businesses, or in regeneration zones, do you know what I mean, in current poverty areas.”

“But HMRC, you have to pay it back even if you don’t owe it. The most corrupt, it’s the most corrupt business in the country at the minute, HMRC.”

Last year Wayne Rooney was named and shamed that he could be liable for a £3.5million tax charge over a suspected tax avoidance scheme. The Manchester United player was said to be the largest investor in a scheme involving the film industry and the investment firm Invicta.

The 30-year-old player is one of 225 celebrities, football managers and players who jumped on the investment opportunity before the Government closed the scheme in the mid-2000s. Gareth Southgate was also being probed by HM Revenue & Customs over his involvement in an alleged tax avoidance scheme.


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8 comments on “Former West Ham manager slams Taxman

  1. Oh how I miss him and his words of wisdom 😀😀

  2. Well I’ll give him that one. The tax man is scum. But then I’m bias being they keep taking my money.

  3. If you are listening Mr Taxman I think you are great. I just love taxmen. My letter for a rebate should be with you any day now. It is the one with the hearts on it.

  4. Whatever the merits of his comments it seems extremely unwise to say this publicly.

  5. Her Majesties Revenue & Customs – Daylight robbery since 1707

  6. They could just simplify the tax system and go back to what it used to be a flat rate 20% rather than 45%, do away with avoidance refuse to allow people to offset debts against taxes, refuse to allow businesses to invest all their profits in expansion to avoid tax etc, that imo would be a good start and would help the smaller businesses make a start. Today nearly every high street or shopping complex looks the same, the reason is because the dice are loaded against the little guys. capitalism’s ugly side and a reason politics is a fail they are all cap in hand to the people with the most money, they could also refuse to allow these big PLC businesses to sit on massive debts whilst paying out their shareholders dividends and not giving pay rises to their staff.

  7. It’ll be another inept Harry Redknapp case all over again, with no one being charged, and the HMRC left with egg on their face yet as always………these idiots can’t even nab that crook who broke BHS, for crissy sake!!

  8. Rather than max rate of 45% that should have said.

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