Gold lifts lid on managerial search

gold9West Ham Joint Chairman David Gold has spoken to the club’s official TV channel to lift the lid on the board’s managerial search.

Speaking to West Ham Tv Gold spoke about the search for a new manager:

“It’s hard work, the fans have mixed opinions on who they would like but what I can tell you is David Sullivan is working (hard), I have never know him at such as frenzy, by that I mean he is buzzing and working all hours that god sends in an effort to bring the best possible manager (in)”

Asked about the progress of the search Gold replied “Every day goes by, it is a case of elimination. It would be lovely to have someone with West Ham history, that ticks a box. Β Having Premier League experience (and) that doesn’t mean English Premier League, that means a man who has managed successfully in the big Italian league, big Spanish league, the German league (or) a major league in the world, that is a box that needs to be ticked, we don’t want to take a chance.”

Talking about any up and coming manager candidates in lower leagues Gold added: “I am making this up but say there is a fantastic manager at Accrington Stanley and everybody is raving about him. We wouldn’t want to take that risk at West Ham. Untried, although exciting and achieving at lower levels, that’s not what we are about. Β We are about bringing in an established that has been there and done it!”

Asked how quickly we can all expect an announcement of Β a new manager Gold added “I would like to have (a manager) in place right this minute. It is delicate balance, we need to get someone in as quick as possible but by the same token we are not going to bring someone who is second best”

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26 comments on “Gold lifts lid on managerial search

  1. Good man,crack on & do the business fella πŸ˜‰

  2. Sounds good to me,but that counts Howe out,Bilic has not managed in the Premier of any of the big league but has played where does that put him ?
    Who cares it’s not the Hippo

  3. Beisla, that’s who’s coming…..! He ticks all the boxes, and then some managing internationally too. Ok he’s not got any West Ham background apart from he had West Ham wallpaper as a kid ;-)) Who cares, get this man in and we’ll get back to beautiful football.!!!

  4. I paid my first,and hopefully last,visit to Wetpants til they’re dry last night to see what the reaction to Sean’s trouble at mill comment was. Put that together with DG only ruling out the Accrington Stanley manager and picking someone from one of the Worlds major leagues and I’d say start buying shares in Persilthey’re gonna have a sh@t fit lol

    • Yeah there a bunch of real drama queens.Some good guys,many pant wetters πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh yeah there were a good few normal logical posts but the rest were all the end of the world is nigh head for the nuclear bunker merchants lol

  6. Well said DG, I believe in the owners… ahah, but hurry up, on the other site their pants are going to burst … lol πŸ˜€

  7. Hahaha Dangermouse they’re perfect they’ve got a reassuring dinosaur on them for when the cries go up Sean what’s going on? You’ve got to tell us is the sky falling in? Is the boogie man coming to get us? Is it the big bad wolf? Priceless! Lmfao

  8. Well i got some for the proper girly gum flappers as well!

    • Lol those ones will remind them of AC,who’s always injured. Panic stations! Panic stations!

  9. Statistic kings are banging on about Bilic being only the 53rd best manager i the world,lmao.Bunch of loons.They should go out into the garden & play with their My Little Ponies in their sandpit!!

  10. ahaha.. Danger, when they’ve finished your first supply, send them this one.. lol


  11. Bahahaha,if they are good boys & hush their gums today i will send them a gift tonight for being good boys!!

  12. In the end it doesn’t matter who’s the manager to the statistics till I die site they will moan about anyone. Poodle avatar will tell us that we should thank his messiah, joehammer will pick on any point raised and spout his tirade of bull****, they’ll turn on HH for posting on both sites and the clique will take over with tales of cake. It’s a shame because there are a good number that want the best for the club but the minority of the sam worshippers remain all proffessing they no everything about everything when in the end they know very little

  13. At least we can all have a laugh out of season with no football left to watch,
    Good game last night Matte,what I would give my right arm for just 1 or 2 of those players
    Even biter got the winner that must Pist the Kop fans off,
    Good to see a young manager with little experience win the 4 trophies,just goes to prove if you have the players you don’t need 20 years experience,
    Biesla or Di Cannio now for me

  14. Haha,youre bad lads,lol,but as bubs says at least we can have a laugh.I aint going to lose sleep over who we appoint.Aint got a clue what dribblepants say.What i dont read cant wind me up.If i want to read **** i would go to a Spuds forum πŸ˜€

  15. ahah… mission completed Quick, the promise is binding. I found this nappies line called “Bum Genius”… lol πŸ˜€


    Bubs: and I would give my left arm for one of those players: Neymar, Messi and Suarez are illegal … lol

  16. As clear as mud!

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