Gobby Allardyce shows his usual lack of class

“You always want to go back to your old club and do well for the team you are in charge of now. I had a really good four years and took great pride in taking the football club that was lost, down and out and struggling with getting relegated and reinvented it personally with the amount of work me and the background staff put in to push the club back to where it wants to be, which was obviously in the Premier League, and stayed there for the three years I was there.”

“I did really well, I enjoyed working with the players, I think I had a very good relationship with most players in my time there and I think we all enjoyed our time together. Certainly I did but it came to an end and rightfully so for both parties concerned at the time and we move on, so now I am Sunderland and dedicated to Sunderland and dedicated to plot a tactic to disappoint the West Ham fans on Saturday.”

Sam Allardyce February 25, 2016

Sam Allardyce reactsI had intended to leave it. As I wrote last night, he’s gone and that is enough for me but no, Allardyce can’t allow you to keep a promise even to yourself as he again displays an ego bigger than several houses and a lack of grace which leaves you lost for words.

Can you believe the conceit – “his re-invention of West Ham…a club that was lost and down” and that he virtually single-handedly raised us from the dead.

Just four words for you Allardyce: “Shut the ….up.” Maybe a season of his absence had softened me up. Today he again showed himself to be as dislikeable as ever.

He was handed more money by far than any other Championship manager and scraped through the play-offs on a day we were second best and should have been up automatically weeks earlier.

Today he had the opportunity to explain how pleased he was we were doing so well and of thanking the Davids for the opportunity to manage a great club whether he meant it or not. But no as usual it’s all me me me.

This is a man whom you simply cannot like and his football stinks the place out. The hard work of which he speaks also brought us £18 million AC, £10 million Matt Jarvis, £6 million Modibo Maiga, Alou Cisse and others.

Let it be said for the final time. He is a manager who produces a brand of football designed for those without a brain and as a person has absolutely no class at all.

Look at the words of David Sullivan and Slaven Bilic towards the geezer today and realise how mature people should behave towards each other.


I have said it before that I felt he did a perfectly good job during his four-year spell. He did all we asked of him and I am a fan of Sam. He left the Club in a considerably better state then when he arrived and, for that, the Board were truly grateful.

He took us back into the top flight with a memorable victory in the Play-Off Final at Wembley and then managed to cement our position in the Premier League. I can’t criticise Sam because he did a good job and I like him. But I think from both sides it was time for a change


“He took over West Ham in a moment when they were in the Championship and got them back straight away. He stabilised them in the Premier League and did an amazing job.Do I think he will get a warm reception? I think so, and I hope so.”

Thank God he’s history – this is a man who I really do loathe at absolutely every level.

No class Allardyce…no class whatsoever!


About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

65 comments on “Gobby Allardyce shows his usual lack of class

  1. He was always gping to claim to be gods gift to us.Loved the way he reinventd us.What a hero.Deluded nutter 🙂

  2. Anybody that uses I I I all the time is someone who has an over inflated opinion of themselves. He just sat on the bench for the last 6 months sulking and disrespected our wonderful club whilst pulling in another 1.7m. I for one will not be giving him a warm welcome.

    We have moved on, thankfully upwards with a manager who understands all our history, traditions and is highly intelligent and a genuine great manager.

  3. You can’t avoid it Hugh,the bloke is a total looser that’s why he has won nothing,
    But you have got it out of your system now and you can maintain your dignaty and professionalism,
    Us morons can fill in the gaps and we have waited all season for this day,

  4. Can’t fault you there. Agree completely.

    + 42! 😀

  5. Couldnt have said it better Hugh.

  6. Hugh
    Your feelings mirror nearly all Hammers fans. He was no genius. His tactics were one dimensional and caused me to suspend my season ticket. Youth was ignored – except to be thrown to the Lions in the 5-0 at Forest. The promotion was by the skin of our teeth. He inherited Cole, Noble , Tomkins, Reid, Collison etc.and added to that to have the highest paid team in the division. He played Nolan for well beyond when he should have been rested. We had to pay up expensive contracts for Henderson and Diarra. He spent the summer funds on Downing when we had no centre halves or a fit centre forward. When he spent big money it was on Miaga, Jarvis, Diarra and Carroll. Of all the players who came in only Downing had a sell on value. And my God he served up dreadful football.

