Giroud admits leaving Arsenal is an option


Olivier-Giroud1Oliver Giroud has finally admitted the inevitable – that leaving Arsenal is an option.

The Hammers have been chasing the Gunners striker all summer but everything was put on hold when he claimed he wanted to continue his Arsenal journey.

However the hammers will be back on red alert today – along with Everton, AC Milan and Marseilles – after the Frenchman agreed he could be on his way.

Speaking at the launch of the club’s third choice kit in Sydney, he said: “It (leaving) is an option to be honest with you.

“I’m here in pre-season, I wanted to travel. Some people asked me if I am going to travel or not and of course, I am Arsenal player and for the moment I am here so I just want to prepare well for the season and we will see later.

“But it is true that I really enjoyed my five years with Arsenal. I’m still an Arsenal player for the moment so I try to be professional. No matter what happens, I did my job on the pitch.

“It’s been five years that I’ve been here. It could be my sixth one. I had an amazing welcome from the fans and from the club and it has been five amazing years for me.

“I won’t forget it, no matter what happens. We will see about my future but I am still an Arsenal player for the moment.”

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  • JRS says:

    Make a Bid selling of all our squad players. Time to make official bid and hope Everton don’t swoop him up

  • JRS says:

    And let’s up staying in London is important too him. But if we want pay £125k for Chicharito but said we would pay £130k for Giroud who maybor not be available. Have cleared enough wages for both of them.
    I’m.confused do we want a “Marquee Striker” like they say or is that a story to keep us happy as they bid £15m for Defrel who isn’t bad but just be nice for Bilic to make a decision

  • hammers64 says:

    I Cannot remember a more confusing transfer window than this one at West Ham ever.As usual we have been linked with about 50 players but its the lack of getting anything actually done that’s annoying.Is it because we are waiting for certain players to become available? and if so that’s a very risky game with no guarantees.Are the owners scared after last seasons awful window cos all I can see at the moment is that we have basically got rid of just about everybody we signed last Summer so its like a time warp and we could actually go back a year and with the exception of Fonte and Snodgrass nothing has happened to add quality to the squad. (some would say those 2 have not exactly done much either since signing).Oh apart from Zabaleta on a free.Time moves on and before you know it the new season is upon us and its back to the panic buying of all the waifs and strays that are left.Anyway that’s my rant done for this Summer.

    • Radai Lama says:

      Good to see you took my advice too relax then 64 😂

      • hammers64 says:

        That’s it for me now Rads.Got it off my chest and just gonna go with the flow.Lifes too short and all that.

    • JRS says:

      Agree and I like Zab but Slav has said he plans to stick with back 3 formation and Zab doesn’t seem like a wing back to mem in a back 4 great but as a Wing back don’t get it. Like Zab and good signing but not doe this system. Unless they Use him as CB.
      And Bilic is just so scares of getting it right he is pushing aside good options and he won’t find the Marquee striker that they want on £50k wages. In transfer is a risk even with premier experience and will pay more for that. But Chic should be done ant that fee

  • RayStewartsRightPeg says:

    I called it earlier today 😉

  • westham64 says:

    I don’t usually comment too much here preferring just to read the latest gossip however I’m moved to comment today because I really am beginning to think, as fans, we are probably expecting too much if we expect the board/manager to unearth a 20 goal a season striker. The game has moved on and target men are the exception rather than the rule. Systems demand strikers who can link up play and provide assists too. Personally I’d prefer a front 4 who can all contribute 10+ goals a season. We have Antonio and Lanzini who, with the right service, can do that. We don’t have any others. Snodgrass doesn’t do it for me. Arnautovic and Ayew might. My view is that we should be going all out for Sigurdsson. 9 goals and 13 assists in a mediocre team last season. He makes chances for others. We don’t have anyone with any more than 3 assists last season in the squad right now. A 20 goal a year striker without service won’t score 20 with us.

    • Radai Lama says:

      20 goal a season are few & far between.Look who the strikers were last season who did it.Top calibre at the top teams invariably.Ok Lukaku was an exception but he soon got snapped up by one of the big boys.Even if we did stumble on one we would only have him for a season before one of them signed him as well so yeah i agree with you 😀
      As for us paying 50 mill for Siggy,dream on,i wish 😉

      • JRS says:

        Agree love the Norse god but we aren’t paying £50m for anyone and he nor the club want him gone. That’s why finding gems are important got to take some risk

  • Hammer64 says:

    Radai please note- there is only one hammer64 ( no ‘s’ at the end)- a chilled version of the slightly agitated hammers64 (with an s ). I am still spending most of the summer keeping out of the transfer discussions to avoid a relapse into the manic hammer64 who became convinced we were going down until that nice Mr Lama came along & explained it could not happen. I would not want you to think I have not been listening to your wise advice lol.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Mind you, looks like hammers64 is following your advice too now. Join the chilled club Hammers (with an s) mate. Do you charge for your counselling services Radai? Reckon there is a second career waiting for you…

    • Radai Lama says:

      Lol sorry lads i never took much notice of the ‘S’,i thought you were the same guy all the time.Theres far too many 64s floating about on here.But now i dont know which one is the normal half empty 64 im giving therapy too 😂😂

  • Radai Lama says:

    I must admit i was bloody confused during the Ihaenacho story because i thought one of you said we were a total mess & shambles then the next day told everyone too relax & what will be will be.I thought we had Jekyll & Hyde on here
    I was going too call one of you a hypocritical ass,glad i didnt now 😂😂😂

  • Hammer64 says:

    Well I have been called worse. Yeah I am the recovering misery guts. My name is Hammer64 & I have not moaned about the transfer policy or the manager for at least two weeks now (round of applause) but I am taking it one day at a time. Obviously this is a dangerous time of the year for me, although the real test will come when we lose the first three games of the season. Sorry, that should say, if we don’t do quite as well as I am expecting us to in first 3 games.

    Blimey I could really do with a moan….

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