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Gonzo: Irons millionaires don’t give a damn – Hugill does!

The Gonzo has nailed it in his latest video.

We won’t give it away at this stage  just take a look at his assessment of the Saturday match against West Brom and why the Hammers are struggling so badly.

As the uproar continues around the club Gonzo is in a far more reflective mood and explains a brief meeting with a certain Jordan Hugill as he made his way to the ground for the game.

Hugill didn’t have to be there but in doing so he proved very conclusively one major thing. if he couldn’t pay for West Ham United he could watch. He cares – he’s committed and sadly he was forced to watch a Hammers performance that lacked exactly that.

Gonzo isn’t scared to name name s and points to one individual in particular whom he accuses of appearing not to give a toss.

Listen and make your own minds up because I came to precisely the same conclusion as I watched.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

18 comments on “Gonzo: Irons millionaires don’t give a damn – Hugill does!

  1. Watched this video this morning it is good viewing jorden huggil seams on this everdence to be a proper lad
    And i would say the other person he is talking about the man i consider to be the laziest man i have ever seen in a west ham shirt and thats haller he just dont look intrested
    the other is not lazy just really scarred of geting hurt again mr Lanzin

  2. Just watched the entire video , Gomzo had a point you could tell by watching then they didn’t give a damn . So Mayne MP wasn’t wrong after all it’s about mentality . It’s a shame cos as individual professionals you would think they would want to win . Someone needs to kick them up the arse and some. Ed also have other problems when you see the owners getting stick from sky and ex managers telling us how Sullivan boys players the manager hasn’t even been asked about . That won’t help when we need to recruit the right players. Oh dear we have many problems.

  3. Good points, eventually well made.

    Other things to consider, in no particular order:

    1. For the past 10+ years, West Ham have not been building for the future, they have been fire-fighting.
    2. What has been, and is, the so-called ethos of our club?
    3. Is a player’s character ever even a consideration?
    4. When signing a player, who, if anyone, does interview them that is capable of character assessment? If only the senior director, there is perhaps little wonder that a player’s character and wider suitability is not part of the process.
    5. Given the knee-jerk recruitment that has taken placed over many years, it seems it is only on a wing and a prayer that even the player’s skill and ability to last a whole game are hoped to be suitable.
    6. Clearly, unless actually injured at the time of the medical, a player is invariably deemed ‘fit’…….even Randolph.
    7. What is the actual involvement, if any, of the various management staff in the recruitment process?
    8. Would you work for West Ham United plc?
    9. Knowing one of the agents that is wrapped around DS, there is little wonder the whole recruitment process is a shambles and it needs to be further scrutinised.
    10. It is unusual for any such people who own and run a company to employ people more suited to the role than they themselves. Unfortunately that is why the likes of West Ham, Newcastle and even ManU find themselves in their current predicaments. They each have owners who care only about the short-term financial success of the club.
    11. I suspect that, even for money, many do not like dealing with DS and his compadres. There are other ‘barrow boys’ who run football clubs, but they do it with class.
    12. Most of the video points and the above have been evident for years. Still we complain and still we flock to be tortured. The 2nd part suggests that emotional involvement with the concept of ‘our club’ will continue to win out. I would never wish us to be relegated but the real test, this time, more than any previous, will be if we are. What is so different now is that we no longer have the security of ‘a home’ to be tortured in!!!

  4. Absolutely spot on Gonzo, well said.

  5. Let’s get Hugil in the team, I’d rather a player that wants to play for the shirt than one that doesn’t.

  6. This is what happens when you do not have a proper, long-term scouting department.

    You don’t ask:

    -Has this player been disruptive in other clubs?
    -Got many red cards?
    -Goes out and parties until 4 am on a regular basis?
    -Has a history of giving up when the team is 2-0 down?
    -Argues a lot with team mates during a match?
    -Complains loudly when left on the bench or substituted?
    -Becomes invisible during long spells during a match?

    If the answer is Yes to any of these, then technical ability is not good enough.

  7. I’ve been indirectly following Hugill since He went to QPR.I agree with Gonzo on everything He said about the lad.He has 10 goals up til now and is not even a starter for QPR.He has been injured for a few games and suspended for 2 .But bottom line He has 10 goals.Sorry, How many does Haller have ?Anyways,It was nice to see Gonzo expressing respect towards Hugill, because I remember when Hugill was released, both Gonzo and Geo were disrespectful towards his ability,when He got literally no opportunity at all.I wonder Gonzo,If Hugill had been following you on your weekly video chat.I wonder when you ran into him walking towards the stadium from Stratford station,He recognized you from you and Geo taking the **** out of him ? Probably not, because you said He was really nice to you.I would love for him to be an impact sub and start putting goals in the back of the net for us.

    • I said that he was overvalued at £9m, wasn’t good enough to play at Premier League level and was a panic buy at the end of the window.

      I also said that I felt sorry for him, was glad that he’d had the opportunity to earn some life changing money and wished him well for the future because he seemed like a nice lad.