  7. Anyway I will not boo but so pleased he has gone.

  8. It’s not only I-I-I, it’s also Me-ME-ME See the piece of sentence chosen :
    “I reinvented it personally with the amount of work me and the background staff put in ”

    If he had some education, he would say “we”, and he would also say “the staff and me”, not the other way around.

    Truth is he accepted to come to the club when no other manager was even tempted to accept, and kept us in premier with average players. BUT, he also wasted a lot of money on players who did not bring anything, and ignored others who would have (Nene for instance). I would not boo him from the start, but would certainly send him a message after the game, IF we do win (which in all logic should happen), since he seems so confident he will disappoint us…

    • If he had some education, he would say “we”, and he would also say “the staff and me”, not the other way around.

      Not really his fault if he lacks an education tbf. But if he did have some education, he would say “I”, and he would also say “the staff and I”, not the other way around.

      Sorry to be a pedantic **** 😉

  9. INFACT….when i heard those words about the ‘West Ham Way’ coming out of his ‘Northern Scrapyard HIPPO GOB’,he made me a Permanent HATER!!! SERIOUS

  10. Only four words from me to Hugh,
    You fat deluded c#”t !! I hope the PC brigade can see where we are coming from now.
    The deluded wind up insults of this club keep oozing out of this piece of craps mouth I fear he has stepped over a line , Saturday could turn nasty , and I like many wouldn’t pee on this guy if he was on fire .( dificault to keep the true feelings I have for this wnakerr ))

  11. To be fair to the chosen one, he did reinvent us.

    The way he managed to take West Ham, the academy of football, and turn it into the modern day version of the crazy gang, was quite some achievement.

    How we loved the hit and hope football. Seeing our club master the art of playing a flat back 8 and smashing it up to his two favourite sons.

    Oh I long for those days of the game changing tactical nouse of swapping a knackered guy demel for a rip roaring Joey obrien in the hour mark.

    We showed about as much craft and creativity as a cement mixer

    Yep, we were honoured to have experienced the greatest footballing mind since Mike Bassett took the reigns at soho square.

    The people I felt most sorry for were the folk living in the flats behind the east stand. Those guys had never seen so much of the ball up there on the 14th floor as they did under big Sam.

    I just hope slaven has a tow truck that will be able to move that bus on Saturday.

    I’m sure it will be a fun filled, gum chewing, pork scratching eating extravaganza !!!

    Sorry for the rant, by Hugj, you started it ! 🙂

  12. To be fair, we should be very grateful that he has at least moved as far from us as reasonably possible and emigrated to the northeast. He has to talk himself up as most people have long forgotten about him and the dire football served up in his last 6 months with us

    • I applied for the Australian national Job on his behalf!!!

      They replied, and said he was more suited to a role in Aussie rules

    • Bahaha,Australia aint never far enough for Fat Sham to go.Really enjoying all them demented berks singing fatties praises on sites & saying they will clap him.Top blokes in my book.Ok i lie,bunch of sad f#ckers.

      • Ty & Bobby I’m from Australia and we don’t want him here either.Aussie rules would probably employ him to sell pies and drinks on match day.Then you have to send someone around with him to check the takings.

  13. A few days ago this forum was about 60/40 against hippo, & with bilic & sully being diplomatic & mature & calling for respect in the last few days it might have even got to 60/40 in favour of him by Saturday with a luke-ish warm reception…..


    Oh well it’s gonna be hell for him now!!! I CAN’T F****** WAIT FOR THIS!!! I WILL F****** LOVE IT WHEN WE BEAT THEM!!! (Kevin keegan flashback while typing) Lol

    • Trust me this site has been 99.999 pc anti allardyce since it arrived. The long termers here will tell you that

      • Yes I know it’s anti allardyce which is why I’m in good company. I was referring to whether he gets booed on Saturday or not. I should’ve worded it better.

        A fair share of us allardyce haters were either going to give a small applause or just stay quiet to show dignity & what not, but the more the fat useless tosser opens his mouth the more we are reminded why we hated him to begin with & the more likely we are to boo the place down when he walks in.

