Gold-en handshake backed by West Ham chief

David Gold has backed a golden handshake for outgoing Premier League chief Richard Scudamore.

Premier League clubs have each been asked to fork out £250,000, so they can hand Scudamore a £5 million payout. 

The idea originated with Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck, and it seems as though the majority of clubs will go along with the request.

It has been speculated on Twitter that Huddersfield, Wolves, Leicester, Burnley and Crystal Palace all declined to participate.

But Gold is happy to give his share.

Speaking to BBC journalist Dan Roan, Gold said the payment was right.

“It’s all very appropriate,” he said. “We’re all very pleased, the clubs will support the action.”

Gold also claimed that critics of the payment were “looking for trouble”.

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A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

7 comments on “Gold-en handshake backed by West Ham chief

  1. We’ll doesn’t that confirm how the majority of Premiership chairman are just out of touch and ignorant of what the true supporters feel; they couldn’t give two hoots about us, or our views

    • It shows Gold is so out of touch with the working man on the street, as is Sullivan and Brady. And all other chairman probably. At the end of the day he should pay the golden handshake money himself. More than that it shows football is out of touch with the man on the street..

  2. That is absolutely disgusting if true give the money to that poor little girl that’s fighting for her life ..makes me sick these people get paid horrendous money and you want to give them more …what is this world coming to

  3. So if someone has a differing opinion they’re regarded as a troublemaker?
    What a plank Goldie is.
    Personally I think this is a disgraceful decision. Scudamore’s pocketed million’s during his time in the job, yet the Chairmen want to ‘gift’ him £250,000?
    How out of touch can they be? If it’s true the likes of Burnley, Palace, etc have said no, fair play to them for having the **** and imo morality to reach a decision which I’m sure the vast majority of fans would agree with!
    For what it’s worth, if you’re feeling generous Chairmen, the Isla Caton fund is still light!!

  4. Why on earth would you want to gift a multi millionaire another 5 mill? That 250k could do so much good. How much money can one man need? He’ll be dead long before he can spend what he already has. This is so wrong on every level and Mr Gold has gone down drastically in my estimation.

  5. Scudamore has done a great job with the premier league taking it from the dark old days and turning it into the global brand that it is today watched by millions all over the world. He has made millions upon millions for every club including West Ham. He deserves a slice if it if you ask me.

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