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Gold in shocking scenes after defeat

David Gold was tonight forced from his car by angry hammers fans following the defeat at Swansea. Here is the response from Hammers Chats Gonzo after the footage emerged on twitter.


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26 comments on “Gold in shocking scenes after defeat

  1. Absolutely disgusting, you people are scum you should be ashamed of yourselves, disgusting.
    If there is any blame the players are the ones who are responsible.

  2. The Clubs owners are not cut from the cloth required for corporate strategic leadership of the major footballing business entity that WHUFC is, historically, and could be once again in the future. They are self-made entrepreneurial types. They have’t got the mainstream corporate know-how. They should show their much vaunted love of the Club by ensuring a sale to credible purchasers who have the knowledge of today’s complex corporate business to turn the brand round. It’s at an all time low. And, like it or not, the owners are culpable for this decline in our name, reputation and brand.

    The fans are understandably frustrated. They spend their dosh for what is everything to them. Trust in the owners has evaporated in some quarters. Yet there is nothing to be gained from abusing Mr Gold. (or Mr Sullivan, or so-called Lady Brady, the acolyte and beneficiary of Tory Party neoliberalism). Other than a few moments of pleasure, perhaps.

    Direct the anger at the owners through boycotting games, and at Mr Moyes as the lacklustre coach, and more generally at those who have failed to deliver a credible player recruitment policy appropriate to a Club of the stature of WHUFC. My fear is that the owners will ultimately take us down the Coventry, Leeds and Sunderland path. Don’t abuse Mr Gold – beg him kindly to sell up to a switched on purchaser. That’s from a Shrewsbury Road East Londoner, two blocks over from Mr Gold’s humble origins in Green Street.

    • You show him a ‘credible’ or ‘switched on’ purchaser and he would probably sell. But please, none of the faceless oligarchs who don’t care or American chancers. Or Tony Fernandes….

  3. What’s being born in the East End got to do with anything? No one deserves tat abuse. What the hell is going on with idiots? Call themselves the real West Ham fans? Go on your poxy March. Several thousand fat middle aged men from Essex in **** hats and stone island jumpers talking about the good old times. Get behind the club.

  4. Out of order should not carry on like that Brady Sullivan and David Gold should not be treated in that manner fans if u can call them that should have more respect,go on a march if u need to,protest by not turning up at matches but don’t carry on like this in car parks at away grounds or at home,to be fair David Gold should know better than stop to talk with so called fans after a defeat like that

  5. anyone who doesn’t see what’s wrong with this, has the same problem as that women in the news who wrote a horrible letter to the ambulance crew who had parked outside her house tending to an elderly person. YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MORAL COMPASS. GROW UP.

  6. Without them we could well have gone bust, with them we may not be doing as well as we could. Ammunition to stop the joint chairman in his car and hurl abuse. Ashamed with the teams performance, but appalled watching the scenes from the car park. Probably the same guy who revelled in the death of Jake Livermore’s child. Not acceptable, not West Ham and probably not human.

  7. not ‘real’ fans either. more like ‘anti’ fans. go on your stupid march if you have to and see how much youre despised by the vast majority of ordinary peace loving fans. if we get relegated this year i wont be blaming the manager, i wont be blaming the board. i will be blaming the abusive morons within our own fanbase like the one in this video. like someone already said, get behind the club or f off.

  8. Absolute disgrace. This angry thug should be ashamed, he will bring more bad press, and will be labled a Westham fan in the media. He is a joke, I hope he gets locked up.

    Anyone who thinks this is right or OK because he is angry we just got smashed, is as bad as him.

    This is not right, this is BULLYING plain and simple.
    And since when was that acceptable.

  9. these abusive morons should be banned. take their season tickets away and and give them to people on the waiting list who genuinely want to support their club in a non poisonous toxic free atmosphere.

  10. Board out and replace them with who? An overseas billionaire who will buy us success? Negating our years of history at bringing youth through the ranks?
    The issue isn’t our board, yes they could be better or worse, the issue is money.
    I keep banging on the same tired drum, football is a business these days and not a sport. Ever watch American wrestling? It’s called sports entertainment, it ain’t sport. Football is fast going the same way, money buys cups and titles. Don’t blame the board they are just doing what they can to help make us more competitive, they probably saved the club from administration. But short of ejecting a multi-billionaire from their rectums we will forever be in the same bracket we are now.
    Apply a salary cap, apply a transfer fee cap, set it at a level that all 20 ELL clubs can afford and wait. Watch the playing field level out, do it across the footballing world. And then we’ll see proper competition. You think those making money out of football actually give a sh1t about it?

  11. Disgrace. Telling him to ‘leave the club’. What does that mean? **** for brains.

    I am ashamed of the team, I am ashamed of the owners, I am ashamed of those fans. I am beginning to think the only thing that can change things is relegation & a complete restructuring from top to bottom. It could be the end of the club as a PL team but that is only a matter of time anyway if things continue like this. Another low point in another low season. But none of that justifies that behaviour. I assume the bloke has driven all the way down there in dreadful conditions – at 82. He cares. He is doing his best. But it’s not good enough.