  14. Think it would be so much better if there was dead silence in the whole of ground when the introduction to “SAM ALLARDYCE” happens. not a boo not a cheer… maybe a tiny ripple of applause but nothing more. His head is big enough and he dont need recognition really does he.. he gives it too himself

  15. @One_bobby_moore – you should have your own blog,bruv.still cant stop laughing mate.brill

  16. Just put text on my TV ( sorry said my ) and it says he left us in mutual consent,
    Am I not right that he was out of contract which ment he collected his one page game book
    And his mini bar,Snack bar many photos of himself and got on a plane to Spain,
    Or was he on a rolling contract that we have never heard of,
    I can understand Slav not wanting this to be about Hippo and let the team do its talking for us,but he only talks for himself and must understand what we tolerated for 4 years,
    30k fans got 4 years with no time off for good behaviour,some bad criminals don’t get that sentence,

  17. Ibelieve the club have themed this as a Bobby Moore game – how dare they?

  18. Nothing against Sunderland as a club but hope they go down simply so that this deluded idiot has got relegation on his CV. Remember the stick we got when he left and all those daft pundits who said we’d go into decline just like all the other clubs he’d parted company with. Of course the opposite has happened and we’ve made massive strides forward and he doesn’t like it

    • Will he quit the mackems before they are officially down.It would be his style to mantain his record by leaving before they are relegation certainties.

  19. It’s been party time all season with a great squad, great manager, great owners our last ever season at the Boelyn playing great football so lets keep the party going, have an east end knee’s up and totally ignore him, forget him, thankfully we’ve moved on, as the saying go’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about. We’ll do our talking on the pitch. Show him and all his cronie’s, the shearer’s etc.. the West Ham way, so hopefully the football will flow, and as the goals go in, sung in full voice to the tune of doing the Lambeth Walk, full blast:
    Any time your down our way
    Any evening any day
    Your find us all.. Oi! ..Playing the West Ham way..
    all together now
    and repeat….
    Then they’ll understand

  20. The best way to hurt Sam is to ignore him – totally. His ridiculously misplaced ego demands attention of any sort, positive or otherwise, so the best thing we could do is repeated renditions of “we play on the floor” and “super slav” throughout the match.

  21. If it kicks off on Saturday, there’s an argument to say that this website has gone a long way to insight the flames of hatred.

  22. What says it all is how often Bilic refers to himself and the wonderful job he’s doing, the brilliant tactical masterstrokes he’s pulled or the genius of his substitutes.

    The answer is never.

    Allardyce is actually very insecure and unsure of himself, which plays out through continually trying to tell everyone how good he is. But if he was truly confident he’d tell everyone he’s going to win every game…instead he sets low expectations irrespective of the opposition, crows about a win and says I expected this after a defeat.

    The man isn’t deluded. He’s just insecure, but his waybof dealing with it makes him loathsome. But it’s all a front.

  23. Course it’s going to kick off Oldiron you can’t start a game unless you kickoff ,
    Who started this?
    I think you will find it was a over weight overrated ex footballer trying to be a manager with no respect to its fan base or history,
    Someone being paid to do a job he as not doing,if we had not got such a strong start to the season last year because he had to play with players he did not want in a different style we would have been relegated FACT,
    when his so called best players returned and he went back to his style we picked up enough points to be relegated,FACT
    he has no place even visiting our club he is unwanted guest ,
    What will kickoff will be 90 minutes of celebration by happy fans with a few deluded but nice people standing clapping the slug and if anything will cause it to kick off it will be them disrespecting the other 30k plus,
    But I am sure we won’t turn on our own fans and once the game gets going so will they if they are true hammer fans

  24. The bad blood between us and Sam is down to one person. We all had to grin and bare the appalling football as a means to an end, but what we won’t accept is the ridicule of our footballing heritage, and being called deluded for daring to voice our displeasure at it.
    Avram was an awfully agree, but he gets respect due to the dignity he shows, even though we all think he’s useless.
    Sam’s ego and arrogance has caused this.
    He fails any time he’s at a club that are a bigger pull than he is. Whufc and Newcastle are much bigger than Sam ever was, Bolton, Blackburn are not, so he was loved and was the big attraction there.
    Blaming this site or any other for any bad reception is laughable. We are venting our feeling. We are not suddenly coming to this conclusion due to Hugh’s article or anyone else’s comments.

