Furious Irons response to Chinese takeover theory


flagBBC reporter Dan Roan has suggested that the Hammers are facing a takeover from cash rich Chinese.

In a tweet – as a deal for 13 per cent of Manchester City was being completed with Chinese businessmen –  Roan, who headed the dreadful BBC ‘investigation’ into West Ham’s deal for the Olympic Stadium, tweeted that West Ham could face a Chinese takeover.

He tweeted:  “Some suspect the one Chinese would really like is West Ham (Olympic Stadium, already own nearby land). Not for sale apparently, let’s see”

But that was met with a furious response from one of ClaretandHigh’s top level sources who rounded on Roan in a big way.

He snarled: “Lets see who is right in 5 years ! We have no desire or intention of selling West Ham United.”

“In the last 6 months, David Sullivan has moved all his 51% share holding into his personal name so they are exempt from death duties (as West Ham United is a trading company).


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  • WHU647580 says:

    Isn’t Dan Roan a Sheffield Utd “fan”?

    If so, that would explain a lot.

  • NorthDevHammer says:

    I have been critical of the two Daves in the past believing them to be out of their depth financially for a club of our size. It does need to be recognised that they came in at a very low ebb in the club’s history and arguably saved the club from extinction. They have also dug deep to finance two very good summer transfer windows. However, I do have concerns that we could potentially be left behind if the current owners resist all approaches of significant investment over the course of the coming seasons in the new stadium. Even the likes of West Brom could overtake us if rumours of them being up for sale with big money sniffing around are correct. There are huge investors out there with far deeper pockets than the two Daves. If our supporters are happy to be a mid to low table club then fine but if we want to get to the next level and challenge for Europe then I fear the current owners will regrettably never be able to fund the investment needed. There has been talk of the Daves inviting investors to join them but let’s face it any new major money coming into the club will want total control so we and the Daves can rule that out as a option. I like David Gold who comes across as a great guy and David Sullivan certainly has done wonders particularly with player recruitment. Even with the new stadium we will soon be left behind by other clubs reaping the benefits of major huge investors. I really hope I am wrong as I like the idea of being a british club with british owners but I have a very uneasy feeling about the future if the owners put their personal interests before those of the supporters.

    • You have to remember that the Daves are worth over one billion pounds between between them.

      Investors such as the Glazers who own Manchester United have done so by borrowing vast sums of money against the club so you have to be sure that any future investors would have the actual liquid cash available and be prepared to spend it.

    • Dainon says:

      There is not that many BIG money men looking to buy PL clubs. VILLA and Newcastle (and others) have been for sale for years but nobody wants them

    • WHU647580 says:

      Investors don’t necessarily want control. The Dave’s have welcomed investment in previous years. The Chinese at MCFC are only in for 13%, sometimes it’s just to get your foot in the door for something bigger much later on.

      When we’ve cleared the owner debt in a few years we may see some activity, otherwise I don’t think the Dave’s will do to much.

  • bubs says:

    At the moment I am more than happy with what the 2 Daves have done they are true fans and listen to us,they have proved this season they have deep pockets and have invested in the youth as well,I for one don’t want to become a play thing for Arabs or Indians even Chinese,( sorry Navajo not your tribe )this club is still old school and some times they are the best way,
    Mr Roan just joins the ranks of stirrers that want to see this club go down,
    He is in my brain dead list with Keys and Lawerson,the 3 monkeys

  • essexclarets says:

    Haven’t we already gone down this road once? Only for us it was a ****** dead end full of biscuits crumbs. Money has ruined football for ever, as if MC need another investor..
    the bubble will burst (no pub) & there will be clubs dropping like flies.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    Anyone wanting a mega-rich investor to buy out the daves should be careful what they wish for LOL.
    really though if they created new shares and sold them to big money, they would keep their own shares intact, and keep overall control and ownership of the club. I think that would bypass any tax to the government .

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