Furious fans hit back at “crazy” idea

The Premier League are considering an idea to show televised football on Christmas Eve and West Ham’s fixture against Newcastle could be involved.
But is that really the greatest idea in the world on a night when friends and  families are focused on kids, food, travel, presents and keeping the excitement of the big day under control.
ClaretandHugh forum members have been having their say!

O It’s a crazy idea –how the hell are fans getting home ?? Especially NUFC

O Likewise – awful idea

Just because there are hardcore fans who will always do their best to attend, that doesn’t mean they should be taken for granted.

Absolute joke!! Once again Sky and money money ruining football!! Feel for Newcastle fans ,would love an empty away end to prove a point!! But they will still dress it up as a 56k sell out

O How do Newcastle fans get to London and back home for Christmas on Christmas Eve?

O Non-starter for me, but then I wouldn’t vote for 8pm Mondays, Fridays, 5.30pm Saturdays or 4pm Sundays either!
I’m not even sure I’d have the time to sit and watch a game on Xmas Eve on TV

O  If they want it they’ll do it. The ‘travelling’ fans, that’s the supporters of all participating teams, don’t and wont get a choice. We count for nothing these days I’m afraid!
O This is a lousy idea for anyone but Sky and their subscribers. They know full well the ground will be as full as it normally is (or thereabouts) because we have so many season ticket holders. It’s a terrible thing to do to Newcastle fans too and is just exploiting fan loyalty/masochism. For other products sold that ride roughshod over consumers whose demand is inelastic, see the tobacco industry (although in their defence, you can wean yourself off tobacco, and it is less harmful to one’s health than watching the Irons).

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  • sirgeoff says:

    One word. BOYCOTT

  • mooro66uk says:

    Don’t agree with this idea so therefore I won’t go. No drama. No big problem. Nobody is being forced to go.

  • JimBob says:

    This is also down to Westfield that don’t want us anywhere near them on the Saturday which is the busiest shopping day of the year for them (much busier than Boxing Day).

    • Stratford E20 says:

      I’m not one for protests etc but I’d support any protest against Westfields. We should all turn up there early and absolutely pack the place out.

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