  25. Free away shirts,
    What a club,£40 shirts just to bribe you to watch a Hippo team,it would take more than that to make me come all that way south to watch that crap,
    But green never has suited me
    But good on the owners if they feel that the team needs backing and cheaper then sacking a manager,

  26. Well,well,i see anyoldiron still pops in to have a dig.Nothing changes there.A site incites the flames of hatred at a match,ffs get back to Wetpants Anyoldiron.Bullsh*tter.

  27. I keep seeing this wet pants reference but I have no idea what peoe are on about?
    I would google it but I’m scared what I will find

    • Just another West Ham site.West Ham Till I Die.Have a bit of previous with some of them when they were having Allardyce love affairs.They called us Rabid Dogs who used this site at the time.All fair banter,but some of them are rather sensitve i think,lol

  28. I just discovered it. My my they throw their toys out of the pram a bit don’t they? Precious ain’t the word lmfao

  29. I bet if someone did an article on eating a steak pie, they’d say you were excluding vegetarians from the conversation and you were a food fascist or something ??? Absolute comedy gold.

  30. Lmao,aye they do get their knickers in a twist pretty quickly about stuff.Some great lads on there actually.Most of it is a wind up between the two sites,always has been but as you say some are very precious about the site & themselves.Get a few have a right tantrum lol.Sense of humour failure regularly.I cant be bothered but i think some go over their to poke the nest & get them buzzing sometimes because some of them are so f*cking predictable.Bubs loves them,lmao

  31. Changing the subject for a minute lots of people are saying kone will see off Carroll but we should be playing emmineke he will run rings round kone up the irons

    • Emenike will start wont he.Cant see Slaven putting Carroll straight in after injury.He hasnt done that with many players this season.Usually comeback on the bench before a start.We will see Billy

  32. This is his way of getting under our skin, and we let him win by reacting. Just ignore him and watch him go down

  33. Hard to justify dropping Eminem when he scored two on his full debut, even if it was against Championship opposition.

    It’s a sign of how much we dislike Allardyce that no one has mentioned the paedophile Adam Johnson yet!

  34. He is saying that Sunderland fans are more lenient with him.. maybe thats because they haven’t had to put up with his ****e football over a four year period. Does he really think he will be welcomed back with open arms after calling us deluded & brain washed, cupping his ear along with his smug fat boat race. F##k off he wont be get any clapping from me…
    Never before has anyone at our club turned fans against each other like him or dulled our passion. With each crap result after another the only thing that kept us interested was knowing he would be gone in may. He claims that HE got us promoted & HE kept us in the premier league. HE made us a good team…. is that why we had to pay some of his signings to leave with him.

    • Yeah,thats it Essex,let it all out 😀

      • Aaaahhhhhh…….!!!!!! :-p never before have i wanted to humiliate another team just to see his face.. nothing against sunderland mind..

    • We all know over time it’ll hit home with the Sunderland fans they’ll have enough, anyone that likes the game football will not adhere to Allardyce football. Even the West Brom fans over time have had enough of Pulis awful football.

      I’ve seen comments of disdain from Sunderland fans, one stating the ridiculousness of hitting the ball long to Defoe. When Allardyce gets hits players it’ll be a huge team playing one dimensional football.

  35. I do like the cut of you jib Hugh.

    Sam Allardyce football designed for the brain dead!

  36. I cant wait, the atmosphere will be great 🙂

  37. “I’m dedicated to plot a tactic to disappoint the West Ham fans on Saturday”… and who knows what cunning strategic plan the Genius has in his sophisticated mind… probably a bus parked in front of his goalkeeper and thousands of long balls for Defoe… how much I miss his “Respect the point” football… Poor old dinosaur… 😉

    • He’ll get Cattermole to man mark Payet who’ll eventually get sent off and if Sunderland lose from it the speech after will be they lost solely down to this and the ref was harsh in sending off the player!

