Gold says expect at least five new faces


West Ham co-chairman is optimistic about next season and says he expects the board to add at least five new faces in addition to Andy Caroll, Diafra Sako and James Tomkins coming back from injury.

This latest tweet was in response to West Ham fan Russ Evans who messaged David saying “Rafa would be a good move David, hope you are well and looking forward to next season, I am”

In reply Gold said “I’m optimistic for next season. Andy Carroll, Diafra Sakho and James Tomkins back plus at least five new faces. dg”

He didn’t say whether that one of those faces will be a new manager.









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12 comments on “Gold says expect at least five new faces

  1. As long as one of the faces is to replace the enormous fat hippo with the ego the size of the moon, chewing juicy fruits slumped in its chair I am with Dave 100%

  2. Probably five from League One & Two that Hippo has earmarked to ensure another remarkable season for us next year 😀

  3. I have great admiration for DG but I hope he knows we only want to see one new face,that of a new manager. In 9,150 minutes he can make our long overdue wish come true

  4. Just had a look at a bit of history following Hippo’s comment about being better than Houdini, Managing our “crisis club” . . . taking on board current “play off rules” this is how West Ham have performed in the “wilderness years” of not playing top tier football . . .

    Well lets forget the fact that in 57 seasons since promotion in 1958 we have been in the top tier for 48 of them . . .

    78-79 Play off place (IMHO would have gone up in play offs)
    79-80 FA Cup Winners & Play off place
    80-81 Champions – record points @ League Cup Runners Up (after replay Liverpool)
    89-90 7th
    90-91 Promoted & FA Cup Semi Finalists
    92-93 Promoted
    03-04 Play off place
    05-06 Promoted
    11-12 Play off place (promoted)

    Just putting the facts out there about how “poor” our club really is in the big scheme of things . . . and how Hippo just got us up, yet talks like he is the “second coming”

    • The guy is totally delusional.He has absolutely no idea about our history i believe.Our history in his eyes is only 4 season long.The best times we have had as a club.Well in his over-inflated self indulgant mind anyway.

  5. As long as that doesn’t include Alex Song or Adebayor – new blood is badly needed to replace some ‘dead wood’ that will inevitably be moved on!

    Hopefully the ‘quality’ of the Squad can be improved!

  6. If he does no replace BFS I am not interested who he signs because he won’t play them any way,
    To replace Song,Jenkinson Jussi,O,Brien,Nolan,Demel,Nene Cole,Jarvis,
    That’s not 5 so is Nolan,O,Brien and Jussi staying with the Hippo ?
    We need clarity not more hidden rubbish,

  7. No Sam! No Nolan, good enough.

  8. I wouldn’t believe our owneers when they speak of five new faces coming in. That would just be replacing the likes of Nolan, Song, O’Brien, Demel and Jussi (maybe also Jenkinson). And we have seen that due to our Chadwell Heath induced injury problems (I think it’s a myth really, but who could prove otherwise ? :-))
    we simply need a bigger squad, so it’ll be more than five new faces. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s ten new players coming in, some from the Championship, some unknowns from Europe, 2 or 3 marquee signings).
    We are rumoured to be big spenders this summer, but obviously our chairmen won’t go out shouting that from the rooftops in order to not having to pay a premium on transfer fees.
    I reckon we will be very busy and we will start early. And with the Europa League beckoning this might give us a chance to attract better players and a better manager too. Rumours would suggest Allardyce gone (80-90 % chance), good!

  9. Remember,
    we have to off load, Maiga;
    Jussi & Carlton Cole & are out of contract,
    Nene, Jenks & Songs loan spells are up.
    So if there is only going to be 5 new faces, a lot of the old guard are still going to be with us to make up the numbers……Oh yippee Demel, Jarvis, JOB, and Captain Marvel will still be gracing the hallowed turf !!!!

  10. I hope it’s more than five as we have to get rid of COLE, NOLAN, JARVIS, DEMEL,MAIGA & O’BRIEN , so we need eleven at least.
    Get DIARRA ( free ) keep NENE ( free ) that leaves us needing 9 more if we want to compete in Europe.
    Say four more freebies and 5 decent signings that should do for the new Manager.


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