Gold: “All Sakho wants to do is play!”

Sakho whamactionDiafra Sakho was in training today and once again winning everybody’s heart with an amazing work ethic.

Everybody in the club has been inspired by the striker who almost failed to make it into the club until David Sullivan stepped in and rescued a deal that looked lost.

Now Sakho has become not only the man of the moment but almost a symbol of a Hammers season which just gets better and better thanks to his goals.

And in a glowing tribute to the front man David Gold – speaking exclusively to ClaretandHugh – said: “This kid is an absolute breath of fresh air – all he wants to do is play.

“He doesn’t appear to have given his injury a second thought. He just wants to be out there playing – it’s brilliant and inspiring .”

Gold added that over 20 years in the game he had seen those players who make “rather a lot of their injuries” but likened Sakho to youngsters in the park who play for the joy of it.

He said: “It really is so refreshing to find a player like this. He has settled brilliantly and everybody is affected by his great attitude. He  is a joy to be around.

“And to score in seven consecutive games is a near unheard of achievement. To manage that whilst still settling into a new country and culture is extraordinary. How much better can he get – we’ve struck gold.”


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16 comments on “Gold: “All Sakho wants to do is play!”

  1. Good to see you bigging up Davids role in securing Sakho considering SA didn’t want him.There is no clearer indication of his inept management and good for the Davids for reelingbhim in and laying the law down.

  2. Absolute rubbish the myth that allardyce didn’t want sakho. Allardyce always wanted sakho. Sakho was a target. It was just decided as sakho was unproven at premier league level and because of experience with maiga, to switch permanent signing to a loan deal Sakho had already had medical and deal was going through. When we tried to switch to a loan deal for sakho Metz threatened legal action against West Ham if we didn’t go ahead with permanent signing. It was at that point that Sullivan went back in and went ahead with permanent signing. Purely because Metz wouldn’t give him to us on a loan deal with option to buy which was most sensible deal considering maiga experience. Allardyce always wanted sakho whether it was a loan deal or a permanent one. Nobody could have predicted he would have been as successful as he has been. No doubt if sakho had been another maiga the anti allardyce brigade would not be giving credit to Sullivan for deal but blame would have been on allardyces shoulders alone.

    • You need to read sakhos quotes.

    • ‘I have always wanted to play in England and when West Ham came in for me in the summer, I thought that was it,’ said Sakho. ‘But then the deal began to fall through as I think the coach was having doubts and I was resigned to returning to France.’ Then Mr Sullivan stepped in and saved the deal’

      • Reading those quotes with an anti Sam agenda – “the coach was having doubts” – The fat northern walrus thought Sakho was a sakh-o-****. Shows what he knows. LONG LIVE DAVID SULLIVAN.

        Reading those quotes supporting Sam AND the club – “the coach was having doubts” – Well I guess it was originally reported as a loan but then Metz were trying to force us to sign him permanently. Maybe Allardyce was concerned about where he needed to spread the budget he’s been given.

        • the metz thing is a red herring and any fines would have been a cup of tea. SUNDERLAND DID US A HUGE FAVOUR by saying no way on wickham, Sam’s well known preferred target – so DS went back and rescued the Sakho deal. That’s all there is to it really. if people wanna makee a pro anti allardyce thing out of it that’s up to them but those are the facts

          • Agree there’s absolutely nothing to the story other than Allardyce not being 100% sure of committing what seems to have been the last of the budget/squad space for a striker on Sakho.

            The fact people are interpreting it as “Sam didn’t want him” is a bigger leap than Valencia trying to get on the end of a cross to the back post.

            Let’s face it, if Sam didn’t rate him he wouldn’t have got into the team so quickly after one bad performance from what appeared to have been the first choice XI at the time.

  3. Well said hugh5outhon1895. When I read conkerpots comment that quote from sakho came to my mind. I haven’t a clue were u get you information conkerpot??? You should read this page more.

  4. As Sakho is back in training does that mean he will be eligible for selection Saturday? I would feel more comfortable going to stoke knowing Valencia, Sakho and Zarate are available for selection.

  5. Coach was having second thoughts about permanent deal but still wanted loan deal. Coach was having second thoughts tells you that he must have had first thoughts? When wickham became a possibility allardyce was told that there was not enough cash available for deal but possibly if the sakho deal was switched to a loan deal … Metz threatened to sue. the last thing we needed was legal action and all the costs and bad publicity potential fines etc. it could have been another tevez saga all over again. That’s why Mr Sullivan stepped in and saved the deal.

    • He wanted Wickham. Sakho agreed a permanent deal and then went for medical on that basis but found, as he explained, that allardyce had cooled on it and wanted to change everything. Like you being offered a contract and then told sorry not gonna do that now.although doubtless you will say football is “different.” Regardless of that Wickham at 8m. REALLY.???

  6. Noone is disputing sakhos quotes or the fact allardyce was having second thoughts about a permanent signing. But to suggest allardyce had nothing to do with signing the player is rediculous. Sullivan is the man who has the ultimate say and closes the deals of course he does because he is the man who knows about finances and contracts and he is the man with the cheque book.

  7. You cant buy that sort of enthusiasm,but its infectious to others,it seems to be catching on.He plays like its a cup final every game,and it is refreshing its as if he would play for the pure pleasure he gets from playing.I’d love to see more players with his attitude. C.O.Y.I.

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