Great window: ‘Sak’ and Enner still here

adebaWell, so much for The Sun and the scare stories over Enner Valencia to a larger, and Diafra Sakho, to a lesser extent.

Whilst legions of Irons fans sat up to watch the last knockings of Deadline Day and our failure to land Emmanuel Adebayor for goodness sake, not a word appears to have escaped our lips on the other two.

Yet for a few days earlier the only issue on the agenda was whether either of both of them would be gone by today.

sak with ballThat both are still with just is really no surprise for what was going on here was that a bunch of agents telling their favourite newspapermen to talk it up – all of whom would have earned, a cut had sales gone through.

There was never anymore than a five per cent chance of Enner leaving whilst Diafra Sakho’s future is totally under lock and key with one very highly placed individual telling us: “He’s going nowhere at any price.”

The rest of the window – for me anyway – was brilliant although I know as the words escape the keyboard there’s plenty of flack heading my way.

Bullet’s dodged all over the place – Darren Fletcher, Younes Koubal ( who turns at the same sort of pace as the QE2) 37 year old Sylvain Distin and of course Emmanuel Adebayor – yet another skyscraper front man..

ValenciaactionNo business is better than bad business and the great news is, the deadly duo (WHEN THEY ARE ALLOWED TO BE) are still with us.

Give thanks – things could be considerably worse today!


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14 comments on “Great window: ‘Sak’ and Enner still here

  1. Now all we need is for the two of them to be played up front, no Carroll or Nolan.
    It would be good if the injuries turn out to be less serious than we are informed so that the players from the early matches of the season can be put on the pitch and play in the positions that suit them best. Hopefully the problem with FIFA and Senegal will be quickly resolved – and in our favour.

  2. I agree. We went into the shop and sometimes if they haven’t got what you went in there for you can end up buying something you didn’t really want or need just because the money is burning a hole in your pocket. I’m pleased we came back out of the shop with the money still in our pockets. Now we can concentrate on top quality additions only come the summer.

  3. Agree entirely.Over the hill players at inflated prices are not a step in the right direction for the club.Kept the players that have given us this great season so far.Valencia and Sakho up front against Man Utd and no Nolan hopefully.

  4. Its incredible we can all see that Valencia and Sakho are our front two – the one person who cannot see this is BFS the one person who happens to currently have all the power, I find it frustrating to put it mildly. He has destroyed us and I would go as far as saying he is absolutely clueless. I for one cannot work out why he is still our manager. He continues to pick Nolan and when we have defenders out he picks O’Brien. Can he not see that these players cannot play at this level – not sure if they ever could, Why not put Henry, Burke and Oxford into the fray – you will never find out about these players until you try them. Why on earth does he keep playing Downing out wide when we can all see how good he is just behind the front two of Sakho and Valencia. Kouyate and Song in midfield with Noble or Poyet. Carroll is a good impact player that’s all he is – well under this manager anyway.

  5. Why can we all agree that we are happy with our lot and only want to see the best team on the pitch,how can so many be so wrong and one person be so right,
    Also age is not a reason to leave people out either they are good enough or not,Poyet from what little we have seen is good enough,the only way to find out about Booth and Oxford is to play them and I for one would sooner see both of them a centre back then Demel.
    Who I would rather see at right back then O,Brien who I would rather see in another clubs shirt alongside Nolan,BFS OPR need a new manager that would be a good fit in the championship next season Nolan captain O,Brien right back,( just a thought )

  6. Seams we are all of one mind re the best formation, strike partnership and tactics.. apart from BFS.

    Maybe the Davids decided to save all the cash for our new manager to spend pre-season rather than have the outward bound hippo waste it on Nolanesque has beens

    We did dodge several bullets in this window, none of our better players left and no more old, slow & unwanted mercenaries arrived at our club to suck the bank account dry.

    Hopefully the 2015 summer window will bring as many successful transfers as the 2014 summer window did … and if were really lucky a new manager as well

  7. Tony Fernades you need BFS and 2 Daves we do not need compastion
    This is a deal that could be done for everyone to benfit

  8. We can all shout till were blue in the face about the formations,tactics & who we all know who should be upfront,but until we have a change of manager nothing will change.I really cant imagine too many current managers in the Premiership who would have Nolan anywhere near their team sheet let alone have him as captain.If there are pro-Sam folk about thats fine,each to their own.I find it quite incomprehensible that someone who stumbled,which lets face it he did,across a winning formula would be so pigheaded to dismantle it.Teams & sportsmen look for years for a winning formula.Allardysaurus comes across it & then blows it out of the water so he can revert to his own sterile,outdated style of football.But im afraid that the Davids must be held accountable to some point because after telling us how wonderful we were in the first few months they have allowed the dinosaur to take us back to what is almost square one.I know some people see us as just moaning b**tards,but it is through shear frustration at seeing what one man is doing to what could have been a memorable season.Now it is looking consigned to another of our what could have been campaigns.

  9. Good post Hugh, spot on mate.
    Not worried about drawing a blank in January as I believe we will have another storming transfer window in the summer!

    Just one thing though, as the Sakho, FA cup/ACON nonsense rumbles on, has there been any news?
    I know we haven’t done anything wrong but the latest tabloid gossip is that we might be horsed out of the cup.
    So if anybody can shed any light on the possible developments I would be very grateful.


  10. What this deadline day did for the club was once again highlight these facts, that BFS only knows one style of play ….a bean pole up the front to lob balls at. Does not mater who Carroll, Adebyour, Crouch, Carlton Cole or half the LA Lakers basketball team, that’s his style and always will be. Money saved for me.
    He would rather buy a has been centre half than blood one of the development squad, of which he seems to have no interest.
    Has no compassion or empathy with a guy who has been loyal to the extremes by preventing him progressing his future when he knows full well he has no intentions of playing him except in a crisis.
    This is our manager. Please don’t get me started on Sahkogate……!!

  11. Phil. It started today.story at the site

  12. ifyou have numbers after your name and you are fond of writing BFS in capitals you should come to this website.

  13. It must be the the same person surely?

  14. No conkerpot BFS ANDY bfs are the same person you no the one who is adventurous suffers from fatigue,dogged and love to play open entertaining football and has no numbers after his name.

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