Goodbye Marko say fans

Nearly seventy-seven per cent of taking part in a Claret and Hugh online poll believe we have seen the last of Marko Arnautovic in a West Ham when he waved his goodbyes at the London Stadium.

Despite the club insisting the striker is not for sale and that they expect him to honour his contract his actions and body language said something completely different.  After waving his goodbyes to fans, a straight-faced Arnie quickly headed down the tunnel without celebrating with his teammates and jetted off to Heathrow where he flew to Vienna with his family.

Pellegrini has remained tightlipped on the situation only saying we should know more in the next few days and that there needs to be a solution which satisfies everyone. Arnautovic is tonight reported to have told Austrian press that his time at West Ham will come to an end.

With nearly 1,300 voting in our poll 985 (76.95%) say we have seen the last of Arnie in a West Ham shirt while 295 (23.05%) believe there is still a way back for the 29-year-old striker who is West Ham’s top goal scorer.

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  1. Frustrated and disappointed. Just when things were looking up …

    Maybe he’ll look back in old age sitting on the terrace of his mansion with Payet in the adjacent rocking chair and reflect that he could have left a legacy of being a club hero in claret and blue remembered for his great football talent. But people have different motivations in their life and we are maybe not party to all his reasons. He could at least be honest and say he’s going East to secure the futures of all his family. But just how much money do people need? Displays no class, unfortunately. COYI.

  2. I really hope he has a change of heart and stays but if it does not happen then he should only be allowed to leave on West Ham terms and that should be the cost of replacing him, to me in the region of 60m. And if you think of it they are prepared to pay him 400k a week so they have offered 35m so if they really want him they should have no problem paying another 25m which equates to one year’s salary in China. If the club is not prepared to cough this up then let Arne contribute to the fee. His brother is no proper agent when he is coming out with things like we got him for nothing

  3. And include Carroll in the deal for Shelvey.

  4. Loads of speculation over someone who may or may not leave the club … Arnautovich needs to come clean and say something. . But all the while he says nothing the speculation grows . If his Wife wants to live in China ??? Then so be it ,, it’s a lucrative money incentive.
    The fan base have given him their full support whilst he was a number one . Now other players with ability have arrived on the scene he seems disinterested . It’s a complete shame that players can wield this kind of axe on a club that put so much faith in a player launching him into a position of possible Legend . We don’t need players like that . If he changes his mind then all well and good , but commitment to the club is paramount . If his only incentive is Big Money , then goodbye . It’s not as if he is so special either . There are a lot of similar players who would love the chance to prove themselves at West Ham United , playing in the Premiership . West Ham fans love a player who commits and gives it there’re all . If they fail it doesn’t matter as long as they give it everything . We are very appreciative fans but memories can be very long .

  5. I think we probably have seen the last of Marko . He has performed very well for the team since his arrival at the club but we don’t want a player who wants to go which would probably cause unrest within the squad. The team spirit seems good which was plain to see this weekend. Pelle is building a very good squad which is vital to become a top 6 club.. I am sure he will bring in a quality player to replace Marko if he does that I don’t think it will long before Marko is not missed

  6. It’s testimony to Pellegrini’s professional competence that he has managed the rumour-mongering over Arne with such tempered dignity. Without putting a dent in the newfound self-belief demonstrated by this team. Arne is a world class player to be sure. However, the confidence and harmony demonstrated by the team yesterday shows how far the club and team (these are different entities) have both come on in one year. The Club’s owners and acolytes have taken on the presence of Trappist monks, thankfully; while the team now has a coaching regime that is disciplined, intelligent and effective.

    Pellegrini represents the club with integrity and composure. His presence may now even attract ‘star quality’ signings as no other (recent) manager has been able to aside from Slav’s signing of Payet. and think back to how the departure debacle was mis-handled. This sense of class and presence that is now being reflected on the park is sublime. If Arne is outwards bound for whatever reasons – family, financial, a final big pay out – then bid him farewell and thanks, recoup his signing fee ‘plus’ a bit, and the club can shop around for a genuine striker.

    Arne is a magnificent player on his day but if he isn’t up for staying why not let him go with all parties heads held high? Provide no fuel to stoke up media bull**** that only serves to distract the fine harmony that Pellegrini is breathing into this injury-afflicted squad. Our loyalty is to those players who are dedicated to doing the business for now. Those who have got us to 9th and want to sustain this improvement. This includes celebrating Arne’s contribution while wishing him well for his future. Funds can be made available to sign proven striker; not easy, but essential because Arne was only ever a ‘make weight’.

    As for the talk of making a bid for Shelvey – shelve it! Surely the club is now moving forwards, not backwards.

    • Well said Ruffellite – bang on the mark

    • Totally agree Ruffelite this club could become a top side under Pellegrini players will come in and players will go, those that will go would have played there part in the progression of our club. We all have our opinions about players no manager will get it right every time regarding signings but I at this present time trust Pellegrini”s plan for the future of this great club

  7. Xande Silva, this can be be your time, young, ambitious and hungry.
    Marko has been great but if his heart is no longer with the club, call time. I’d much rather say goodbye and thank you for the good times. Unlike Payet where it was thank you but please just p1ss off now (my opinion). Of course the club need to get what Marko is valued at too and if his brother is any kind of agent he knows this.

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