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Give it a rest Sam

Sam shadowFormer boss can’t help himself by suggesting Sunderland is a bigger club than West Ham in his latest dig at the Hammers.

Big Sam told the Telegraph “Retirement isn’t on the horizon, I don’t think so, there is a lot to be talked about at the end of the season, but I’ve got a lot more to give. I’ve got no regrets about taking this job.”

“I contemplated retirement. I rotated as a pundit at the start of the season, I didn’t think a job I wanted would come up as soon as it did. It caught me by surprise. I couldn’t say no to Sunderland. I was here as a player, I worked as a coach under Peter Reid and coming back here as a manager was not something I could turn down.”

“I do have an emotional bond. It’s a huge club. It’s a bigger club than West Ham, or at least it is prior to West Ham’s move into the Olympic Stadium.”

“I could have had longer off, but I knew what this club is; I knew about the facilities, the stadium, it’s a big, big club. This is a relatively deprived region in terms of wages, but it’s vibrant and there is a passionate love of football up here. That was very important for me.I think the thing that makes it unique up here is the percentage of people who live in Sunderland who come to support their team every week,” he explained. “It far outweighs other towns and cities across the country.”

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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

5 comments on “Give it a rest Sam

  1. the headline ” Give it a rest Sam” should also read “Give Sam a rest” Whether we are or are not a bigger club than Sunderland means nothing to me, an should mean nothing to supporters of this or anny club. The fact that it means something to Sam Allerdyce says all that needs to be said about him. He may well keep Sunderland in the Premier League. He may well have kept us in the Premier League. But as we all know, if your ambitions stretch beyond survival, then Sam is not your man. Sunderland may well be a big club, as we are a big club. But unless they see the light, as we did, he will turn them into a small club very quickly, as he threatened to do with us. He was our manager, now he isn’t. Lets just rejoice in that fact and move on.

  2. Well said Low, couldn’t agree more, bored of idiot ‘pundits’ telling me how it will be or how it is’, all full of $#@%. He’s moved on & so have we!!!

    For the better I may add 🙂

  3. He is such a dick has been checking his home attendance figures, has he been listening to what the fans say about his brand of football,
    As usual he has a squad of players he paid top dollar for that is now worthless and unwanted,
    He gets a draw because the Gooners have their poorest side for 10 years and can’t crack the Hippo defence,
    He needs to look at the league because he is along way from safe,
    But I now hope he stays up because 6 points next season will be good and a chance to play some fringe players and rest our best players will be a bonus,
    Just another day at the office

  4. In an era of the PL & Sky ££££ every PL club have the chance of becoming big, the money handed out nxt season is going to change the landscape of English football forever. Clubs like Bournemouth who have a tiny stadium that holds approx 11,000..ish are suddenly going to become one of the riches clubs in the world. 20th place will get at least £99m even if they get no points. When asked Sam will say his beloved Sunderland are bigger than us. Maybe he should look at recent seasons before saying that though. I couldn’t really give flying f**k what he says. It’s got very stale & boring to jump on his every word.. the man is in our history, lets look forward & enjoy the next chapter with Slav.

  5. A day will come when, at the end of his glorious career, a journalist will ask Sam some questions…
    “Well Mr Allardyce, I think It’s time to sum up the outcome; please tell us about your Champions League experience”.
    “Mmm… next question please”.
    “Ok, so why don’t you tell us about your PL titles?”
    “uhm… unfortunately any title, but I’ve come real close, 6th place followed in the 2004/2005 campaign… ”
    “Ah ok… that’s great… and what about the FA Cup? Who knows how many successes during your 25 years of coaching…”
    “No, It was bad luck, that’s all… and I never cared about the FA Cup, that’s the truth”.
    ” … and the League Cup?”
    “ahahha… What? Nah… it’s just a waste of time…”
    ” Sorry Mr Allardyce, one last question… What the fu*k did you win during 25 years???”
    “Mmm… well… I’ve never won anything in my life… but I was not paid to win titles, but to amuse the people through a sparkling game system… mission accomplished.” LOL 😀

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