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Gold reacts as club issues season ticket threat

KarrenBradyDavid Gold has responded to those who have hit out at the club after a threat  to ban season ticket holders.

Vice chairman Karren Brady – in a statement on the official site – says: “It is enormously disappointing that a large number of children, elderly supporters and, in particular, those with disabilities had their enjoyment of these opening games affected by the decision of individuals in the rows in front of them to stand throughout the games.

As a family Club, with in excess of 10,000 Under-16 Season Ticket Holders at our new home, we believe it is unacceptable that the experience of our youngest and oldest fans should be affected in this way.

We would therefore appeal to all fans to show due respect and consideration to those around and behind them, especially for children, the elderly and those with disabilities, and remain seated during future matches at London Stadium.”


And she added that those who stand persistently are at risk of having their Season Tickets permanently revoked. We are obviously reluctant to take any such action against loyal fans, and we hope that we will not be put in that position.”

This brought an immediate response on Twitter with one follower of the co-chairman saying: “ 112 years fans stood at Upton park and now all of a sudden people are moaning. Joke.”

Gold responded immediately declaring: “Hang on if your 85 year old grandad was sitting behind you would you stand and tell him to stop ‘moaning’ dg”

Other comments included:  the end of the working class game trying so desperately to turn us into Arsenal  

What about the 10 year old girl sitting behind or the retired factory worker with a bad back?

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

12 comments on “Gold reacts as club issues season ticket threat

  1. What else do you expect at a stadium where they sell popcorn?

  2. I shall stay standing as as many of my mates and fellow supporters from the lower Bobby Moore stand have always done so should be fun next Sunday

  3. Better ban the stand up if you love West Ham song then. and also ban the stand up if you hate Tottenham song. That’s about five times every ten minutes then. Stand up sit down. Stand up sit down. I prefered the Mexican wave myself. It was all over much quicker.

  4. The ground needs a Chav Corner where fans can stand without penalty. They are the ones who mainly create the atmosphere. Accommodate, not alienate: The club needs to create a Chav Corner and a ticket exchange for people to swap in…. or out….
    and then get a RB…
    Sorted…everyone’s happy!

  5. why was it tolerated at the boleyn and not at the new place? one of the biggest worries we all had was recreating the atmosphere and that will never happen if were sitting down – just ask the gooners – lets not become one of those clubs where we are expected to be seen but not heard

  6. What about giving us our S/T so we can get in the f##£ing ground ? Before we can get the chance to stand up in the Gulag ?
    When are the old girl turrets going to be installed ?lol. Its a footballing tradition the up and down jig , you can’t stop it , p/c ain’t the answer ?

  7. Stand up stand up. …stand up for your rights lol

    • You may think it is your right BUT the Premier League rules say you cannot stand all game so respect the rules or go.
      I am 67 years old and unable to stand for long , what about my right to watch the game, I have been going to West Ham for 57 years and I deserve a trouble free view even if you don’t think so.
      So sit down and shut up.


  8. West Ham is broad church… surely we can all be reasonable and compromise can’t we? We moderate our behaviour/language depending who’s arround us, anyway, don’t we? Dont think there’s any need to fall out over this, or do our dirty washing in public. God, that sounds wet… sorry!
    Reminds me a bit of Father Ted
    ‘Careful Now’
    ‘Down with this sort of thing!’

    Anyway, good luck everyone. This is a great oportunity and we are West Ham United. COYI!!!!!

  9. I started supporting West Ham when I was eleven, my dad would take me, it was all standing but the kids were passed down to the front. Times have changed & seating is mandatory
    To me it is a bonus because I am now 68 & would not be able to stand for 90 minutes.
    The fans who wish to stand should be accommodated either at the back or on the running track so they do not interfere with other supporters or Children who need to sit down.
    However if the club cannot accommodate the standees then they will have to abide by the rules or take the consequences.

  10. Sorry but I think the people who stand when they know they have a kid behind them or someone older who can’t stand all match are ignorant b@stards.Only my opinion.

  11. Good manners don’t cost nuffin do they ?
    But when the ferret is up you’re jacksy when there’s a chance !!! Its bum off seat time !
    That’s never going to stop !! But in general you sit ? No pilons ,no obstructions !
    Rip half the seats out on the east side and its standing only and repatriate the sitters at the front !
    I’m a sitter with a ferret lodged , like most !
    Gone are the days of taking a home made stool in the north bank to stand on at the front ? Great memories though clarret !

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