Frank Lampard refuses to forget West Ham

LampardFormer Hammers Academy product Frank Lampard Junior refused to airbrush West Ham out his footballing career at a business conference today.

Giving an interview to Gabby Logan in front of businessmen at the Excel centre close to Canning Town he refused to gloss over his time at West Ham.

Gabby told him she wanted to concentrate on his time at Chelsea where he had most of his career successes but Frank told Gabby: “You can’t miss out West Ham as we are in their home as we speak”

Lampard was born into a West Ham family in Romford with his father, Frank Lampard Senior who made 670 appearances for the club which second only to Billy Bonds and West Ham supporting mother Pat.

He made 148 league appearances for the Hammers scoring 24 goals before joining Chelsea in 2001 for £11m. He announced his retirement from football earlier this year.


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12 comments on “Frank Lampard refuses to forget West Ham

  1. like it or not, he comes from a proper west ham family, and while some may say he brought it on himself, the stick from fans he got when facing us would no doubt have hurt him.
    When he gave it back, i like to think it was to the fans, not to the club as i have never heard him speak badly of the club itself.
    Deep down, i bet he’s still a hammer at heart, as the first 21 years of his life he was rooted into it.

    • He did have have a few pops over the years. I can’t remember them all but one that springs to mind was when Chelsea were being fitted with their FA Cup Final suits in Saville Road. He just couldn’t stop himself from saying… at West Ham, we got our suits at Romford Market now look at me. He also had a pop at the training methods at West Ham whilst praising Chelsea’s. He was too thick to realise that his father and uncle were running the training at West Ham. He didn’t get abuse just because he joined Chelsea – it was for the continual pops afterwards.

  2. I have never had a problem with him, it was a few morons in the crowd that used to give him dogs abuse, he showed them over his career that he was one of the best products to come out of the academy.

  3. He left West Ham for Chelski . Kissed the Chelski badge on his shirt when he scored against us ….. nuff said .

    • Our supporters threw mars bars at him and continually chanted fat frank, that was when he was playing for us… enough said ?

    • Get over it, the majority of his career was at Chelsea, so what do you expect. We helped make him the player he became we should be proud of that!!

  4. I agree 32. I don’t think the whole thing showed us in a good light. I certainly thought it could have been laid to rest years ago. He was a kid when he left the club. Don’t carry grudges around – they just weigh you down!

    • Yep feel the same way as that 64 life’s too short for me anyway to worry about hating this or that or holding grudges.

  5. Outstanding footballer and we helped him launch his career, can’t understand all the vitriol towards him, pretty pathetic.

  6. Very sad period in our history. A generation of the country’s best footabllers squandered. Frank Jnr was one of them but the rot set in and justified his move, and any other player with ambition, when his uncle sold Rio. That single move set us back 25 years as a club. I, for one, will never forgive ‘H’ for that. Future loss of Frank Jnr, Michael Carrick etc were all then inevitable.

    • Was it H or Brown? I always thought they were sold from underneath H and played a part in his leaving or?

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