      We had a laugh about his value and used it as a fluctuating currency hence the term “That player costs 2 Hugill’s”.

      I’d like to think that if he had watched any of our videos he’d hopefully remember the full account rather than selected bits. Who knows though?

  8. There was an interesting article on the BBC site about a week ago about Brentford and how they are forging success at what is a very unfashionable club. The club claim it is down to how they research and select their signings. They make extensive use of statistics but support that with in depth research of the player over an extended period before they ever make an approach. Their situation and status means that they simply cannot afford mistakes and so they have what they themselves call a “no ********s” policy.

    They simply won’t take players who they believe won’t fit in and are not open to being coached because the club survival and progress demands that they have to be able to improve all the players they bring in. How revolutionary is that? They aim to improve every player they bring in and the players must be coachable and open to the work necessary to deliver the improvement required.

    • The site auto deleted my direct quote from the Brentford spokesman, replacing it with ***** but just to clarify it was the more casual expression of a “no richardheads” policy.

  9. Agree on the attitude of Hugill disagree about him having a quarter of Haller’s talent, reality is a few percentage points difference.

  10. I think Gonzo is right, but maybe ignore that other teams also want those mentally strong and committed players?
    West Ham wanted to be the best of the rest as a first step, so we bought players that MIGHT have been able to play in the top 3-6 teams technically, but had one issue or another (injuries, attitude or whatever), something that made them not play in those top 3-6 teams.
    Players like Arnautovic, Haller (I still think/hope he can come good), Wilshare, Carroll, Payet to name a few. By bringing them in we took a gamble, but maybe it is also a calculated gamble, because if they had all the complete attributes; we would not have a chance of getting them in the first place? I think a lot of the “finished product” players that we have recruited falls into this category, something off; but we hope we can make them click. Right now there is absolutely no clicking at all, so all these players become “failures”. Would we be frustrated if Wilshare and Carroll was not injured all the time; or if Payet & Arnautovic had not forced moves? Probably not, and our club would probably be in a better state. The gamble has certainly failed.

    I don’t think we should go after finished product players at all, but look at younger hungrier players around the 7-20 million mark, where we might be able to get both technical skills and attitude; but they will also cost a lot of money (but then atleast we have some kind of re-sell value if they don’t deliver, and salaries are lower also). They would also be a gamble for sure, but a different kind of gamble; and I think that we as fans would be happier with a younger team with attitude, built around Rice, Diop and maybe Anderson & Fornals. In a more balanced team with more running and space creation, I think both Anderson and Fornals can come good – not giving up on them just yet.

    Anyway, just my thoughts!

    • Good video, and well made points.
      Also an interesting take from Ronny, I agree we aren’t in a position to get the player with the immaculate c.v. , so like many other clubs we gamble, but thinking back when was the last gamble that actually paid back in good dividends, i.e. performed over a minimum 3 seasons. I can’t think of any at West Ham or other clubs that you could shout about in the last ten years. Going back further before serious money started distorting the game these gambles ran a higher percentage of working out, Di Canio , Devonshire, Mcavenny or further afield Cantona, Worthington, Bowles, Gascoigne, Best.
      In todays game it just doesn’t seem to pay off.
      Food for thought.

  11. I would honestly rather Hugill in the team than Haller. I still remember the pre season gonzo video where he gave us all the impression that Haller was a next level striker, better than anything we’d had before. Reality is he’s worse than an injured Andy Carroll. I also remember the videos taking the mick out of Hugill. Quarter of the talent? I think you’ll find it’s a lot closer than that. 8 million for Hugill. 45 for Haller. Means Haller should be worth 6 Hugills. But I’d rather Hugill. Which means in my book a Haller is only worth half a Hugill.

  12. On a lighter note concerning Hugill, is in which context should his name be used, on our side it seems to have taken up some form of financial definition (8 mil) as recently heard ” He cost 2 Hugills” , ” Won’t get any change from a Hugill” , ” Not worth half a Hugill”
    Yet the confusion sets in when you talk to any Rangers fans, apparently down at the bush Hugill has a completely different meaning, which I’ve been assured is endearing and in no way derogatory, but when a player blasts over from a few yards out it’s known as ” Hugilling” from the verb to Hugill. As was seen when Noble Hugilled it at the weekend.
    Perhaps the man himself can put some clarity on this, or how he would like to be entered in the next Oxford dictionary edition. Hopefully before things get confusing and we start to hear phrases on the line of ” Paid nine Hugills for him and the best he can do is Hugill it”. Please can we get this sorted

  13. I know the PL is ‘the best league in the world’ because Sky/BT tell me it is & all the pundits are contracted to say it at least once every game (are you listening Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Lewandowski etc? ) So although Haller’s failure up to this point could be because the Bundesliga is rubbish it’s also possible that in his case there is a real player trying to get out. It is asking a bit much of Moyes to turn him round as well after Arnautovich, but maybe ??

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