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Gobby Deeney Sounds Off Again!

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Former Watford striker Troy Deeney has been moaning again, with his prediction that West Ham United could be in for a rocky start to the upcoming season under new manager Julen Lopetegui.

Deeney,  believes the significant changes Lopetegui is expected to implement could lead to a period of adjustment and potentially threaten the Spaniard’s job security as early as 10 games into the season.

“As it stands, I would say West Ham [are the team that will struggle first next season],” Deeney told The Sun. He elaborated on his concerns, highlighting the challenges associated with adapting to a new manager’s philosophy and style.

“They’re expected to bring in Lopetegui and he has got to change so much — philosophy, style — and that is going to take time,” Deeney said. With West Ham undergoing a significant rebuild that includes new signings and player departures, Deeney suggests a period of inconsistency is likely.

West Ham fans are known for their passionate support, but also for their impatience. Deeney believes a lack of early progress could test their patience and put pressure on Lopetegui’s position.
“If the Hammers do not show us something in those first 10 games, the fans will quickly turn,” Deeney warned. “And the man in the hotseat could be in trouble and pay the price.”

Bearing in mind that Deeney’s managerial career was short-lived and not particularly successful. It is not from a position of strength and experience that he offers us these pearls of wisdom.

West Ham fans will more than likely take a wait-and-see approach. If they see a clear plan and progress being made under Lopetegui, they will likely be patient even if results aren’t immediate. The success of the rebuild will depend on how quickly the players adapt to Lopetegui’s tactics and how effectively he integrates the new signings into the squad.

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  • Vince says:

    Troy who? Why do you give these clowns oxygen. Who cares? It would be much better if you ignored gutter press gossip and gave us real West Ham news.

    • Paul Taylor says:

      Really, what is the point of Deeney, Collymore, O’Hara, Sturridge and Rooney etc all self promoting failed footballers and manager’s. No one’s listening. Birmingham were doing fine until Rooney showed up, can’t watch Sky any longer with Sturridge, Keane and Rooney’s BS journalism. COYI’s.

    • Hugh Jars says:

      💯%. One muppet

  • Galleywood Hammer says:

    Well said Vince. It’s bad enough seeing this clownery in the MSM, we come here for well-informed West Ham news.

  • Penny says:

    Its his opinion he’s entitiled to it and lets face it there are many West Ham fans fearing we could be in for a rough ride next season but get a grip nothings happened yet and as my dear old Gran says it’ll all come out in the wash.

    • Hugh Jars says:

      Another failure. Now being overpaid to talk ****e. Back under your stone worm 🫧🫧⚒️⚒️

  • weathamsteve says:

    Everybody making judgements already? Be fair the poor guy hasn’t even taken over yet and we won’t know who he signs until he does. Deeney and the rest of these so called pundits are guessing. Give the new coach a chance.

  • Deathblow says:

    He makes some very relevant points and what many West Ham fans think too. We West Ham fans are a difficult bunch.
    If he brings in several new players we could have the problems they’ve had a Chelsea, but we have to learn to be patient. Look where they are now. May be Poch is a better coach than JL. It remains to be seen.
    Let’s hope Timmy has a list in case it does go tits-up.
    Our big problem is Sullivan and always will be.

  • Bobby churchill says:

    He’s hardly ever been in the position to lecture others on anything let alone football management all he is is a pot bellied mouthpiece for tv winding up West Ham United supporters who are no different to other club supporters who only win 5 out of 25.

  • Carthorse says:

    He’s hardly moaning is he, he’s just stating the obvious, apart from his job being under threat in 10 games.

    Lopetegui is no mug though, look at his CV. It will take time for him to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of the players, how best to manage man manage individuals, assess what is required to make improvements and implement them. It’s the same for any incoming manager starting work at any company.

    You could also think of him as a top rated artist who is expected to produce the Mona Lisa using broken crayons, a blunt pencil and 5 litres of emulsion in a couple of weeks. It’s not going to happen straight away, he will need new equipment and patience is required.

    I am prepared to be patient and do not expect instant success.

  • Hammer64 says:

    I’m sick and tired of all these bull**** pundits making predictions about how we are going to struggle and be “careful with you wish for”.
    I’ve seen enough of the pragmatic and negative tactics and shacking our most effective players to often. If you never want to take that next step up and try and improve then why dud the board not give Moyes that contract.
    The reason is because we took to many hefty losses and not getting players in when letting Pablo and Benny go also no striker in 2 yrs which has cost us dearly. I for one am looking forward to seeing what Lopetegui will do and will judge him on performance and results as should all us Hammers fans should do . COYIS ⚒️ ⚒️

  • Graeme Duncan says:

    It’s a fair point and observation. We might not like it but the change brings huge risks with it so it’s valid.

  • Ironman Sim says:

    Deeney is a big mouth who claimed a few years ago that he’s better than Haller and Joelinton. Those two were struggling then and he kicked then while they were down. Now both Haller and Joelinton have come good, yet Deeney is still casting stones at other professionals who are better than him!

  • Gav says:

    We have got to give the new geezer a chance but Deeney has a point and who knows Moyes could be back by Christmas!

    • Brian G says:

      I can’t see any problem with Troy Deeney saying what he said. We will take time to adapt to a new set of tactics, new players need to be integrated and inconsistency is to be expected. Many of the west ham fans around me start moaning after half an hour, so all Deeney is saying is that our fans might put the pressure on lopategui if things don’t go well at first.

  • Martin Heyes says:

    Deemed may have been a better than average player, but he knows jack about West Ham. He’s perfectly entitled to his opinion, but shouldn’t expect anyone to think it’s worthwhile

  • John says:

    Wonker. Jailbird. Thug. Didn’t he just get sacked from a lower league managerial position after not very long?
    Knows a lot doesn’t he.
    Add gob****e to the descriptive prefixes

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