Goodbye to one …big doubt over other

emenikeWest Ham are close to making the final decision on Alex Song’s future at the club.

The midfielder had hoped to land a two year deal at the end of the summer but that is now looking increasingly unlikely after he has been missing from the team over recent weeks.

That is understood to be as a result of the normal procedure of loaning clubs placing a clause in the deal that sees the deal become automatically permanent should the player make a certain number of first team appearances.

ClaretandHugh was told: “There’s still time for Alex to earn his deal but the jury remains out at this stage.”

Meanwhile Emmanuele Emenike will be rejoining his parent club Fenerbahce at the end of the season as the Hammers boss Slaven Bilic clears the decks to bring in his big striker signing.

We were told: “Emmy has done well but it’s now well known we are ready to go in for one of several big strikers and that changes the game.”


About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

45 comments on “Goodbye to one …big doubt over other

  1. Hi guys new to the site.Have only just discovered it in the last few days.Great articles.I loved the Paolo video clip,superb.Seem to have found myself banned from WHTID,lol.Que sera sera.

    • Hi Guys
      I’m not banned from anything yet but theres always time .

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        • No idea what happened with anyone but then again I don’t care either way
          my thought is that we all support one club.
          As for me p45 & gobby have their own style and why not?

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  4. Hahaha,it was probably ‘JILL’ or whichever weirdo on there makes up email accounts & calls themselves Jill,lol πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Emmy has done OK,wouldnt want to keep him though but Im still in two minds about Song.Really aint sure.
    Easiest way to not get blocked or banned on Dribbledownyourlegs.com is to not make an account,then the big shots cant pick & choose who they want on there.You clearly wasnt intelligent enough Gobster πŸ˜‰

  6. Sorry to hear you got bamned Gobby, not sure what your name was over there or why. Things appear to have gone a little bit weird lately, loads of arguments and clearly people getting a bit touchy. I have to be honest whoever posted under the name of bullet or bullet reloaded, made me chuckle with the recipes, lol. No idea why someone would post just to have a pop at P45 or for someone to post as LLH over herre…..all seems a bit pointless to me. The deleting of comments has been a bit strange as well.

  7. Thankyou WHU.I was Gobshi*te,maybe my name wasnt liked by someone.My nephew actually told me about the site & set up my account for me.Seems I was not wanted,lol.Maybe the name was offensive,who knows.No biggie though,it’s fine.Don’t really think it was somewhere i would have stayed long anyway.Seems to be bedlam on there most days with too many political rants.Be good & thanks again.

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          • Ok mate

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          • No I wasn’t FrankieMac.Certainly wasn’t going to put up with your bullsh#t like others.You seem to be really popular on there at the moment.How many others have you upset in the last few days eh???
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        Btw whats cry & singe?

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  9. Bloody ‘ell he is a real charmer ain’t he.Must be intelligent though so he can stay.Don’t say too much though,you will have Liddys Lonely Hearts turn up,lol

  10. Did not think Song would stay once Noble ,Obiang and Kouyate all came into form,
    Poyet will go as well unless Slav likes what he sees the new boy from Germany will mean overload as Tomkins and Oxford can play in that role are well,
    Emineke was never staying unless he scored nearly every game and we are not short in that position with AC Valencia and Antonio can fill in if Sakho is absent again Lee will probably go as well as he has not made the grade,
    I expect Callum and Samulsun to come into the first team squad as well,
    We are not short now it’s class we now need and Henderson and his team mates do not fit into that group

  11. Think Song has shot his bolt Bubs…..I can’t see us offering him a deal. Not sure about Samuelson, if he’s ready yet….he’s not played all the games at Posh. Perhaps another year down there or the champs?

  12. Possible past his best,never did anything in Spain and has one in five good games for us
    I can see us in the future just using Kouyate and playing more skilled players in front,
    I even think Noble will be seat warming next season,
    Antonio works hard enough to cover the space with Payet and Lanzini being starters
    Valencia and Sakho being the starters If we push AC will come in if we defend harder Obiang,
    It might be a white knuckle ride at times defending but great to watch
    We will need a cover for Sak who has similar attributes
    But Song not at his wages just does not fit

  13. Oi Oi,stand by your beds,got a whole squadron of WHTIDs landed tonight.Do we have the best silver out lads.Bone China tea cups all round.Apart from the cross-dressing geezer Liddy Lonely Bolloxs.He gets nothing for being a coward.Custard Cream or Bourbon anyone? Lol

  14. Love to dunk a Bourbon in me cuppa,lol.
    Anyways,what is it with all these Wetpants who come here hidden behind girls names,has that place got a section of pre-op trannies on it,ha ha

    • For your info W H Ex
      Viagara added to tea bags doesn’t enhance tour sex life;;;;;;
      but it stops your biscuit going soft.

  15. ahhaah… what the fu#k is going on now??? An alien invasion… special effects better than “Indipendence Day” and “War of the Worlds” combined. … nappies in all directions …back to my bunker eating popcorn and drinking diet cola… loool πŸ˜€

  16. Lol,wheres the ban button.Is Wetpants the only site with a ban button.Actually I prefer to keep LiddysLH on here.Don’t think we have had a she male on here before,lol

  17. WTF??? I mean seriously wtf is going on.Go away for a bit,come back & it’s like a battleground.I’m all for a bit of site to site banter but f*ckin hell this is mad & who the ‘kin hell is liddys lovies or whatever it is,lmfao.Another nappy wearer I guess.Jesus Christ πŸ™‚

  18. We are an equal rights site now Rads,it’s my fault I wandered over to the wet side and left a back door open,
    I now think I might be dyslexic or is he some one else we might be signing,

  19. Lol,always dangerous to leave your back door open bubs,especially with these transexuals that seemed to have appeared on here,liddys lonely hearts.Wtf is all that about General? πŸ™‚

    • Had a giggle at that rads ,lol, at least everyone can have some fun in the break !
      Wet pants love singing their own praises so much they should be named the TENNA,s
      If you get my gest ?
      Great news about the O/S 6000 extra seats just been confirmed !

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