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We’ll be reviewing the away trip to Astra 1 minute after the final whistle blows so join us for pure and biased West Ham analysis.

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  • Bob says:

    What is that West Ham Til I Die match day comments thingy all about.Do they hire all the most down in the mouth,miserable supporters we have in our ranks.Crikey what an embarrassment they are!!!!

  • canchaz says:

    Seems Slav. Still has some headaches to get rid of and (unless Calleri comes good as he settles,) we still have a striker problem.
    Will be interesting to see what Slav does about A ntonio Sunday. My guess is he won’t play him at all

  • Heavyset Hammer says:

    I couldn’t watch the game, though I did read a few play by play reviews of the game.
    Who stood out and who played like rubbish?
    I am perplexed by Slavs continual use of Valencia. He hasn’t done anything since his partnership with Sahko was broken up under BFS. Surely we must be looking to sell him. With Bony on the outer at city, we should be trying to snap him up. They value him at 13 mill, give them 15 just to get the deal over the line and done with.
    And Tore from me sounded lacklustre. I hope I’m
    Wrong cause I have a feeling Slav loves that bloke.

  • kcockayne says:

    Not much of a match. Fair result, although Collins was at fault for their goal. Most impressed by Byram & Burke & , to some extent, Oxford.

  • RickHammer says:

    Well fans were calling for youth to be given a chance in the EL.We played 3 youngsters in defence,got the away goal & let’s be honest this was a long way from our first team.Supporters can’t have it both ways,want youth in the EL then moan when we dont massacre teams.
    Bob they are always the same,total headbangers lol

  • Hamptonese says:

    Very lacklustre from us. Nobody seemed up for it at all. Only positive was the away goal.
    Randolph 6
    Byram 6
    Oxford so much hype but looks shaky 5
    Ogbonna 6
    Burke solid at LB default MOM 7
    Noble 6
    Obiang 6
    Tore improved as game went on 6
    Antonio glad to see him attacking but should have scored 6
    Valencia pah 5
    Calleri feeding off scraps 6

    Carroll 6
    Collins got turned for goal 5
    Browne 6 great run and set up for what should have been 2-0

  • bubs says:

    Byram,Burke,Oxford,were good tonight,
    Noble was a lot better,Obiang was ok,
    Tore and Antonio should have tried swapping now and then and apart from the missed sitter Antonio was better,
    Calleri offers us so much more with better movement then AC
    Valencia was no better in the middle and is now a lost cause and needs dropping selling or resting for a long period,
    But on a crap pitch and a team not used to playing togeather
    A right footed LB and LW we did OK

  • Tone says:

    Well I enjoyed seeing the youngsters get a go tonight,great experience for them.We knew we wouldn’t put out a full strength team for these EL matches so a draw away in Europe is a job done as far as I am concerned.Lets bring them here & kill the tie off.

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