Gracious Adrian’s big Hart welcome

Adrian San MiguelSince summarising my feelings on the Joe Hart deal last night and following a great discussion on the ClaretandHugh Facebook forum @https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ I accept that despite the lack of “to buy option” this is good business by the club.

Truth is of course that contracts and clauses mean very little these days and any number of reasons could be given this time next summer for the England keeper to decide against staying.

Welcome Joe – hopefully you are here for a long time to come!

However, the response from Adrian given the circumstances has been absolutely praiseworthy and demonstrates why he has become such a favourite with the fans although there may be a hint of annoyance with David Sullivan who claimed Joe Hart was the best keeper with whom he has worked.

Crystal Palace and Newcastle are apparently both interested in signing Adrian but for the time being at least Adrian has reacted graciously and generously to the news of Hart’s arrival.

Taking to Twitter on his official account the Spaniard declares: “Thanks for your sincerity. But you still “having two great professionals respecting, fighting & defending this badge.”

Pure quality from a top bloke!



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42 comments on “Gracious Adrian’s big Hart welcome

  1. Well said Hugh. I woke to the same conclusion this morning, see below, key will be further quality signings and a top 4 finish. I’m genuinely excited about this season as our signings so far, and I think to come, are a serious statement of intention. It really is time those that only want to undermine the board and the club got behind them. It’s a massive season for us is 2017/18 and all the fans behind the club would make a real difference. We want our owners to build and to my mind this lot are.

    • Building what though John,
      Hart is a great player, but, will only be good signing if he stays longer than 1 season.
      Personally i would of preferred buying younger players that have a future that will either stay and push us on, or if we sell them we get good money.
      Zabaleta, hart, even if we get Arnautovic, all good players but their shelf life is dwindling.

  2. not sure Adrians tweet is that welcoming,
    i think he’s saying to DS, don’t disrespect me or Randolph

    • Maybe – not sure he disrespected him though in real terms Nige. Think the fact is SB has never really rated either of them

      • i read DS article and can see why he said what he said, i can also see why Adrian is peeved, he’s been replaced by a loan signing possible here for just 1 year, while adrian is supposedly here for longer. But i would add that if Adrian had been on the top of his game last season, i doubt we would have felt the need to loan Hart.
        I hope that we can convince Hart that this is the place to stay in the year he’s here. possibly best keeper since Big Phil in my book

        • As someone else pointed out in a previous piece last season Adrian was replaced by a player on a free from the championship.That should have given him a shot in the arm and i hope it does because i like the fella.

        • Yeah I get all that Nige and agree with your conclusion on Joe, who is a cracking bloke as well. Think Adrian is a top bloke but may have been a tad precious given Hart’s status in the game. Having said that DS may have used a different form of words

      • Im not surprised he has never rated either of them Hughie they proved last season they can both be liabilities.

  3. Nigel re your comment at the top, I feel I’m probably wasting my time reasoning with you because you won’t hear no good regarding our owners or the stadium. Don’t get me wrong I respect you. Ecause you have been consistent in your views and you do try to justify them with reason. My problem are with those that simply sit on the blog from 7am to 11pm slagging off the club.

    In terms of building, I think the stadium is just that. That will be our 70,000 capacity home for the next 98 years. We will own it we will run it we will modify it. You and me won’t agree on that but that’s my opinion.

    The squad, we already have 7/8 top class players on long contracts. I think Zaba at 32 will be awesome for the next couple of years. Hart I think will stay if we do well this season. Honestly I think he will love this club. Now, the next bit is my assumption, Arnie and Chico will complete a great window and represent building this club. Quina Burke Rice and another 2 from 5 will I think break thro.

    I’d love you to be won over to be honest, some of the other mugs I couldn’t care less about lol.

    Feel the love 😂😂

    • Your right John, we won’t agree, but i can see why you hold those opinions.
      if, and i reckon we will, get Arnie and chico then we have signed 4 top first team players, i would still prefer the younger players though.
      spurs were no bigger club than us, but they recruited young players that are either still there or they have sold for millions, which does make their leaving more palatable.
      We need to emulate that to overtake them, buying players aged 28 or over won’t do that.
      Our stadium income is now nullified by the TV money at present so the best way to bring income in by trading your players, something we have not done that well at.
      That is my only concern, i reckon with those signings we will get top 10, possibly push for 6-7th spot but if we cant keep progressing then the top players will stop coming.
      west ham should not be run as a season to season concern, long term planning will be the only way for the owners to achieve the dream they sold the fans.

      • They sold a dream to some fans who live in a fantasy world and believe the titanic still sails between britain and the us.Most fans didnt believe it all but still dont feel the need to bite DS and DGs arses all the time like some other losers.

      • I think we are 2 years behind Spuds but catching fast. I think Wembley will set them back and I think the acid test will be where we are on the day they open their new toilet. That’s a big test for our board, 2 years to catch or get close to the Spuds. They’re on par with Everton now and we could actually fare better this transfer window than them given that we haven’t lost the spine of our team like they have.

