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“Genius” Slav takes all the plaudits


You have to agree with every word  of The Mirror’s comments on Slaven Bilic and the Euro 2016 tournament.

The paper simply can’t stop singing his praoses and have today explained why our manager’s  brilliantly “charasmatic appearances on ITV have been more entertaining than some of the matches he’s been analysing.”

It  declare Slav a GENIUS and like ClaretandHugh in a recent blog believe his handling of the speculation surrounding Dimi Payet’s future has been supreme.”

We said that his decision to send him a text telling him he was the best player at the tournament was masterly man management. Now the Mirror says:”  Bilic would have every right to feel concerned about Dimitri Payet right now.

The Hammers’ star player has been fantastic for France – so much so, he’s being linked with a move to some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

So, how has Bilic responded to this speculation? By taking full advantage of his regular TV appearances.

Bilic has clearly realised he needs to show his top man some SERIOUS love if has any chance of keeping him. That has to be why he is looking offer praise at any and every opportunity.

Even when Payet is in no way involved or relevant to what he’s talking about, Bilic has found a way to big him up.”

Slav is far more than a man manager – he would be a leader of men in any walk of life and even were we to lose Dimi – WHICH I DO NOT BELIEVE WILL HAPPEN – Slav would sort it.

Our best manager in years and years and years.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • bubs says:

    I have total faith Slav will be able to keep him,
    Or he will have another plan up his sleeve to drive up the price so he can replace him with at least 3 more great players,
    I would like him to stay until his career is finished as he has that special quality that does not come round to often,in fact both of them have it

  • EvanEvans says:

    Agree totally, if we are to loose him then make it 100Mil. buy three quality young players and away we go. I don’t think we will but someone will at least ask. Where else will he get love like ‘Irons Love’

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Payet is irreplacable, United have spent at least £600m since he left and still they miss Ronaldo, Tottenham have spent more than £200m and are not better than when they had Bale, it doesn’t matter how many players you get one, two, three players a whole team even, there are some players that are the difference in nearly every match and you should never sell not if you want to be the best and attract the best players Payet is one of those as was Tevez, Di Canio etc Di Canio was loyal and hopefully Payet will be also,time will tell, we are now in a position where we can build around him and for sure that is what Slav will want to do, the Dave’s also need to think what signal it would send to Slav if we sold our best player, we ant to keep our genius player and manager not lose either of them to a lack of ambition.

  • MonkeysBellend says:

    Best manager in years and years? Yeeeesssss! His knowledge, wisdom and intelligence are supreme. “In Slav we trust” even when we disagree!
    Pep Guardiola (or any other manager) or Slav? Slave every day of the week…
    Happy Hammers: Fortune’s NOT always hiding any more…
    I keep having to pinch myself; is this REALLY happening? YES! In days of old, we would have HAD to have lost the last game at the Boleyn. It’s what we did.THAT was the unwritten West Ham Way!! Shooting ourselves in the foot. BUT NO; we got a fairytale ending that could not have been bettered, with 3-2 win over Man U!
    When other teams got mega wealthy owners, we got a couple of Icelandic screwballs who had built their foundations on false credit; there you go; classic old West Ham…
    BUT NOT ANY MORE! We are in DREAMLAND…But it isn’t a dream; IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!

  • razor says:

    Certainly best manager since lyall and greenwood even for modern football now best ever. Omly pep comes anywhere near his knowledge and charisma is a huge bonus being on fans level of what we like in our coaches. Been succesful like pep everwhere his been and hoping the board give him a great contract so he doesnt wantbto leave to a more forward thinking club as certainly its not about the money for him its the success of his teams. As a socialist like most of our supporters being working class doesnt seem to get in the way of a tory supporting owners which is great all round for the future of our club. Yes we at last have some luck at our hammers over the years and although the icelandic billionare owner who would have been great if the banking crisis hadnt hit the worlds economys other than africa we survived once again with a board putting thier money where the mouth is. Coyi

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