Gold sends Ravel advice

Ravel MorrisonDavid Gold has sent a new cryptic message to Ravel Morrison.

The 22 year old midfielder is reportedly suffering from homs sickness ahead of his Lazio experience and angling for a return home.

We reported yesterday that a Boleyn return was described as a “big longshot” by sources inside the Boleyn but Gold’s Twitter comments may fuel speculation.

Gold – commenting on a follower’s comment that Ravel could have been one of the greats declared : “I urge Ravel to look in the mirror every day and say to him self “IF IT’S TO BE ITS UP TO ME”

The midfielder is being linked with possible moves to Queens Park Rangers, Newcastle and Swansea.


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19 comments on “Gold sends Ravel advice

  1. Sort your attitude out and come back Rav, now’s your time to prove your not a complete waste of talent

  2. I feel that coming back to london would be a mistake, too many distractions. Stay in italy & prove yourself.

  3. Fuxk me,more Morrison ****.Lets change the name of this site to Claret & Morrison,bloody hell.Im sorry is he an Irons player again,have i missed something.Can we start having daily articles on Nicky Maynard or Papa Bouba Diop as well maybe.

  4. Enough is enough I agree with Tyson i like his football style hate his attitude but will not post again on him
    Let’s move on Hugh until a real story involving our club comes up

  5. Im Morrisoned out.He plays for Lazio,not us.Aint interested 😀

  6. Hahaha,i knew when i logged on there would be another Morrison story sneaked on here somewhere.Let it go Hugh,he has gone,lol 😀

  7. Not heard anything about young Rav in ages,what’s he up to?

  8. He is crawling round inside Hughs head tapping his brain,reminding him he must do an article about him today 😀

  9. Oh wow is that how it works chairmen send cryptic messages when they want to sign someone, i thought they used agents

  10. It is not a cyptic message, unless you think Ravel’s career is in the crypt which it possibly is. DG is just saying if I want to be a success, only I can make that happen.

  11. Englandsnumber6 turns up to have his weekly pop at an article on here.See you next week for another dig loser 😉

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          • Yeah he’s Englandsno6 but more Jagielka than Moore.Second rate moron!!

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