        There is currently an elite top 6 and we are not in it. There needs to be an elite top 8 and we need to be in that. If we are then we are building and top 4 will not be beyond us. That’s my view anyhow. This board for all their faults and they have many are the only owners that have given me the confidence to dream.

    • Signing players like hart zaba and hopefully hernandez is more about the fact these players are coming to us.If it makes other proven premier players with good pedigree come then it will be beneficial long-term.

      Its a bigger picture than how much they have left in their legs,which in the case of all three is most likely a fair bit,especially hernandez and hart.

  4. I for one thought we needed to strengthen the GK position as it cost us a fair few points last season even though I like Adrian. Hart is an improvement but I really hope we don’t sell Adrian especially to another PL team. This time next year we may end up with Randolph as our only keeper. Loan Randolph to a Champ team and keep Adrian as backup.

  5. Can’t argue with the signing of Hart. Would be better if it was permanent rather than loan but there you go. I still rate Adrian though and hope he’s the one competing with Hart for the shirt next season. Hernandez is the one I think we really need, and Arnautovic would be a good addition. Snodgrass or Feghouli to leave?

    • Hernandez, Arnautovic plus another striker perhaps Andre Gray and I’ll be happy. I’d prefer to keep Snods over Feghouli only because of his PL experience but both much of a muchness..

  6. Im convinced Adrian will get over this faster than the lame ducks who put every comment DS makes under the microscope!

  7. I’m a huge Adrián fan – gets the crowd going, scored that penalty – took his gloves off. Amazing. Don’t particularly rate DS for saying Hart’s the ‘best keeper he’s worked with’, bit out of order. Anyway – onwards and upwards – Hart has a real point to prove and only a couple of seasons ago he was top quality. If we can get Zaba, Arnautovic, Hart, Hernandez and a couple of younger prospects that really is a cracking window – and we haven’t lost our best player like Everton.

  8. Double standards again. Some of the folk bemoaning the effect Sullys comments may have on Adrian are the same ones who frequently brand the board with insulting names with no consideration of the effect it may have on them. Can’t have it both ways lads.

  9. All a bit boring really.Have we signed Neymar yet.I heard we were thinking of dropping an extra mill on top of PSGs 196mill offer 😀

  10. Please don’t mention what a great player he is Rads. It might upset our other forwards.

    • Never mind upsetting the forwards you should be more worried that Kevin would fall into a state of distress if his caped Poppodom wasn’t treated with respect 😆😆

      • I did tweet that Hart was the best goalkeeper i have paid to watch,still waiting for Adrian to get back to me 😂

  11. We didn’t need Him . Wants to rebuild his reputation . Has dropped howlers right left. ( mainly left ) and centre , but somehow is considered by the disrespectful Sullivan to be far better than Adrian . Adrian has dropped some changers , don’t get me wrong but , Hart has dropped more . Pointless signing . But if it sells tickets and tee shirts ??!! .

  12. Yeah ok we didnt need him Kevin.Randolph & Adrian were superb last sea…. its pointless caring on 😀

    • Lack of long hair or a bun and anyone’s a poor signing Rads 😆😆

      • Can you imagine if we hadnt signed another fella between the sticks and last seasons frailities were shown this season by the keepers.There would be murders fellas

        I have lost the will too live when i read the we dont need another keeper comments.

    • Not on here for an argument . It’s just my opInion but , without the bad language .
      If you really think that Hart is SO MUCH better than our two present keepers , that’s fine with me . City threw him on the scrap heap but , ok , maybe we can be successful scrap merchants .

      • Only pulling your leg Kevin especially as the bin lids threw the unplayable, unique, Demi God on the same scrap heap 😆😆

        • Great point well made gw.Indeed if Hart was thrown on the citeh scrap heap then Carroll likewise was thrown on Rodgers scrapheap at liverpoo.

      • You really are one miserable so and so kevin.Nearly every post you make is doom laden.Oh and for the record the tickets have been sold and who in gods name has a loan goalkeepers name put on their shirt!!!

        • Leave poor old Kev alone he’s still getting over the fact the slug ain’t crawling around the dug out 😀😀

      • City didn’t put him on the scrap heap, Pep did. Pep’s record on goalkeepers is dubious at best. The fans liked him and Pep decided to bin him. The games against Madrid and Bayern he was a one man show (the names of those teams should be clue enough for you for the quality we’ve got here btw).

  13. Oh do calm yourself kevin.Gw rad and the boys have told you on numerous occasions they think youre a good fella.They are giving you a gentle leg pull which happens amongst football fans.The problem is you bite too easily my friend.

    • Its only a bit of banter at the end of the day 😀😀 Think we all know by now that Kev struts around in his Poppodom onesie on a one mission to protect the relegation busters good name at every turn 😂😂

  14. I have to say, in the wider World, we have become a laughing stock, because of Hart.

    I am very sad. 😥

  15. If you believe the bs merry michael.I prefer not too as most of it is thoughtless poo by wallybrains.If youre so inclined too believe it thats your lookout lol

  16. Lol Stanley Merry is on a wind up,he always posts sad stuff that is the total opposite of what his name suggests he should be 😂

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