Four-game Ngakia knocks back Rice-type deal

Jeremy Ngakia’s refusal to sign a new deal with the Irons – aided and abetted by his agent David Dixon of Player Works – could not demonstrate more clearly what’s wrong with football.

And that it should come in the middle of global health epidemic which is decimating club finances, demonstrates how little those grandly calling themselves players representatives care about the game.

Ngakia has appeared four times in the first team and done okay thanks to the club who have brought him this far – the club he is now ready to walk out on.

Whether there’s another outfit waiting to sign him up remains to be seen but CandH has learned he was offered a similar deal originally offered to Declan Rice.

Ngakia would have been on a basic wage of 5k weekly rising after  10, 15 and 20 games plus £10-£15k per appearance bonuses .

After less than a handful of games, for anybody to claim he’s worth more, takes us back to the days of Reece Oxford and his £20k a week deal which the Irons lived to regret in the biggest possible way.

Indeed the Mail – along with various others who have followed our  exclusive – claims to understand exactly that – Ngakia and his team want £20,000-a-week.

Ngakia’s agent is leading him down a very dangerous path – one trodden before  by a certain Domingos Quina who chose not to sign a new Hammers deal and  left on a free for Watford where he has since made 12 Premier League appearances over two seasons.

To be demanding the sort of numbers ‘Team Ngakia’ want  demonstrate clearly that agents remain the only people living in the old normal.

There is still time for a change of heart but it it remains to be seen whether that will before the right back’s contract runs out on June 30.


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8 comments on “Four-game Ngakia knocks back Rice-type deal

  1. Show him the door then. He wasn’t bad; but in the new age, we will want hungry and eager footballers. NOT money grabbing……. I think you all know the rest

    • As you said its very reminiscent of Oxford who’s career has gone to pot. Let this jumped up little idiot follow him. Unfortunately west ham fans and pundits have played their part in this. It was like the 2nd coming of the messiah after his first game on most media and social media posts, funnily enough the same as Oxford when he “pocketed” Ozil. Both obviously bought into their own hype. All said and done he has almost instantly burned his bridges as one thing us hammers cannot stand is a judas. The funny thing is NOBODY (even us hammers) would have even know his name let alone be able to pronounce it just a few short months ago.

  2. I think back to Alan Dickens who had done well as a youngster and chose to let his contract run down and went off to Chelsea before disappearing into obscurity

    For a young player the primary concern should be development – after all 5K a week is more than most of the fans earn (certainly much more than I earn) – and the promise of bonuses and as Declan has shown a decent contract if he continued to deliver

    I also think back to Leroy Rosenior who signed after we failed to sign Kerry Dixon – when asked if he felt like a back-up signing he said no he would be better than Dixon because he wanted to play for the Hammers – so that is the kind of player that we want


  3. In the end it’s unfortunately his choice. He looks a better prospect than Reece Oxford. But I consider Johnson a better player than Ngakia, who’ll be a reliable defender somewhere, without setting the world alight. Let’s move on and sort out Montiel. COYI!

  4. Whilst the game is in this current turmoil and flux, perhaps now is the opportunity for big changes. Clubs should get together and exclude agents from any transfers and contract negotiations. They are unwanted and unneeded. They cost clubs millions in fees and, because it is in their interests, drive prices to the extreme. They aren’t necessary but hang on with grim determination causing both clubs and players untold problems. Their only function is to generate income for themselves. Very few care about their clients, they are only a meal ticket.
    All clubs should refuse to deal with players agents en masse. It would save them fortunes, cut out a lot of grief and uncertainty and maybe save a few careers. Now is the opportunity to rid the game of these parasites.

  5. These kids need help & guidance on their futures. Agents by their very nature are money oriented and in the final analysis getting the highest price for their clients is all they really care about. It appears they care little about the young players building their skills with one club in the early years as there’s less money in it for them.
    The academy management need to be on the ball in looking after the youngsters and being honest on their talents and chances on playing in the top flight and on building loyalty to the club.

  6. Sound like badly advised by his agents. 3k or 5k a week is great money at his age. Appearance money and bonuses plus a review after a number of games. But is this another example of the board being tight?

  7. If he plays he’ll be getting 20k including bonuses anyway right?

    Therefore if hes as good as he and his agent think he is, he will get what he wants anyway.

    Can only imagine another club has tapped him up for this to happen.

    Clubs are criticised for not bringing youth through enough.
    Here is an example of ‘why bother’.

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