Goodbye Mr Allardyce – full official statement

waving sam_allardyce_1528056cWest Ham have this afternoon released an official statement informing us that Sam Allardyce has left the club and is now part of our history.

In an official statement on the club’s website the following appeared as the game ended at Newcastle with another defeat.

West Ham United will begin the search for a new manager after the Club decided not to renew the contract of Sam Allardyce following the conclusion of the 2014/15 season.

Joint-Chairmen David Sullivan and David Gold  will now oversee the recruitment process for a new manager to lead the Club into one of the most exciting eras in its history.  The Hammers will bid an emotional farewell to the Boleyn Ground, their home of more than 110 years, next season before the Club moves to London’s premier state-of-the-art 54,000 seater stadium on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in August 2016.

The Board has already compiled a shortlist of replacements for Allardyce and will be making significant transfer funds available for the successful candidate.

In a statement, Joint-Chairmen David Sullivan and David Gold have paid tribute to Allardyce’s contributions and explained what they will be looking for in their new manager.

“We would like to start by thanking Sam Allardyce for his valuable work since arriving at the Boleyn Ground four years ago,” they said.

“He leaves the Club in a considerably better state then when he arrived and, for that, the Board are truly grateful.

“However, we have made the decision not to renew his contract, so we now have the chance to appoint a new manager with a new philosophy to lead us into two of the most exciting years in our great Club’s history.

“Our target is to recruit a manager that will build a team capable of saying a fitting farewell to the Boleyn Ground next year and do justice to the outstanding surrounds we will call home from August 2016.

“We have already been impressed with the quality of candidates that have expressed an interest in the role and fully expect to appoint a manager with the credentials to take this Club on to new heights.

“From our point of view there isn’t a more exciting job in the Premier League at present.”


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19 comments on “Goodbye Mr Allardyce – full official statement

  1. Hippo free zone finally.Superb news!!!!

  2. In other words. thanks but no thanks Sam.

  3. Should have been done a long time ago, 2 wins in 21 is an utter disgrace. There is not one player I am precious about keeping and never thought I’d say that. Better be a substantial transfer kitty or not going to be good, anything less than £60 million and we won’t attract any manager of decent ability. I for one do not want Bilic.

  4. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for their next announcement

  5. So long Sam we dont want you put that on yur cv

  6. Thank god for that. Up until Christmas I was giving the man a bit of credit and benefit of the doubt. Since then, I have waited for this moment. He fulfilled everything that was asked of him but we have had to suffer the negativity of his tactics and his stubbornness not to change things.

    I understand why the David’s did not sack him. They are business men and why sack a man on a huge contract and his back room staff, and then have to find someone else? But the ignominy of finishing below Palace (again) is too much to bear.

    Let’s get the right man in with fresh ideas and willing to spend wisely whilst bedding in some youth players. A man who will get the fans pumped up and passionate again. I have had enough of chore of watching this team for the last 5 months.

  7. Apparently the official site published the statement at half-time!
    I’ll thank BFS for one thing not being good enough to get us up in the top two in the Championship,because if he had been I would have missed out on that great day at Wembley which really was my highlight of his time with us


    (Neil mattefumi Armstrong)

    ahaha… yeah!!! I’m over the Moon, mission completed, West Ham is free and BFS (BoringFootballStyle) is finally out!
    I’m too happy, this is a (football) dream, we have been freed from (Sam’s) slavery!
    It’s a great, it’s the new (West Ham) indipendence day… lol
    And this is my last post, my mission here has been completed too (lol)… I decided to write here (5 months ago) because I couldn’t stand by; I thought “Ok, I’m here in Italy, I can’t go there, I have to find a solution”. So I started reading this site and I found it interesting, balanced, professional and amusing. Why not? I want to be a little voice against BFS through the power of internet! …
    Well, that felt even better than I thought it would: cyber wars (lol), lots of laughs, BFS declined in all the possible ways (ahahah), cyber enemies (Conker… peace&love ;-)), and cyber mates ;-)… BFS Brigade vs Sam Lovers, “good” vs “evil”, Nolan&Carroll vs Valencia&Sakho, long balls vs entertaining football, Joker (aka Sam) vs Batman, etc. etc.
    At first we were a few against many, but little by little we became many against few… thanks to the reason, thanks to the logic, through our passion for this club and for the entertaining football.
    Ours is a little nice story, a little football story, but maybe a little positive life story: never give up if you think to be right (having fun).
    And I just thought to myself “I won’t stop until he’ll go (such a hero, ahhaha)”. And we did it (here and everywhere except for wet pants lol).
    I don’t live in England, I’m not English, but I like thinking I’ve been a microscopic part of this “great victory”.

    And now it’s time for special thanks: first of all Hugh, congratulations for your honest, professional and continuous job; my special old cyber mates (since the beginning) of the BFS Brigade: General Bubs, Colonel Rads and Sergeant Tyson… mates of many cyber battles and lot of laughs (lol); the other cyber brave soldiers-mates: Chicken, Stew, Quick, Stuck, Boys, Twinkle, GW, Hamburg, Navajo, Dainon, …; Conkerpot & The Sam Lovers (you have been my nemesys, I’d be nothing without you… lol) ; and last but not least… yes you, BFS: thanks to your pathetic excuses, long balls, your stubborn mentality, you lying on the bench chewing gum, your muppets carrollandnolan (they are only one word), your big little Ego, your empty trophy cabinet, your boring defensive football, your “respect the point” philosophy… thanks to all this I’ve been here and I’ve lived this strange and nice adventure.
    It was a tough (cyber) battle and now it’s time to go, I’m tired (I wouldn’t be focused on the future topics :-)), but I’m finally happy… I go back to my (empty) harem… lol

    See you my friends, thanks for this strange and amusing experience… long life to Claret & Hugh.


    I’ll always remember the Genius with this cunning look… http://www.matchpint.co.uk/imagenes/userfiles/images/139739305.jpg


    Matte (the former stats guru & Italian Ambassador) 😉

  9. Haha,i think you are maybe happy matte.But still the sammerettes fight on on wetpants 😀

  10. Thanks matte,but dont go,still the sammettes might rise again like apes from the planets.Your work is not finished my friend 😉

  11. Haha Matte grazie il mio capitano Italiano

  12. A big clear out now and young, athletic players in – let’s hope the new guy is given the support to do the job!

    It’s a massive job, the team is not good enough, the Squad is weak, huge rebuilding is required – loads of dead wood needs to be ditched and new blood required!

    The King is dead – long live the King!

  13. So, we finished up back in the bottom half in the end, proving that all Sam achieved was to get the team to tread water.
    Now we wait for the second half of this drama to unfurl. Will we get it right this time and, more importantly, can we get it right. Is there a quality manager out there who not only wants the job?

  14. Matte just read what canchaz has posted and you know your job is not finished,
    The new manager and the loyal fans are going to need all our support to go forward BFS has put this club back 3 years and we need to rebuild it
    Where are you tonight Kevin,spoonie,conkerpot,banjo,Ro now either pull with everyone else or leave our club with your Man,there is no place for anyone who is going to pull this club any lower,

    • Haha,Matte is leaving too early.He thinks his mission is complete but it is not.Matte comeback,put that woman down & complete what you started,lol 🙂

  15. Matte please don’t leave since I first deciding to post on here you’ve been so friendly and made me laugh so much. We need our Italian ambassador to keep fighting the good fight

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