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Gale/Lomas get ‘stop the protests’ reaction from fans

Former Hammers Tony Gale and Steve Lomas have told the fans to stop the protests until the squad have the chance of avoiding relegation arguing that it can’t help the cause.
Some accused them of supporting the board, others believe they are correct. Here’s some random comments from the CandH FB Group.
O I’m suprised with Gale comments seeing as he was against the move to Stratford and Brady sacked him from his £50000 a year corporate job at Upton Park.
O Think it shows he’s a ‘bigger man’ than someone continually carrying a grudge, when the future of the club he loves is at stake. Well said Galey.

O  It’s the Sun, Brady is a regular columnist in the Sun,  Surely the Sun couldn’t make “selective” quotes? Could it?

 O Gale and Lomas absolutely spot on, too many negatives at the moment. It only brings everyone down…COYI

O He is putting Our Club first.

O Yes I hate to say it but club first !

O Once we know we are 100% sure of No relegation ..Then protest ! Players need our backing

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4 comments on “Gale/Lomas get ‘stop the protests’ reaction from fans

  1. Right now, everyone needs to put the ISSUE’S that we’re all aware of behind us for now, as our club battles for its Premiership survival.
    Gale and Lomas’s opinions count because as former professional footballers for our club, their views should be listened to as they are fully aware of the support the team needs right now….. So I make them right!

  2. 100% agree. Just bored of the constant sniping and negativity. When has negativity ever amounted to anything positive? The Championship is a fun league to be in, so whilst I’d obviously like us to stay up and continue progressing, I’m going to get a grip, calm down and see it for what it is. Just wish everyone else would too and get behind the boys. Most of them are just that – boys – and I can’t see how 60,000 grown men booing their performances really helps. They have the talent. You can blame the board and the manager all you like, but the players are the ones who need to perform, and everyone knows people perform better when they’re encouraged, not criticised. So, give it a rest, stop feeling entitled and bitter, and shout the good shout. COYI.

  3. Why do fans think we were successful at Upton Park, we have not exactly won premiership titles or cup wins. Alas the board thought they had the right manager, turned out badly I think the players should bear the blame . We are not exactly zooming up the table with Moyes.
    You would think players would be ashamed and if only for their own pride.

  4. The only really good years I remember seeing with my own eyes are 1980 to 1986. And apart from blips of greatness from individual players such as dicanio, who we got relegated with. Tevez, who saved us from relegation, payet and arnoutavic without whom we might have been relegated, then we haven’t been exactly blessed. So all these oldies who bang on about good old Upton Park and the horrible long walk to the new stadium. Failing to mention the horrible long queue at Upton Park tube station, need to pipe down. Put a sock in it for the sake of the kids. All they see is angry old men having another moan up and shouting abuse. I agree with gale, lomas, Noble, anyone who genuinely loves the club. Get behind the team.

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