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Gold expresses his pride

David-Gold-655775David Gold is continuing to fence off regular criticism of the club’s move to the London Stadium after events during the Watford gamecreated a media circus.

Amid a tirade of obectionable tweets, allegations that Karen Brady was spat upon and calls for the board’s resignation, the 80 year old co chairman continues to keep his cool.

And in a new tweet this morning he tells his critics: “What we have achieved in the last 3 years is truly amazing and every West Ham Fan should be proud. I am. dg

It was prompted by a follower ho said: ” 3 yrs ago we knew we had the OS, time to put in place state of the art planning – NOT. Even the retractable seats are on bricks!

Gold had earlier made his sceptcism of the issues surrounding the stadium very clear in a tweet when he said: “50 years ago we put a man on the moon.

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So I don’t think it’s beyond the wit of man/woman to solve the problems at the new London stadium. dg”



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

12 comments on “Gold expresses his pride

  1. So bored hearing about the ground ,how it’s not family friendly, how it’s toxic, how it’s got no wifi, how it’s going to be a better experience! Is it a football club or Butlins? What’s next? Trip Advisor reviews and rankings on Just Eat? 🙂

  2. I think Gold and Sullivan, not forgetting Baroness Brady,have only ever tried to do their utmost, to put us up with competing with the best,can’t praise them enough. I know I’m going to get slated.But in a year or so when all is said and done,they have doubled the size of the club. COYI

    • Ain’t going to get slated Baddow but because we’ve a big ground it doesn’t mean we’re competing it just means we’ve got more fans, when they start paying world class players 250k a week and nicking them from under the noses of City, Manure and those West London *******s then I’ll say we’re competing 🙂

    • I’m not sure your allowed to praise the board at the moment Baddow.Its banned.
      If you use blogs you must stamp your feet,go purple in the face & tell all who will listen you are not going back to the OS ever,ever again before flouncing off like a little school girl Lol

  3. No comment other than this.It seems that when we wanted Hippo out we were labeled as terrible supporters of the club & board because we were not behind the manager.
    However now we dont have temper tantrums every day about the stadium it means we must be pro the board according to some.
    Well no not at all,we are just sick of reading all the same whiners harping on about it on an hourly basis.

    • Rick pretty much nailed it mate 🙂 Rabid dogs when we wanted rid of the slug yet the same ones who called us that are now attacking the club daily on anything and everything and call themselves #westhamfamily ****ing hypocrites.

      • It’s strange how the criteria changes eh GW.We slag off hippo & want him gone & we dont have the interests of the club at heart & are p1ss poor supporters who aint supporting the board if we dont like their managerial choice…They constantly slag off the board & it’s because they are passionate about the club lmao.

  4. Some people will always complain, they need something to focus on, I try not to get too worried about it, we are in a time of great change for the club, the team and our support, mistakes have been made which is normal for something so huge, they will hopefully be dealt with, IMHO it’s ok to complain about some things for example the lack of security and the really poor experience of the new stewards, because they need to be addressed immediately, the rest of it will all settle down as we grow into our new home. In 2 seasons time which is likely how long it should take to fix the bigger problems we will have forgotten what are mostly teething problems, COYI !!!

  5. Lest we should all forget – in early 2012 we were playing in the Championship , very average first choice players , a subs bench which wouldn’t make our current 4th team , didn’t look like we’d be promoted ( play offs maybe ) , creaking ageing ground with 34k capacity if you’re lucky , struggling to compete in transfer market with Championship clubs – future dubious !
    2016 : Established top half Premiership Club , top players and stars in our First choice team , a very strong subs bench that can fit in at high level and would be taken by lower premiership teams if they could get them , able to compete in transfer market globally ( yes we’d lose out to Madrid , Barca , City , Utd , Chelski but let’s get real on that please ) , state of the art modern 60k + ground in fabulous setting / park with top notch transport links . Future BRIGHT ( little wobble on form / results but NO PANIC )
    Our cup is much more than ” half full ” guys . In addition we are owned by ” dyed in the wool ” WHU men ( not some Chinese new – money billionaire who is playing games and really doesn’t give a flying f**k about us and our history / tradition ) . Let’s ALL stick together – thick or thin results – the foundations are laid for a CONTINUOUSLY top level global club .
    COYI ⚒⚒

    • Very good points Brian

    • Well Said Brian. We’ve come a long way in a pretty short space of time. Okay there have been some mistakes with the OS, always going to be to a point, I was just staggered at to what degree and that they were possibly avoidable. I think some of this has come about due to the fact there are many parties involved, LLDC/Vinci/LS185/WHUFC.

      I’ve always felt the owners intentions were right, they do care, I don’t buy into all this “only in it for the profit b*ll*cks” and never have done, they annoy me on some stuff, but they’ve also done some really good things, we’ve had worse people running our club at times.

  6. Long term reader of the site but had long term trouble activating an account! Finally sorted and ready to go.

    Gonna start by agreeing with most on here. This whole stadium issue is a storm in a tea cup. Did everyone expect we would move in and it be totally rosy from the off! Have none of these people moved house before. We have moved to a a new ground which is almost twice the size of the previous place of course there were going to be things to amend. It will take a while for us to settle.

    What’s worse is all this nonsense about the owners, yes they get things wrong from time to time but overall they have done nothing but good for the club. All this, it’s not my West Ham anymore nonsense is being spouted by those who clearly can’t adapt to change.

    We are moving up, looking to increase our financial intake so we can start competing with the best. We have to make sacrifices to do that but if we stay behind the club then West Ham will still be West Ham. It’s the fanbase that defines who the club are and if lots of people give up now they will be replaced by plastic supporters and we will end up like Chelski.

    So my thoughts are stick with the club, work with them and let’s go into this new era retaining OUR identity. No board can take that away

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