Government petitioned for 2006 FA Cup final replay


WestHamAn online petition by EU remain supporters has received over 3.6 million signatures since Friday cashing the government website at one stage.

This petition has spawned a number of parody petitions on social media including one by a West Ham supporter whose setup a new petition on the Government and Parliament website demanding a replay for the 2006 FA Cup final between West Ham v Liverpool because they were unhappy with the result.   Unfortunately the government website rejected petition because it did not confirm the petition standards claiming it was “not something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for” , “about something that’s the responsibility of a devolved body” and “nonsensical, or a joke”

Where is their sense of humour? Other online petitions include the replay of England v Iceland Euro match if England lose tonight and the redrawing on the National Lottery number after millions didn’t win on Saturday.

At Claret and Hugh we don’t care which way you voted in the referendum because we are not non political as a football site but this FA cup final petition did make us  smile this morning amongst the non football headlines of doom and uncertainly for the UK this morning.

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  • SXHammer says:

    The EU Referendum re-vote petition is an elaborate ruse Sean, it’s the 4 Chan hackers group pranking the Remain voters with a bot-robot to create fake signatories so the 3.6mil is fake and will likely remove the petition this week

  • johnboy says:

    I think that all remain losers should put their faith in the e,u, by leaving this democratic country of ours and get one of those many jobs on offer in europe and rub shoulders with the undemocratic mob they think so highly of ! And in return relieve the housing shortage and create mass apprenticeship s for our own countryman to achieve their right to work ,
    I mean after all didn’t we stop apprenticeships in our e.u agenda to allow cheap labor from abroad ,??
    I would call that treasonous !!!
    All remain MPs should resign , it must be a leave gov that takes us out of that s#ithole,

    • MonkeysBellend says:

      Good news johnboy; you’ve got Shakespeare on your side:
      Hamlet speech to the players: “That’s villainous, and shows a most pitiful ambition in the fool that uses it. Go, make you ready.”…Stuff that up the backsides of all those Remain voters (of which, being a Bellend, I happen to be one)…

  • MonkeysBellend says:

    Er…does this mean the Cup Final won’t be replayed after all? Sounds undemocratic to me! I demand it is replayed, and replayed NOW!

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