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Gonzo’s big Benrahma question – what do you say?

Whichever way you  to look at it Said Benrahma has really not had a great start to his West Ham career after bursting onto the scene at Brentford.

He clearly has as many fans as he does doubters and sadly from what we have seen so far it MAY be that David Moyes is among the latter.

Gonzo did his exclusive video today on the CandH site – as he does every day – asking whether, if the manager had known he was going to get Jesse Lingard, he would have taken the former Bee.

His answers are interesting and if you slip across and give it a listen on the home it’s an interesting discussion to join.

Many claim Said needs a run of games to prove himself – which for a £30 million player (or close to it) – is a big ask.

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For that money you expect the finished article don’t you?

Given that Tomas Soucek came in for £17 million, Lingard could cost between £15m or £20m and Couval was £5.5 million it really is a big question.

Take a look at the video and give us your views.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

32 comments on “Gonzo’s big Benrahma question – what do you say?

  1. Moyes doesnt trust Benrahma and sees him as a luxury player who he doesnt want to indulge .I think it was a Sullivan signing and so sadly we will not ever see Benrahma flourish at west ham

  2. In my view you will only see the best of him when he has a free role as a 10, like he did very often at Brentford.
    He is not a player that’s going to drop in covering the left back, that’s what Moyes is after.
    For me we’ve bought another player and asked him to do what he hasn’t done before we bought him.
    He just doesn’t fit the Moyes mould, a lot of flair and limited team work ethic without the ball.
    But he always creates chances , something we haven’t got a lot of in the squad, but £25m, maybe £10-£15m , but that was the going rate then and it’s a different market now.

    • 25 million not much nowadays, Sheffield UTD bought Brewster for 23.5 million but not one single SUTD supporter went on to criticize him nor his price tag, Moyes is a nobody in the world of football, he’s won nothing in his entire career and treating Benny so same way he treated Louis Zaha at Man UTD.
      He should have been the man getting the best out of him not going public about his shooting, Benny should leave ASAP while Moyes still in place at WEST HAM but he can also be patient because he’s a one year wonder and he’ll definitely get the sack next year.

  3. I have to admit that I haven’t listened to this video, however in reference to the Benrahma discussion, he is a player of immense talent who’ll benefit from having a more athletic teammate behind him, if we could find a left footed version of Coufal it’d mask over his shortcomings, tracking back, even so, what he lacks defensively, he more than compensates for it offensively, being one of the few players who are comfortable receiving the ball in tight spaces in our team. At Brentford he played alongside Watkins, who is mobile, good off the ball movement and reasonably skilful, we have nobody with that skill set currently.

    Slowly, but surely the blend of players who make it a really effective team is being assembled, over the next two to three windows I hope to see a squad that is perfectly balanced and a handful of players who are upgrades on what we presently have, or at least complement the present squad.
    That being said, Benrahma needs to help us defensively more, same goes for Bowen.

  4. 1. Benrahma came from a Championship side, Lingard is a product of the Man U youth system (which produced Beckham, the Neville brothers, etc.)
    2. Lingard was already used to playing in the Prem whereas Benrahma needs time to adjusts
    3. I could go on but can’t be bothered. CAN WE PLEASE JUST STOP SLAGGING OFF OUR PLAYERS (Noble, Bowen, etc)

    • Nobody is slagging anybody – what’s the matter with you. It’s a question – address the issue not your hatred. For God’s sake man get a grip on yourself. It’s perfectly reasonable.As for Nobes I’ve just written a piece saying it’s time people stopped putting the boot in and i love Bowen.

      • Hugh, I’m deeply upset and offended about your accusation of hatred. Trust me, as an ex Samaritans volunteeer, I hate no-one. Having listened to the piece, hindsight is a wonderful thing. What I will say is, I don’t think the Benrahma deal was a last minute choice and feel that Moyes did fancy him as player which is why he was brought. I also stand by my comments that Lingard was already a proven Premiership player which Benrhama isn’t (although I hope he will become one). As for Nobes, your score of 3 out of 10 and suggestion you don’t know what he does, suggests you’re are putting the boot in somewhat. On a final note, I don’t care if your reply. Having read your site on a daily basis for years, your reply and accusation has upset me so much, I wont be visiting this site ever again. Bye

    • Apolgies John but capital letters talking about slagging off players when nothing of the sort is being done demands a reaction. We are allowed to ask questions without being told to support other clubs as a result of asking them

  5. I’ve noticed a difference in his game recently, previously he shut opponents down, would make a tackle would run at opponents, he has lost that, we now as a forward line back off opponents instead of forcing them to play, much in the way Fornals does and I’ve been one of his biggest critics, but perhaps it’s down to the tactics dictated by the manager.
    To me a backward step, you have to take the game to the opposition, make them panic and make mistakes and then profit from it.
    I would prefer to see the old Ben Rahma just as we did for one moment on Sunday and then he got taken off!!!!!!!!!

  6. Having now listened to Gonzos recording I believe that when it became apparent that his (Moyes’) choice of striker was “ ungettable”, he sanctioned the Benrahma acquisition as Lingard was always being courted regardless, as it gives him the opportunity to play a false nine whenever Antonio is unavailable. In respect of value for money, well that’s a whole different debate, our track record for purchasing over the odds and selling below market price is a cause for concern (Czech lads and Dawson aside).

  7. Moyes summed it up in his interview after the game when he said the 3-3 draw was a good result for West Ham. Unfortunately he is and always has been tactically poor and reverts to his natural defensive instincts when under pressure instead of playing his way out of it offensively. As such Benrahma will always be the fall guy if on the pitch at the time.

