Gold: “I told you so”


David Gold tonight told those who have criticised him for standing by Andy Carroll: “I told you so!”

The chairman has been the big man’s biggest defender as he has battled his way through injury and back to full fitness.

And nobody was more delighted to see the Geordie boy storm back to form than the co chairman who smiled: Ok I’ll say it – ‘told you so.’

Speaking to ClaretandHugh exclusively: “Its been a case of patience, patience, patience and I’ve told everybody who would listen that this is a great player who will come back to his very best.

“He played a magnificent game out there today – it was almost the perfect centre foreard’s game and I’m thrilled for him and everybody. No player deserves it more.

“Andy’s been forced to take a lot of criticism through social media at several levels and it’s been wrong. He’s a total professional and if he stays fit he can hit the heights. I believe he can and will.”


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16 comments on “Gold: “I told you so”

  1. I just rang into 606 (radio 5 life) and had a set too with Savage and Fletcher. (well more Fletch) I stand by what I said. I cant believe how Nieve they are being.

  2. Oops my comment is in the wrong article. Sorry.

  3. Lol Stinger.Wish I had been listening.
    Either Gold or Slav need to get their story right today.Gold is saying Carroll is a total professional & on the BBC interview with Bilic he is saying Carroll is a professional but needs to be totally dedicated to his career & football,lol.Think I will believe Slav on this one.
    Loved when Slav said Carroll was a pest to Arsenals defence & that he was molesting them,Lmao 😀

  4. What was it about , you’ve got me chomping !

  5. They had a West Ham caller on earlier saying exactly what many of us have been saying. Basically that there is no way the Prem League would want two unfashionable teams in the Champions League. We are already in danger of losing that 4th CL Spot.

    Should Leicester and West Ham (or any other non big team) make the CL. then neither would get very far and if we lose that 4th spot then the Prem lose a shed load of revenue.

    So they do everything they can to make sure that at the very least West Ham wont make the top 4. They have to protect Arsenal, Man City or Man United. No way along with Chelsea will they want 2 or 3 of those teams missing out.

    They said he was talking rubbish, so I rang in and said they were being stupid and Nieve to think it does not happen. It happened to Southampton last season and this season it is our turn.

    If Stoke, Saints, or any other unfashionable team were in our position this season, they as well would be getting screwed by the refs.

    Like the other caller they had no real answer when “Fifa” were thrown at them.

    All the wrong decisions that have gone against us this season has just been good old fashioned honest mistakes.


  6. It seems that way stinger ! 5 games on the trott must be a record , Bilic also thinks this but can’t say it !
    It will never be proved one way or another ,
    The tide will change when a video replay with a decision like rugby comes in ,
    Its inevitable !

  7. Good work Stinger.I am not a man who believes in conspiracy theories & the such like but there is too many now going against us that even I am starting to smell a rat.Especially after seeing Mangala for City foul the WBA player & no penalty given.He flattened him for God sake..

  8. Other sports have moved on so why cant football. It’s 2016. Far to much money involved now days for there not to e some kind of video technology introduced.

    Ref standards are getting worse and worse.

  9. Got to love a conspiracy theory. It’s like the one about how Carroll changes the way we play and is only any any use as an impact sub for the last ten minutes of the game. I’ve always thought That was a load of old rubbish myself. I’ve always agreed with David gold. I think Andy Carroll proved today why he was the record British signing a few years back. when he’s fit and firing he is Unstoppable.

  10. Back to the is Payet a Legend
    One game does not make a player,next week he will drop a bottle of milk on his toe and be out for 9 months,
    No one said he is not a great player when fit and on the pitch but can he make it to the end of the season and keep it going next year,
    If he does we are going to have a problem with Sak who does not want to be second choice

  11. Great perfomance from him, but one swallow does not a summer make.

  12. if sak ever gets back to the form he had in the first half of last season under allerdici. He’s had one or two moments but he’s not been the same player for me so far this season.

  13. Not the first time Carroll has made the difference in games this season. When he’s fit he’s the best in the world at what he does.

  14. What get injured? Lol 🙂

  15. Or make a successful comeback from injury. I guess Me and David gold are optimists and you’re a pessimist.

  16. 🙂

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