Frankie Mac- “give the kids a chance”


Frank McAvennie urges David Moyes to give our kids a chance.

A very interesting interview with Frank McAvennie has appeared, in which he urges David Moyes to give our young talent a chance.

Last term the likes of Divin Mubama, Levi Laing, Freddie Potts and Oliver Scarles all had the chance of a run out and impressed, but will he give them more minutes this season?

McAvennie was quoted as saying that there is so much money in the game now that people are scared to give young players an opportunity.

Il Mercardo declared him as saying: “They’ve (West Ham)  played Flynn Downes a few times, and I like him, but I don’t think he’s ready. I would put him out on loan, and he would then be a good player for the midfield for next year.

“There are some decent players there, but at the moment you don’t need players for the future, you need them for now.”

I understand the need for bought in experience but surely there is room for promotion from within?

The last thing we need is an exodus of Academy players unhappy with the lack of game time.

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  • Roman says:

    Been hearing this for a long time but won’t happen under Moyes.There is something terribly wrong at West Ham.What are we not being told?

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