Gold claims Payet “insulting Irons fans intelligence”


David-GoldDavid Gold has told Dimitri Payet to stop “insulting the intelligence” of West Ham fans after giving yet another version of his reason for leaving West Ham.

The Frenchman had initially claimed personal circumstances but has since said in a L’Equipe interview: “Our way of approaching matches, the defensive system put in place did not please me.”

“You can say that it bothered me, yes, I got through games without any pleasure.

He added he had warned the Hammers he would leave but that maybe they didn’t take him seriously and said  Slaven Bilic knew that he desired to play elsewhere.

Gold however rapped :“I read these statements with astonishment and it sounds like he has been caught on the back foot and that much of it is gibberish.”

Speaking exclusively to CandH the co chairman said: “He talks about playing defensive football, well perhaps he should ask why he was in the team – why would you play such an offensive player in that system?.

“He came back from the Euros as a world star on a magnificent contract and he is now insulting the intelligence of fans who worshipped him with all thee different stories.

And let’s get it right – whatever version of events you want to believe – his behaviour as a professional football player under contract to a club was quite shocking. “

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  • mooro66uk says:

    Slippery little c#*t trying to find a way of making himself right. We bent over backwards to accomodate him and he shot us in the back. Not the first time he’s done this. Great player when he wanted to play, but we look a much better team without him. His behaviour and attitude to the club and fans that adored him has been disgusting. Now he’s forgotten his original excuse of family reasons and come out with some other load of bo££oks. What ever he says from now on he’s a quitter and a liar. Just a grown up who’s still a child and everything has got to be about him else he throws the the toys out. Despicable person with no sense of honour or respect.

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    Do you feel better getting that out of your system 66 😁
    He is a cockroach,historically he has acted like a pr*ck nearly everwhere he has been.Whatever he did or didnt get up to while he was here regarding his desire to leave doesnt change the fact he is a selfish little tosser 😬😀

  • John says:

    Yeah yeah but apart from that he’s not a bad lad is he? I heard he was good to his mum.

  • spas says:

    I don’t hold a lot of respect for someone who thought Victor Moses was our best player, including himself, He’s doing a Lampard, another player we were glad to see the back of, sour grapes.

  • master says:

    I like how one player has congratulated him on scoring against the bottom team in the French league. ONE player. A whole season and only one player made any lasting connection with you. Pratt.

  • Stan The Man says:

    Oh ok so now Gold is part of the cover up for the real reasons he left that some fans who imagine they are in the loop claim lol

    • Lots of different rumours on why Payet left but no proof and many potentially libellous if untrue, I am sure Payet himself gave many different reasons to different people including ‘family reasons’. As the old saying goes no smoke without fire but who cares. He has gone and we have moved on.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    There are no excuses for the way he behaved, he is failing at Marseille as he failed at our club because he is fat and doesn’t want to work for the team, some of what he said makes sense but even if that is the case it is not an excuse for letting your fans and your teammates down, could have been a legend but remembered as a bellend.

  • Max Willow says:

    There is no question that Payet’s behavior was unacceptable..
    However, he is quite correct in his assessment that West Ham have been playing a negative, boring, style for some time now; it brings no pleasure to anyone to watch our team flounder so much.
    Bilic is quite clearly an advocate of the 4-2-3-1 formation..
    This formation is often viewed as being somewhat defensive, but given the right players, it can be quite offensive and exciting to watch.
    First thing is that you need a striker who is either tall or very fast.
    This formation works well when you employ a central attacking play-maker (like Payet)
    The two holding midfielders must be fit, fast, and strong on the ball.
    The formation can work well with fast overlapping full-backs (like Cresswell and Jenkinson), or fast wide attacking mid-fielders/wingers.
    Unfortunately, for the best part of this season, we have been lacking the best players to fit this formation., but Bilic has been moving from one formation to another.
    In addition he has been playing some of our best players out of their ideal positions (Antonio, Kouyate, and for a long time, Lanzini)
    I have no idea what Payet said to Bilic when he was able to see our team ‘unfolding’ before his eyes. Whatever was said, Bilic would never stand for such ‘impudence’-he is not that sort of manager; he is the supremo, and will not stand for any ‘cheek’/piracy.

    At the end of this season, West Ham have to face the reality of their medium to long-term objectives.
    Is Bilic the guy who could ‘crack the safe open’, allowing us to reach the top 6 of the EPL on a regular basis. Is he as good or better than Ronald Koeman?

    Demonizing Payet doesn’t really achieve much, and Goldie may be better offer from restraining himself from making negative comments about Payet.

    If we want to see significant improvement in the next 3-5 years, it may take some major changes at all levels of the West Ham hierarchy. New manager? New owners? On the other hand, if you are happy to keep the mid-table mediocrity status-quo, then so be it..

    The West Ham Way is not a myth- we saw it work really well under managers Greenwood and Lyall. Will we ever see it played again in the near future.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Getting beyond ‘mid table mediocrity’ is going to be a real challenge whether we have Tony Pulis or Pep Guardiola. Our realistic challenge is to be solid top half. A lot of fans see this as defeatist I know, but I just think it is realistic. Most seasons there is a fairly narrow points margins between eg 7th and 18th. With two months left this year hardly any of those sides are definitely safe. Most of them this year have at some stage been looking over their shoulder at a relegation threat. We have to get over this stage first, as well as getting the debt down. Still not easy! Where we end up this season will give an idea of how close we are, but I think we will be writing it off as a poor one. A lot of hard work & long term planning has to be done.

  • Macca says:

    What happened to Leicester was fantastic,a fairy tale but it has also made some fans question…Why cant we do that?
    Well it was a total one off freak for a start and when the Premier League is back to its usual status quo we simply cannot compete with the top teams.Most of their vast wealth will see to that.

    Max i do feel that we haven’t played boring football all this season.As a fan fortunate enough to go to many away games we really have played some pretty decent stuff.Especially over the last couple of months.
    Our struggles seem to be at home more than away.Having said that i still think we have played some good stuff in a fair amount of matches.Though i get your point we have struggled as well in some matches.

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