    After 60 years I think I should find another way of spoiling my weekends. Anyone for ******* golf??

    • I was thinking that way myself fella,clear the decks,get shot of dead wood get rid of fly by night fans and start from the championship. COYI

  12. Well said Gonzo,things are getting out of hand not been this bad since the bond scheme or Brown out times,but stopping Gold’s car is a step too far,I notice its never Sullivan who gets cornered and swore at,feel for the old fella if one of them is less culpable for the mess we’re in then its Gold. COYI

    • Cheers mate. Everything is so black and white to some people. It’s entirely possible to think that the owners have done a poor job AND to believe that sort over aggressive behavior is wrong

  13. I agree with the above comments regarding the abuse.But his car wasn’t stopped he stopped it.No one forced him from car Gold got out of the car himself.From what i heard the guy was stating that that performance wasn’t good enough etc.The only abuse i heard was telling Gold to f— off out of club at the end.For those that don’t like swear words i hear you! But remember this guy has probably driven hundreds of miles to watch that rubbish and spent a fortune.

    • The car containing the people who surrounded him stopped in front of him and he was forced to get out

      • Who forced him out ? He got out himself ! Put himself in possible danger ! Lucky for him they weren’t violent thugs ! They could have been anybody !
        The driver should have run em over !. Don’t know why they didn’t stay for a coffee and wait for the supporters to clear ! Especially after a defeat like that ! It was always a possibility ?

  14. Ain’t posted in a while and this is bang out of order but lies bull**** and talking ******** catches up with you in the end! World class players for a world class stadium and a hammering by Swansea says it all 😡

  15. So the march gets called off !? Its up and running again ? Gold gets out of the car ! Why?
    Pleads like leper then gets back in the car ? The filmer didn’t get one of the abusers faces on film ? Why not ? I do not agree with bullying old men women and children or in general , cowards do that ! March , set up committees , voice you’re opinion in facts and figures and try to force change which this club most defiantly needs ! For the record I don’t have a beef with gold as he’s being overruled by Sullivan who is the main man with the final say ?
    Understandable the fans are restless as we hit a new low yesterday and its the boards fault anyway you want to look at it ,
    The road was obviously clear in front of him hence the bibbing of horns to move on ?
    So why would you stop ! Strange thing to say as soon as you get out of the car ? I’m an old man of 82 ?? I disagree with abuse as said above but something doesn’t seem right here ?
    Was he threatened , was it shocking ! That’s down to the individual to decide ! If anybody broke the law I’m sure the old bill can do something about it ! But with no faces that’s going to be a bit hard ain’t it ?? Even the sun comic mentioned the march is off but failed to mention its on again ? Great journalism ? Bradyesk you might say !
    As someone said above and myself on a number of occasions it could get badly out of hand if they didn’t deliver their brief ? The film above is nothing to what could happen and I for one don’t want to see that ? But its a reality ! A time bomb ! Its their fault ! Does it matter who else takes over ! Are you content with this ? Are we on the brink of doing a Birmingham , Leeds , etc etc , yes we are , fingers crossed we survive and the board can start to deliver
    Their brief that has lead to the situation were in as its not been delivered yet!
    It will pass and there will be a change , what that is is down to the board !
    10 march is happening no matter what , so whoever is going no trouble please let’s give them the bad press they deserve and hope it livens them up !
    Up the hammers 😉

    • No emojis Laz? You gone soft in your old age 😂 But your spot on pal lies and bull**** have caused all this and last time I looked it wasn’t those nasty marchers who promised the earth and delivered nothing was it?

  16. Hello mate ? Where you been ! Missed you’re banter lol! 😂 they brought this all on themselves mate ! Kevin’s been on LSD lately , 😂😂 that lemon drizzle was a bit to much for him at the last church meeting ! I’m thinking of opening the salon and giving the boardettes a free blue rinse to calm their nerves 😂😂

    • Mate I’ve been giving it a swerve as the rabid dog in me is awakening again 😂 Been to every game including yesterday and we are an absolute shower of ****e with a load of overrated crap playing in our colours headed up by a geezer who ain’t no better than the slug 😡 But according to our Kev who seems to have developed a one way love fest for the owners it’s all down to the likes of me who spend my hard earned cash travelling the country every bleeding week and moaning about the fact we’re absolute ****e with lying gits in charge who promised the earth and delivered nothing that the results are crap!

  17. I know what you mean ! I’ve been trying very hard in keeping the dog on a chain for a while now ! 😜 toned down you might say lol! Its getting time to unleash the dogs of war on some of the tw#t boardettes that have invaded lately but tippex man will only spoil the fun 😂😎

  18. They should not of had a go !ike that but I can underside there frustration after travelling to watch that rubbish… Gold said come. on I’m 83… well there it is in a nut shell …yes your 83 so sell the club to a younger more ambitious person then gold and go and live the rest of your life relaxing on a beach …..I’m sorry but its there own doing …

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