  8. I think Benrahma, has got what it takes. I see a very talented footballers that links up extremely well with the players around him. I think Lingard in particular links up well with Benrahma and enjoys playing with him. Take a look at the first goal against Arsenal. Benrahma was tight on the left touchline surrounded by Arsenal players. He didn’t play a negative ball 5 yards sideways or backwards. He played a lovely forward pass to Antonio which split the Arsenal midfield. Antonio went forward and Benrahma didnt stand still and admire his pass, but went forward pass Antonio taking a couple of defenders with him. Leaving Antonio to pick out Lingard who was free as two of the defenders had gone to cover Benrahma. Lingard then finished off superbly. it was a great goal created by 3 very good players linking well together. He also, in the second half went passed a couple of Arsenal players down the right and crossed for Antonio just to narrowly miss and hit the post. Another centimetre and it would have been a goal. I just fail to see how everybody doesn’t see it. He has not played badly in any of the games he has played. In fact many of the games we have won he has made a direct impact. Its up to the manager to utilise the flair players and create a team around them.

  9. OK let’s be positive – Lingard is a must sign – what a player. Benrahma needs to be coached into a more mature player – it’s his first season at this level. Boeen similar – he works really hard but needs a little direction. Coming through – Trott, Baptist, Alves, Johnson, Coventry. THIS IS THE FUTURE. So for now, continuity, look to sign a striker plus Jesse, and build!!!

  10. Benrahma is not living up to expectations. He is clearly talented, in a technical sense, but he just hasn’t been effective enough in a West Ham shirt. As an attacking player he shows nice touches but hasn’t actually registered many assists and has yet to score a goal. On defensive duties he is well below the standard required. This reached a new low against Arsenal when he constantly allowed Chambers the freedom of the park. He basically cost us their first two goals, and therefore the win. Leaving Cresswell to cope with both Saka and Chambers was just not acceptable. He should have been hauled off at half-time and replaced by either Fredericks or Johnson who would have shored up our left side. For me if Lingard doesn’t stay then Benrahma will have to be given an extended spell as a proper 10 to see if he can crack it. If Lingard stays then Benrahma should perhaps be allowed to leave provided we can get a decent fee for him.

    • If Fornals is fit Benrahma doesn’t play. Simple really.

    • Benrahma cost West Ham 3 points ??? you’re having a Laaaaf aren’t ya, did you really watch the game ? the 2nd goal was an own goal from Dawson and the 3rd was conceded just after Benrahma was taken off you lemon.

      • If you can’t respond reasonably with the attempted sarcasm don’t react at all as it will be moderated or binned from here on in. No need and it’s childish. We’re all grown up here

        • Hu really don’t like my comments do you, so you want me to say that the color of milk is green or else, let me tell you Mr Hugh that this comment I’m writing is the last 1 you’re gone see on your site and know you’re grown ups especially if you’re born in 1895 lo.
          good bye

          • It’s not your comments – it’s the tone as you have managed to demonstrate again. Goodbye. Thank you for saving me the trouble. Im proud to be running a website at 126. Thanks

  11. As a Brentford fan first and foremost, but a ‘London’ supporter a very close second, I’d always like to see players leaving us do their bit for another London team in line with what they did for us.
    No axe to grind either way now Said’s left us, but have to say that, from the televised matches involving the Hammers I’ve seen, it certainly doesn’t look as if he’s got the ‘free rover’ role he had at Griffin Park.
    Or maybe, just maybe (it’s a pet theory of mine coming home to roost) that some players only thrive with a certain ‘mix’ of team-mates around them. Impossible to replicate sometimes, unless you buy the whole team they’re coming from…? ( 😀 )

    • Pet theory is probably right Mark. These guys aren’t computer generated and real football is always dependant on a mix of players. What makes average players good is having team mates giving, moving and receiving on similar wavelengths. This can’t be coached – but can be encouraged. Said will eventually cotton on to what is needed and find his niche in our team.

  12. Sadly, the idiots in charge at West Ham have ruined Said’s career as well as scuppering our push for promotion from the Championship in one fell swoop.
    I’ve watched him a lot in a West Ham shirt and he’s a shadow of the free-flowing, dynamic and match-winning player he was at Brentford.
    He’s been told to do his defensive duties first by Moyes, who clearly doesn’t want him to express himself until you’re one or two down – you can’t have it both ways.
    Let’s be honest Moyes is dull. The only benefit of this current situation with Said is that it will make Ivan Toney think twice about going to east London if he has a choice.
    Had we kept Said we’d be top two so once again Ms Brady and Co have mugged us… that’s business I suppose, but it’s very sad to see Said playing like he does these days.
    He’s almost unrecognisable from the player he used to be.

    • Thank you Jim, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say in my last comments even though i said that i would never write another comment again on this site but this is definitely my last.

  13. I have been thinking about the Benrahma issue – I think that the current situation is – whether we play 4-2-3-1 or 3-4-3 – we have 6 players who are settled in the team (Coufal – Diop/Ogbonna Dawson cresswell Rice Soucek) which leaves 4 places available for Antonio Lingaard Bowen Fornals Benrahma Masuaku Lanzini Ben Johnson Fredericks – which would explain why a) Benrahma and Boweb dont always start and why they are often substituted. I dont think that it means that Moyes doesn’t fancy them – his philosophy seems to be that you dont substitute the defence but you do try fresh legs in the attacking 4 – just my take on the issue


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