  38. Hugh, i’m about as meek & mild a bloke as you can get. I give anybody the benefit of the doubt & am reluctant to say a bad word, but Sam has even got me p****d off now, sorry for expression, but. He knows the tension that will be there Saturday then he says that a few days before. He deserves everything he gets now & all those guys that i disagreed with about Sam, i apologise.

  39. F##k me matte , where yo been lol.bubs been looking for you you love bird ??
    What a difference 6 months makes ! When all the brainwashed get there logic back and understanding that the self rightiouse one didn’t just mock us with the west ham way comment but the man who led the charge with it in the 60,s MOORO, and the geniuses in thecafe who put it all together , greenwood , johnny lyall .insulted !!! This northern hoof ball merchant will never understand the true meaning of attractive football with pace and 100% effort .or the hatred that he has brought upon himself , I hope he feels intimidated at the highest level , no prisoners , he actually wants the confrontation , so let’s give it to him,
    I wonder if the old bill will be in attendance, a whole division to surround the fat c##t.
    Love the song billham ,

    • Hi John 😉

      • Allo matte , any chance we could get the deluded one to appear in the colossium facing off everyone on here ! Lol. We could beat him to death with stinking fish and herpes cream, then just before the final blow we look up to Julius Slav for the thumbs down and p1ss on him until he drowned ! Just a thought mind , no malice intended, honest ?

  40. Cant stand rhe guy,hope he gets dogs abuse.I aint worried about it effecting our team performance,they know what they need to do & will be well aware of the possible booing.Dont know why some of the lightweight supporters are whining about booing him & it will hand the game on a plate to him.What a load of rubbish.

  41. Bilic: West Ham players can celebrate with Allardyce
    Read more at http://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/bilic-west-ham-players-can-celebrate-allardyce#h9h3W7VPemi4iE7Z.99

    I would love our players to do that… score a goal & jump on that #### to celebrate as slav says 4 or 5 times. Play them off the park & show him ‘The West Ham Way’.
    “Super slav’s claret & blue army” & “we play on the floor” being sung by 30k+ home supporters.

    • I think Bilic is secretly on our side and has been diplomatic! I also think that may well happen !. If we had moncur on the pitch it definitely would happen, lol. What a slap in the mooie if it did . It would go some way of being a slice of justice for me , no one on this planet has wound me up like this piece of skunk doodoo ! I bet redknap , pardew , and curbs have their fingers crossed to !! What a low life !!!!!!!

  42. Not very religious but if there is a football god who wants the game to recover from Blatter
    Hippo and co yes I put them in the same bracket,Football destroyers
    Then we will win by a record home score, but I would settle for 3-0 and no injuries,just hope Cattermore keeps his clogs off Payet and Lanzini,
    Bring it on the game of the season a warm up before we put the Spuds to the sword

  43. His insistance on picking Nolan & Carroll evry time they were fit and changing our playing style to suit those two was what did it for me. We were doing exceptionally well without those two at the beginning of his last season and in his SO CALLED WISDOM changed a winning team to accomodate his two mates, even though one was too slow and the other not fully fit and look what happened, from Christmas onwards we only won a couple of games and had it not been for the great start we had, we would have been relegated.
    The great start, by the way, was forced upon him because of injuries to his favourites but he couldn’t see that at all. His management style sucks, no youngsters brought in , in fact a lot of our young talent left during his tenure because he wouldn’t blood them.
    Calls himself a great Manager, well I have just pointed out the reasos he is not.

    COYI lets put a hatful past them tomorrow.

  44. FAT C**nt took the **** for last six months. Sat 4 last half a season chewing his gum, taking no part in supporting his team. When we don`t renew his cotract we are all ungrateful, ignorant, deluded idiots. in 4 years at the club he refused to listen to the fans, the board the media. Pundits and sam lovers predicted we are fuc*ed without him. “Be careful what you wish for. Well i got what i wished for. Ateam that plays expansive football. Entertaing football. Winning football the majority of the time. unfortunately fat slug thinks it`s all about him. Nothing changes

  45. Fat ,man`s a C##T. Reckons he reinvented us! what a ****#ng idiot. He trned us from an entertaining under achieving team into a boring underachieving team. And he calls us deluded.What a fuc&king absolute PLUM.

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